September 1, 2011

Shaun Murphy

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Name: Shaun Murphy

Nickname: Papa Smurf

Walk on Music: The Smurf Song – Father Abraham

Likes: Church, The Archers (though turns it off if it gets a bit racy), Last of the Summer Wine, Gardening.

Dislikes: Noise. Anti-Social Behaviour. Players that forget their chalk.

Poor old Smurf, he gets a bad press sometimes but he’s just a gentle soul at heart who likes nothing better than to walk his dogs in the countryside, come home to a good old roast dinner with all the trimmings, put his feet up and watch Antiques Roadshow. But despite his geriatric tendencies Shaun is a fierce competitor on the table and would strangle his own granny if it meant he had another world title under his belt. He can often be seen glaring at opponents should they not meet his high standards of etiquette and common decency. Indeed, during the recent riots in the UK Shaun was employed by the Metropolitan Police to go to areas of disorder and stare at the young hooligans. The threat that if they didn’t stop behaving like savage louts would mean a night in the cells with Shaun giving them a ‘good talking down to’ was enough to bring peace to the streets and a smile back to the face of our Smurf. Love him or hate him, love to hate him or hate to love him, our Shaun is never far away from our thoughts. You just can’t shut a good man up, believe me, many have tried and failed.    

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