September 1, 2011

Ronnie O’Sullivan

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Name: Ronnie O’Sullivan

Nickname: His Own Harshest Critic

Walk on Music: I Quit – Bros

Likes: Running, Big Brother and Chinese Female Reporters.

Dislikes: Travel, Mark Selby.

Ronnie is a complex soul. Often described as a genius, his mesmerising ballerina-like displays on the baize have rendered ladies weak at the knees and had chaps sat agog wondering how he does what he does with such ease. It’s even resulted in an annoying little bloke with silly glasses who pretends to be an artist following him around wherever he goes. But there is more to Ronnie than meets the eye. For inside the calm, laid back exterior lies the mind of a sex crazed juvenile delinquent. He can frequently be seen and heard causing as much trouble as it is humanly possible for a snooker player to cause in our sedate sport. From wanting ‘a bit of a gobble’ at press conferences to threatening to ‘roll around in shit and get his nob out’ at an otherwise perfectly respectable tournament, our Ron is no stranger to a bit of controversy. Ronnie can often also be found, or rather not found, doing his impersonation of the Scarlet Pimpernel when invited to tournaments overseas. See, what we all need to understand is that our Ron is a home-bird at heart and if he had his way all the events would be played at his house. But despite all his faults, in fact possibly because of them, we all love him.

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