July 2, 2013

The Snookerbacker Classic 2014

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SB2014 FINAL Orange posterThe Snookerbacker Classic returns for a third year in September kicking off at the South West Snooker Academy with two 32 player qualifiers on the 28th and 29th.

This page lists all venues, prize money, entry details and discounts available. The full terms and conditions of the 2014 Snookerbacker Classic can be viewed by clicking the PDF link at the bottom of this page.

FULL LIST OF VENUES AND DATES (Click venue for club website)

28/29th September 2013South West Snooker Academy, Gloucester (2 x 32 player qualifying events, 2 qualifiers from each event).

Qualifiers: Ben Harrison, Kishan Hirani, Adam Wicheard, Jamie Clarke. Read report from this event here.

26/27th October 2013The George Scott Snooker Club, Liverpool (2 x 16 player qualifying events, 1 qualifier from each event).

Qualifiers: Anthony Jeffers and Mitchell Mann. Read the report here.

24th November 2013Cueball Derby (1 x 16 player event, 1 qualifier)

Qualifier: Ant Parsons. Read the report here.

30th November/1st December 2013Northern Snooker Centre, Leeds (2 x 16 player events, 1 qualifier from each event). 

Qualifiers: Sanderson Lam and James Leadbetter. Read the report here.

8th December 2013South West Snooker Academy, Gloucester (1 x 32 player qualifying events, 2 qualifiers) 

Qualifiers: Zack Richardson and John Parkin. Read the report here.

1st February 2014 – Northern Snooker Centre, Leeds (1 x 16 player event, 1 qualifier)

Qualifier: Ryan Causton. Read the report here.

16th February 2014 The George Scott Snooker Club, Liverpool (1 x 16 player event, 1 qualifier)

Qualifier: John Whitty. Read the report here.

23rd February 2014South West Snooker Academy, Gloucester (1 x maximum 64 player event, 1 qualifier) Qualifier: Syd Wilson. Read the report here.

Throughout Event: The Snookerbacker Order of Merit (2 qualifiers) click here for details.Qualifiers: 1st Callum Lloyd 2nd Andy Marriott

1st March 2014 – Grand Finals Day, South West Snooker Academy. For the Grand Finals Day Facebook page click here. Winner: Ant Parsons – see full report here


2014 Champion: Q-School Entry plus £500 (or £1000 cash alternative), SB Classic Trophy and a Crucible Date with Stephen Hendry.  

Runner Up: Q-School Entry plus £200 (or £750 cash alternative)

Losing Semi-Finalists: Q-School entry (or £500 cash alternative) 

Losing Quarter-Finalists: £200

Losing Last 16: £100

Highest Break: £300

Maximum Break: £1000 (with £300 the highest break prize included) 

(Further prizes to be announced – please check SNOOKERBACKER CLASSIC 2014 TERMS for full prize details)


Entry Fees to each individual event is £50 per entry unless discounted. You can pay directly by using the Paypal Facility posted on the website, specifying your choice of event.


Please take the time to view the full terms and conditions to which all players agree to by entering by clicking this link SNOOKERBACKER CLASSIC 2014 TERMS.

  • snookerbacker

    What link?

  • snookerbacker

    @Ben – if you read this clearly it says I am taking reservations for entries – nobody else has not understood this. If you can’t follow the instructions it’s hardly my fault.

    ‘You can reserve places for most events by contacting [email protected] where you will receive a deadline for direct payment. Only when entry fees are received will places in the tournament be confirmed.’

  • Ben Finch

    “Most Events” can be reserved for? That sounds like, some of them.
    I think something like “Not accepting payment yet, just email me with which tournament you wish to play in”.
    And it wasnt just me that had trouble, four or five others I know. Peace.

    • snookerbacker

      All you had to do was email me Ben. Anyway, not a problem, just never a good idea to bash the clueless on the end of things, I’m anything but…

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