June 24, 2015

The Olympic Kibosh, Stuttering Starts and Seasonal Snooker

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We're off to Oz next week.

We’re off to Oz next week.

News filtered through earlier in the week that snooker, or more precisely cue sports, will not be given Olympic status at Tokyo in 2020. Despite a lot of running around on a year long global schmoozing tour by Jason Ferguson, alas, his efforts at least for now have been in vain and we will not see potters on the podiums just yet.

It’s a shame that it hasn’t been elevated to the status that I think it probably deserves given the numbers that play and watch it globally.

Once you rid the world of those who believe snooker, pool, billiards or any other manifestations of someone knocking balls around a table with a stick isn’t a sport, there isn’t really any reason I can think of not to include it over some of the rubbish you have to sit through every four years.

Other ‘sports’ that rightly got the knock-back include Bridge. Yes, BRIDGE. A game which round our way is played only by people with blue hair and dead husbands whose other hobbies include making jam and voting UKIP. Now that my friends, is not a sport, end of story.

As many of you will know from my rants on here and Twitter, I am not usually a fan of summer (well, UK summer) snooker but for the Olympics I would have made an exception, I’m good like that.

On that very subject, the stuttering start to the season continues next week as the Australian Open in Bendigo enters its fourth year. This follows the World Cup last week which I didn’t watch and is then followed by a barren month on the snooker calendar before the season really begins to get going, albeit with the tedious best of seven format taking the lead. So is this gap in the calendar a good thing? I say yes.

I quite enjoy the Aussie event and somehow it seems to a traditionalist anorak such as I, quite fitting that the only decent tournament in these sunny months is down under, which us pommes generally associate with surfing, barbecues, sunkist beaches and beer-soaked, overly-macho, belching men.

'They'll never remember'

Was only joking about 24/7 snooker

But I also like the balanced feel we get from the downtime in the calendar and although Barry Hearn seems to think we’ve all forgotten his promise of a snooker tournament somewhere in the world for 364 days of the year, presumably the other day being his birthday, to me the balance this season is near perfect and enough to make me look forward to the real season which begins around November and goes right through winter to early spring and the Crucible.

This view is often challenged and disagreed with by other snooker fans, mostly I’d say those from Europe and sometimes further afield, who feel the more there is the better, they are usually younger than me too so what do they know?

I suppose it depends on your outlook but I’m not a fan of over-exposure in sport and never have been as it inevitably leads to saturation point, look at what it’s done to football? You can’t avoid it no matter how hard you try and believe me I do. The endless banal natter and ‘analysis’, not to mention the laddish, tribal, passive aggressive ‘banter’ about it is enough to drive me to drink, and it frequently does. Who would want this for snooker? Not me. The ‘Go On Ronnie’ gang are quite enough already.

I see snooker as a seasonal sport and a break from the baize for both players and fans alike can only mean more interest when things get going again. So enjoy the Aussie Open and then enjoy some time off, watch the tennis, watch the golf, go for walks and enjoy the outdoors, that’s my advice.

The Aussie Open preview will follow shortly.

June 14, 2015

Bingo Calling: The World Champion’s Blog

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Bingo Calling

Following his epic Crucible triumph, Stuart Bingham has agreed to tell us all about his year as World Champion on here. Our first chat was obviously very focused on the past couple of months and how this is all panning out for him. 

So Ballrun, has it all sunk in yet?

Yes and no SB, I’ve been taking the trophy everywhere with me, doing lots of interviews that I’d never have done before, getting recognised in the street a lot more which is all a bit surreal. I think it will really sink in when I get to venues and get introduced as World Champion.

I saw you on the Clare Balding Show say that you were watching it back every day, are you still doing that?

Well I would be SB but my Sky Plus has packed up hasn’t it? I’ve only gone and lost all the things I taped.

Oh come on Ballrun, with all that cash you’ve got now you can get that sorted surely?

I dunno SB, my mum and dad have got it all taped and they’ve put it on a disk for me, there’s always You Tube too.

A bit careless Ballrun?

Probably SB yes.

So come on, tell me, did you ever expect to be World Champion?

Well, I wouldn’t say expect, but when you turn professional you dream of being world champion and world number one. But when you look at the names on the trophy, the likes of O’Sullivan, Higgins and Williams you sometimes think ‘it’s just too hard’, but I suppose I kept the faith, got a bit of confidence from other wins and just said to myself that all I had to do was play well for two weeks and I could win it and that is kind of what happened really.

So how have things changed for you? I know you keep saying you won’t change but surely your life has changed a bit?

I haven’t spent any of the money yet. I’m going to see what happens over the next 6 months to a year and see what comes in from sponsorship deals and things like that so I suppose then things will change a bit but right now I’m down at the club with The MO’D (Martin O’Donnell) putting in a few hours getting ready for the World Cup, so no change there really.

So what’s the nicest thing about being World Champion then?

I’ll tell you what SB, I’ve had a few decent freebies.

Freebies? I love all that Ballrun, come on then spill the beans.

Well I’ve had a few invites to golf things from Barry Hearn up in Loch Lomond, really enjoyed those.

You’ve joined the Dark Side Ballrun? Part of the Bazza mafia?

No no, SB, just part of the fun. I’ve been invited to Wimbledon by Martina Navratilova.

Blimey, you are mixing with the stars Ballrun. Anything that might connect with us lesser mortals?

I took the Mrs’ car in to the local Vauxhall garage to get fixed and the bloke said he’d do it for nothing as a congratulations.

Nom Nom Nom

Nom Nom Nom

Money goes to money Ballrun, that’s what my mum always says….

And, I got free fish and chips from the local chip shop.

How the other half live eh? And you say your life hasn’t changed? Are you having me on or what?

I know I know, but that’s all history now SB, I’ve just joined the gym to lose a bit of weight so the free fish and chips are a thing of the past. Sadly.

I believe you Ballrun, thousands wouldn’t. Now then, I have to mention the C-Word.

I thought this was a clean blog SB?

No not that one. I mean The Curse. Are you the man to break this legendary snooker law?

Well, I hope so. It’s just an honour to have the chance to do it. I’m just going to see how the season pans out and try not to upset the snooker gods too much to give myself a fighting chance.

So have you got any goals for the season then?

I just hope I can win a couple of tournaments. I remember when I won in Australia the year after wasn’t great for me because I expected too much of myself. But now I’m a little bit older and wiser I hope I’ll deal with it better. I know that sometimes new world champions have poor following seasons so I just hope I don’t follow that path. I’ll continue to practice hard. My dream goal if you like is to capitalise on winning the World and get to Number 1 in the rankings, but I’ll just take things as they come and try not to worry too much about it and enjoy the year ahead.

Right, a couple of questions from the land of Twitter. Andy wants to know if you’ve got any tips for coping with all the travel? The tour is quite demanding these days and you seem to cope well with it playing in everything.

I’ve tried everything really SB, keeping to UK time, reverting to Chinese time and all that. But I think the best thing to do is just sleep when you feel you need to and not worry about what time it is. Sometimes I’ve played matches after around 3 hours sleep and played my best snooker because I’m so tired that’s all I focus on. Then other times, especially in China the way the crowd move around and their phones going off all the time, you get a bit irritable with them and lose your focus.

You feel like decking them you mean?

In a nutshell SB, yeah.

Ron wants to know if you think it’s fair people comparing your Crucible win with Joe Johnson?

All I’ll say is that Joe didn’t beat the likes of Graeme Dott, Ronnie, Judd and Shaun to win his. I think he was 150/1 to win and I was about 50/1, so there’s not a lot similar there really to me.

Say Cheese

Say Cheese

Yes, I agree there. Nobody would have backed Joe with a free bet but your win wasn’t as unexpected as that to those who know the game. Someone wants to know what your favourite cheese is, I think this is where the conversation takes a turn for the worse.

When you say cheese to have a photo done with a big silver trophy with ribbons on it and a massive cheque in your pocket.

There is another question from someone called Mark in Cwm who says he knows you but I’m not going to ask you that one.

Probably wise SB.

So, you’re off to the World Cup this week, looking forward to it?

Yes, it should be a good event as it’s a bit different from normal. The format is a bit of a lottery with one frame here and there and Scotch doubles, I think I’ll be putting Selby in a few positions he’s not used to so we’ll see what happens.

Do you two get on then? It would be a bit of a problem if you didn’t wouldn’t it?

Yeah it would, but luckily we do get on and so do our wives so it’s all good.

Well good luck with that, at least you’ll have a good time. Thanks for your time and if you ever need to offload any of that dosh I’d be happy to take some off your hands no problem.

I’ll let you know on that SB, see you next time.

Bingo Calling returns next month.

June 5, 2015

Aussie Open Final Qualifying Round

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Crossed fingersIt’s the final day of qualifying in Crawley to see who will board the flight to Bendigo to join the 16 seeded players at the venue. This sees the successful crop from the week take on the higher ranked players playing for the first time.

Now I’m not one to blow my own trumpet, but the way the betting has gone in this I can’t resist giving a small French Horn type toot given that every recommended bet this week has landed. If today’s does the same then this will be the first ever 100% tournament in the blog’s 5 year betting history. Even if it doesn’t, I hope everyone who follows this often turgid corner of the internet has made enough to have a jolly good weekend and more besides.

There are some mouthwatering ties for the connoisseur today and the big question will be how rusty some of those coming in on the final day will be compared to those who have been improving all week and are match sharp.

There are, in the words of one totally idiotic American politician, a lot of ‘known unknowns’ today, or should that be ‘unknown knowns’? Or even ‘unknown unknowns’? Anyway, it’s not a ‘known known’ kind of day that’s for damn sure as apples and no mistakin’.

The streamed matches are pretty good too, this morning we have Jack Lisowski playing Jimmy Robertson and Martin Gould against Michael Leslie. This afternoon we’ve got Marmite Matt Selt against Zhang Anda and Jamie Jones against the increasingly dangerous Chris Wakelin and then tonight The Captain Ali Carter takes on Kyren Wilson alongside the leprechauns ‘must watch’ of The Ferginator against The Outlaw, O’Brien v Swail. So it’s a good day of viewing ahead for us anoraks.

After this decent start to the season it all starts going downhill, for next week sees an event in which I have next to no interest; the understatedly named World Cup, which sees ‘teams’ of just two players competing as a proud nation over in China to become World Champions. Though to me it’s just a doubles tournament with really short matches so I won’t be getting involved in it at all and I’ll probably give it a miss unless I become hospitalised or paralysed from the neck down in the next week and have bugger all else to do.

So back to business, can the bet below make this an historic week for the blog? Only time will tell…..

You can take a look at the running order today here and keep up with the live scores as they happen here.

Recommended Bet: 2 point treble on Jimmy Robertson, Mark Joyce and Matt Selt pays over 5/1.

June 4, 2015

Aussie Open Qualifiers Day 4

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Kept the run going.

Mitchell Mann: Late night potting kept up the good run.

The action continues today in Crawley as the penultimate qualifying round is played out over three sessions. 

This round is where the players who have won at least one match this week already and in some cases two, play to decide who battles it out tomorrow against one of the seeded players ranked 17-32 in the tournament.

This means that tomorrow will see the likes of Ali Carter, Martin Gould, Peter Ebdon and Ben Woollaston joining in against players who you’d assume are a little more match sharp than their higher ranked opponents.

Another player who presumably will be joining in tomorrow is Mark King, I say presumably because on Monday when I was happily tweeting away about the opening day’s play he replied to one of my inane ramblings with a four word question: ‘What comp is this?’. When I revealed this to him he disappeared for a bit, presumably checking his diary and hurriedly re-scheduling the family outing he had planned to Alton Towers for Friday (he needn’t have bothered as it turned out). A little careless on the part of the K-Dog to say the least.

Another who enters the fray tomorrow wanting to book a ticket to Bendigo is our old friend Matt Selt. Now our Matt might be about as popular with some as a ginger stepson, but you can’t deny that his improvement of late has seen him climbing the rankings and making venues on a regular basis. He’s making so much dosh these days that he’s even bought himself a posh watch, now all he needs to do is learn to tell the time and he’s laughing. Only joking Matt, you know I love you really (I don’t).

As for those who are in action today, 2014 SB Classic Runner-Up Mitchell Mann had a real marathon last night, eventually seeing off David Grace 5-4 in the small hours while I was tucked up in the Land of Nod dreaming of containing safeties, dump shots and a return to the Best of 125 first rounders and two month-long finals. So to awake this morning to see that the 100% recommended bet success rate remained in tact was a nice little start to the morning, let’s see if we can keep it going today with the slightly more ambitious bet below.

It’s also great to see my pal Allan Taylor still in there after a fine win yesterday over Stuart Carrington. The Assassin now faces Li Hang who played in fancy dress yesterday for reasons known only to him. This dress code rule needs tightening up if they are going to allow that to happen in my opinion.

You can take a look at the running order for the week here and keep up with the live scores as they happen here.

Recommended Bet: 2 point treble on Jack Lisowski, Chris Wakelin and Hossein Vafaei Ayouri pays over 9/2.

June 3, 2015

Aussie Open Qualifiers Day 3

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Have you caught the worm?

Have you caught the worm?

It’s Day 3 of the qualifiers in Crawley to decide who will be boarding the plane to Bendigo at the end of the month to join the 16 top seeded players at the venue.

As we all know, this tournament is not one that not all the top players bother with, but if you take a look this year at the ones who have chosen to enter it’s still a really strong field with the World Champion Stuart Bingham resuming his duties and in turn becoming the first ever current world champion to play in Bendigo, a venue which arguably set him on the road to his greatest achievement a few years ago.

As well as Ballrun, last year’s winner Judd returns to defend his title, world number one Selby is there and of course homeboy Robbo is also attempting to win this for the first time, so it’s a tournament that’s worth looking forward to and is in fact probably one of my favourite events on the calendar these days. There’s only really Ronnie and Ding who are notable absentees, Ding obviously not learning the lessons of last season when he clearly played shit because he didn’t play much.

That’s chiefly the reason why I’ve decided to cover the qualifiers too, the obvious plus on the betting side is the fact that they are all best of nine frames instead of seven and you can expect me to not be giving this kind of coverage, or any in some cases, on here for those events that follow this tedious format. Did I mention I don’t like best of sevens in professional main ranking events? Thought not.

Anyway, in terms of betting, we’ve had a 100% strike rate over the first two days with a 5/2+ fourfold on day one, an 11/4 fivefold and an 11/2+ double on day two all landing, proving that when it comes to the snooker season, this is most definitely the early bird catching the worm territory. I hope a few of you have taken advantage of the dawn pickings.

As the rounds go on however it does get more difficult, as the gap in ability narrows and it becomes harder to find those stand out winners, but we’ll go in again today with a mildly confident, though not over-confident fourfold to try and keep up the faultless record for the week.

You can take a look at the running order for the week here and keep up with the live scores as they happen here.

Recommended Fourfold: 2 points on Li Hang, Kyren Wilson, Oliver Lines and Mitchell Mann pays over 3/1.

June 2, 2015

Australian Open Qualifiers Day 2

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Thumbs Up: Syd started with a win.

Thumbs Up: Syd started with a win.

The Australian Open continues today in Crawley as we see the last batch of first round matches followed by the next tier of players joining in the action for Round 2.

This tournament of course, along with the Shanghai Masters is still operating the old qualifying format, meaning that when each round commences, the higher seeded players join in. This is because the contracts for these events say so and when they come up for renegotiation, Bazza will be wanting them both to adopt the flat structure he so loves.

Personally, I quite like the fact that this is a bit different and although there will be those who will bang on about fairness and how much better the flat structure is, at least here the lower ranked players actually get a chance to play some competitive snooker rather than being pitched against a high ranked player straight off and getting hammered, leaving with nothing but crumbling confidence and an ever increasing overdraft.

Of course, the downside to this is the fact that the lowest ranked have to win 4 matches instead of 1 to get any sniff at decent money and a place at the venue, if you don’t count the incentive of the lucrative £45 (minus tax) prize for the Highest Break in the qualifiers that is, which one lucky potter will be cashing in come Friday evening. But as the season gets underway, I think it’s healthier for them in the long run to know what winning and competing feels like. For example, take the newly qualified Q-School graduates, wouldn’t they rather win a couple of matches to keep their confidence high than get drawn against a top 16 player and getting walloped, bringing them back down to earth with a bump?

So I say vive la différence and if those who sign the contracts want to keep this as it is, let them. Wait until we get to the mainstay of the season with the best of seven flat structure tedium and you’ll be crying out for events like this one if you’re anything like me. Which I appreciate you are probably not.

Yesterday saw said Q-School graduates Syd Wilson, Eden Sharav, Rhys Clark and Duane Jones all win on their tour debuts, while Dan Wells and Paul Davison also made a successful return with wins. However, it wasn’t a happy return to the tour for Jason Weston who came a cropper, with the final Q-Schooler Gaz Allen playing this morning. Sandi Lam also made a successful tour debut having qualified through the EPTC route earlier in the year.

The fourfold recommended yesterday landed so that’s a nice start to the new season. It’s worth getting involved in these best of nine framers, they are much safer to bet on than the shorter formats which unfortunately are becoming increasingly the norm these days, much to the delight no doubt of the bookies, who are also the sponsor of choice for almost all events, funny that, you’d almost think they are the ones really running the show as they watch the mugs do their conkers on the short matches.

You can take a look at the running order for the week here and keep up with the live scores as they happen here.

Recommended Tuesday Fivefold: 2 points on David Grace, Gareth Allen, Steven Hallworth, Sean O’Sullivan and Robbie Williams pays 11/4 at Boyles. 1 point double on Joel Walker and Zhao Xintong pays over 11/2 at Ladbrokes. 

June 1, 2015

Australian Open Qualifying

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Just south of Crawley

Just south of Crawley

Crawley isn’t in Australia, that much I do know despite my quite frankly terrible geographical knowledge, but what I also know is that this is where the new season begins as the Australian Open qualifiers get underway.

It’s nice to kick off the season with Best of nine frame matches too, before we get into the body of the season where the best of sevens become the norm and result in me switching off a bit before we get to the UK and the Masters period.

The Aussie Open as usual is characterised by a lot of pickers and choosers. Even some of the Q-School Order of Merit listers didn’t want to play and that means we go way down the list to top the 128 strong field up, giving this the feel of a pro-am for the first couple of days.

The 10am session sees Jimmy White back on the baize as well as the professional debut of my mate Syd Wilson. It also sees two more of the recent Q-School graduates, returning professionals Paul Davison and Jason Weston in action, as well as a couple of more established names like Nigel Bond and Jamie Cope, both of whom find themselves way down the rankings these days.

You can take a look at the running order for the week here and keep up with the live scores as they happen here. In terms of the morning matches I’d give the decent Sam Craigie a chance against the quite unpredictable Bond but nothing else really stands out from the first crop of matches.

The afternoon for me offers more of a betting opportunity and I’ll kick off the season with a four fold on the merry men below.

Recommended Bet: 2 points acca on Duane Jones, Eden Sharav, Fraser Patrick and James Cahill, pays over 5/2.  

May 29, 2015

Snookerbacker Classic 2016 – Call for Sponsors

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loudspeakerIt’s the time of year when I am busy planning ahead for next season’s Snookerbacker Classic. At the moment I am speaking to venues and agreeing dates, chalking up a poster to dazzle everyone with and trying to secure as much support from sponsors as possible for the fifth season of the biggest amateur tournament the UK has to offer.

The event goes from strength to strength and my current projection is that prize money for next season will be close to or maybe even exceed £10,000, with a winner’s prize of £3000, runners-up prize of £1000 and a further 2 Q-School places up for grabs. Hopefully this will increase if I can attract new sponsors onto the happy team.

So, if you would like to get on board please email me at to discuss further. Specifically I am looking for ‘one-off’ prizes at individual events, but anyone that would like to get involved in whatever way is more than welcome to get in touch.

In return you will get bigged-up to such a level that you’ll wonder why you didn’t get involved sooner.

You’ll also get a permanent presence on here for the duration of the tournament (5 million hits and counting to date). All those who have been involved in the tournament in this capacity in the past have seen an increase in business as a direct result. You really can’t get publicity like this anywhere else at such a minimal cost.

Take a look at that marketing budget, is it really working for you as well as this would?

So what are you waiting for? Email me today and see why you should join the SBC Team.


May 26, 2015

The Q-Schoolers

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Syd Wilson came through the first Q-School

Syd Wilson came through the first Q-School

The official end of the season came yesterday as four more players were initiated into the professional ranks via the Q-School, the event as ever throwing up some unexpected names making it through.

This year’s crop is different in character to last season. The eight graduates last year were all returning professionals but this year we have 5 tour debutants, 2 returning after a short time in the amateur ranks and the other, Jason Weston, returning to the tour after over a decade, so those expecting an immediate bounce back, amongst them the likes of Marcus Campbell and Alex Davies, left disappointed. In the case of Campbell, the loss leading to him indicating that it’s time for him to hang up his cue on a long professional career.

It is also telling that all the qualifiers this year are from the UK. Paul Davison, Syd Wilson and Jason Weston from England, Dan Wells, Duane Jones and Gareth Allen from Wales and Eden Sharav and Rhys Clark from Scotland. This is despite the multitude of nationalities on show in Burton and again this indicates that as far as grass roots is concerned, the UK still has the edge.

As well as the qualifiers, such is the professional game these days that those who narrowly missed out, particularly the top 4 or 5, are professional in all but status. We are bound to see Luke Simmonds, Zhao Xintong, Adam Duffy, Alexander Ursenbacher and Andy Hicks involved in many of the main ranking events as some higher up the rankings choose not to enter and there will be a lot more down this list who will be getting calls to play in the likes of the Australian and Indian Open events, so that’s some consolation for those who left Burton feeling a little dejected.

As ever there has been a lot of talk about the fairness of this format. It is highly debatable whether the 8 players who made it are the 8 best from the Q-School field and the draw obviously plays a great part in where people finish. I’d say there are a few further down the list wondering how they finished so low, but the truth is that the players that came through were the best over the two events, so there’s not much you can do about that really.

To me, it’s more unfair that these international nominations continue to be handed out rather than every player on the tour getting there on merit, whether this be through another Q-School event overseas or some other system which rewards those who win something in a highly competitive environment.

Some of the players chosen from overseas are clearly not in the same league as their peers and the farcical way in which some of the World Championship wildcards were handed out by Jason ‘Willy Wonka’ Ferguson does nothing to improve the overall quality of the sport.

Surely we should be aiming to have the best 128 (or preferably less) players on the planet competing as professionals, not a tour held up by some players who really should get another job and leave it to those who can play a bit to compete?

Anyway, whatever the weather, very well done to the 8 who proved themselves in Burton. Despite the fact that most of them are SB Classic regulars and therefore won’t be adding their entry to the prize pot next season I wish them all well. I suppose……

The Australian Open Qualifiers start next week so some on the Order of Merit List may be getting their cues out again sooner than they might have expected judging by the number of ‘Top Ups’ in the qualifying draw.


May 20, 2015

Back To (Q) School

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flcQ-School Event 2 starts today in Burton after the first event gave us our first 4 qualifiers yesterday. SB Classic Grand Finalists Daniel Wells, Syd Wilson and Eden Sharav all making the step up to the pro game, as well as some other bloke.

The fallout from the match between Eden Sharav and Adam Duffy was somewhat eyebrow raising.

The defeated and clearly disappointed Duffy decided to make his views on his opponent public on Twitter (he’s since locked his account) and it’s fair to say he didn’t congratulate the Gloucester-based Scot on an excellent season in the style of a certain Mr O’Sullivan, quite the opposite in fact.

The phrase he used when reflecting on the match and in particular his opponent rhymed with ‘Cat Plucky Munt’, poor old Adam’s particular chimp was not so much out of the box as escaped from the zoo, running rampage and shitting all over the streets. I fear Dr Peters may have some work on his hands to tame this maverick beast.

Anyway, away from all that, Ronnie himself has blogged for the first time since the World Championship and tells us that he’s gutted about not performing well in Sheffield, telling us that he can’t tell us why he didn’t play well because he’s not ready to tell us yet. The little tease.

He also talks about the tiresome shoe incident, the chalk on the table scandal and the fact that he’s not all that keen on the current crop of referees.

He also says that he has to play more if he wants to compete at the top again but that he’s probably not going to, which kind of goes against the evidence of the season when he lost one match in a PTC to Simon Bedford, had the season off and then romped the World Championship, but he seems to have forgotten about that as well as understating the number of matches he played last season. In short, this is very much a Ronnie’s eye view of things so should be taken with a very large pinch of salt, or should that be selt?

Anyway, back to Burton it is and you can keep up with all the scores from the second event here.

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