March 11, 2015

Snookerbacker Classic: Saturday in Liverpool

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SB2015 A4 Poster1 with amendsSaturday sees the latest penultimate qualifying event take place at the George Scott Snooker Centre in Liverpool and the draw can be viewed here where updated results will be posted on the day.

All first round matches will commence at 10.00am with the usual rules applying for late arrivals. Dress code is collared shirt or polo with trousers and shoes.

All the information about this year’s tournament is here, including links to reports from all of the qualifiers so far.

The ongoing Order of Merit can be viewed here, the top two from this list who do not make the Grand Finals by another route will also make the Grand Finals. Brett Miller has already claimed top spot so the race is now on for second place with Ryan Causton currently in pole position. 

You can view the full terms and conditions of entry here.

March 9, 2015

Indian Open Preview and Schedule

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A Return to India

A Return to India

Mumbai is the latest stop on the global snooker tour as the players pitch up in India for the five day Indian Open at the plush Grand Hyatt Hotel. This event which was originally supposed to take place in October, was postponed due to political unrest in the area.

There has been a little confusion, well on my part at least, about how we can all get to watch this, but this was solved this morning by World Snooker. Apparently, the event will only be televised in India but will be available online at the World Snooker TV streaming channel for those who subscribe. This usually means that the bookies will be streaming it too and I normally head to Bet 365 for this, I seem to remember that last year they took the India TV coverage and had commentary and analysis.

It’s great that snooker is expanding to new markets and there is no doubt that last year this event did capture the imagination of the locals, especially as Aditya Mehta managed to have a great run to the Final. It’s just a shame that the best of 7 frame matches have again become the format of choice here, unfortunately to a bluff old traditionalist like myself this does not really draw me to the tournament.

Indeed, no fewer than 13 tournaments this season have adopted this format, which for me is fine for the EPTC and APTC events as they have never been anything else and the sheer volume of matches makes this a sensible approach, but to have these short matches in main ranking events for me is a bit disappointing, particularly when most of the tour have to travel half way around the globe to play in them. I suppose the one plus is that it makes me look forward to Sheffield even more.

I suspect that this is in part the reason for a lot of big name non-entry’s, we have no Ronnie, no Selby, Maguire or Allen and even the usually committed trio of Murphy, Bingham and Robbo have chosen to give this a miss. Even Barry Hawkins withdrew from the qualifiers and now Ali Carter has had visa issues forcing his withdrawal it is a depleted field as far as top seeds are concerned.  

There are a few who have been roped in though, Judd Trump, John Higgins, Mark Williams and holder Ding Junhui probably being the most recognisable names to the Indian audience, but we also have the likes of Marco Fu (update – withdrawn), Rob Milkins, Ricky Walden, Dark Mavis, Peter Ebdon, Graeme Dott, Joe Perry and Shootout Champ Michael White in there so the chances are we will be seeing a recognisable face holding the trophy at the end.

I’ll just take a small punt on a select few and see how it works out.

Recommended Bets: 2 points on John Higgins at 12/1. 1 point on Michael White at 33/1. 1 point on Joe Perry at 20/1 and 1 point on Peter Ebdon at 50/1.

You can view the full draw for the Indian Open here.


Jamie Jones v Liang Wenbo
Matthew Stevens v Gerard Greene
Thepchaya Un-Nooh v Neeraj Kumar

Followed by

Stuart Carrington w/o Marco Fu  
Ben Woollaston v Yu Delu
Sam Baird v Brijesh Damani

Followed by

Eden Sharav v Mark Williams
Mike Dunn v Rob Milkins
Lu Haotian v Dharminder Lilly
Adam Duffy v Sumit Talwar


Judd Trump v Peter Lines
Peter Ebdon v Zhou Yuelong
Nigel Bond v Faisal Khan
Li Hang v Allan Taylor

NB 3pm

Rhys Clark v Pankaj Advani
Ken Doherty v Joe Swail
Kyren Wilson v Alan McManus
Fraser Patrick v Jamie Cope


Rory McLeod v Ricky Walden
Joe Perry v Marcus Campbell
Cao Yupeng v Michael White
Tom Ford v Anthony McGill

Followed by

Rhys Clark/Pankaj Advani v Chris Wakelin
Mark Joyce w/o Ali Carter
Sam Baird/Brijesh Damani v Rod Lawler
Gary Wilson v Adam Duffy/Sumit Talwar

Followed by

Jamie Burnett v John Higgins
Dark Mavis v Anthony Hamilton
Matthew Selt v Joel Walker
Tian Pengfei v Lyu Haotian/Dharminder Lilly


Ding Junhui v Thepchaya Un-Nooh/Neeraj Kumar
Ryan Day v Nigel Bond/Faisal Khan
Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon v Dechawat Poomjaeng
David Morris v David Gilbert

NB 3pm

Mark King v Aditya Mehta
Graeme Dott v Robin Hull
Luca Brecel v Fegal O’Brien
Andrew Pagett v Zack Richardson

SB Classic Derby: Ruthless Bodle Joins Grand Finalists

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A very happy Jamie with his prize

Sunday in Derby saw local man Jamie Bodle, an England International and former tour professional, join the cracking line-up in Gloucester for Grand Finals Day on April 5th.

This heat was something of an odd one as it’s only the second time that myself and Mrs SB have not attended a qualifying event in the 4 years we’ve been doing the Classic. We had a family occasion to attend and were ably assisted by Mark Jones, who stood in as tournament director for the day and Andy Guest of My Snooker Stats who showed up to do a bit of live scoring for us.

Also present were referees Rob Spencer and Peter Bennett to make sure the day carried on regardless, even though there was an absence of cake that at one point threatened to lead to a mass mutiny, led by Joe Steele’s dad and cake-addict Garry. 

Many people’s favourite for the day was Paul Davison, but the Yorkshire man was beaten in Round 1 by Alex Taubman. It was quite an incredible achievement by Alex who is recovering from a seriously debilitating illness which threatened to rule him out for the rest of the season as recently as a fortnight ago. But he was to lose in the following round to Ryan Causton, who himself has one foot in the Grand Finals courtesy of the Order of Merit list, with just 2 more qualifying events left.

But it was Jamie who stole the show, in a display described by one pundit as ‘almost flawless’ he was to end Ryan’s run 4-1 in the semi-finals, compiling two centuries and racking up a 97% pot success rate in the process, as good as you will see at any level.

He faced Callum Downing in the final, who himself had seen off John Eames, Hugo Tomas and Adam King to get there, but Jamie proved too strong and by all accounts was a very worthy winner.

The Bald Truth: Mark Jones and Jamie.

The Bald Truth: Mark Jones and Jamie.

Mark has asked me to make a few further points and speaks very highly of the venue and the tables, which were prepared very early in the morning by Terry Salt, the club was extremely accommodating of the SB Classic and that’s really great to hear.

Mark also says that the referees were very professional as you would expect and that they added an air of kudos to the tournament. He also wanted me to say that he replaced the glass in the prize that smashed in the post with one of his daughter Hannah’s prized certificates. Proving that when it comes to the SB Classic, there is no level you shouldn’t stoop to in order to ensure the day runs smoothly. I just hope Hannah has stopped crying now.

I’m not going to mention that Mark himself thought he did a much better job than me as his big bald head will only expand further and we both know it isn’t true. 

A personal big thank you from me to everyone at Cueball for again hosting this event and a special thanks to Diana Schuler, Jamie’s other half, for taking the photographs. Remember that last year, this venue produced the eventual champion Ant Parsons, will their 100% record remain in tact?

This Saturday we are back on the road and land again at Scotties in Liverpool for a really high quality heat. And yes, there will be cake.

You can view the results from the Derby qualifier here and view all the Grand Finalists, the updated highest breaks and Order of Merit table here.

There are still a handful of places left in the final qualifier in Gloucester, to enter click here and follow the instructions.

March 6, 2015

Snookerbacker Classic: Sunday in Derby

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SB2015 A4 Poster1 with amendsSunday sees the latest qualifier at the Cue Ball Club in Derby and the draw can be viewed here where updated results will be posted on the day.

All first round matches will commence at 10.30am with the usual rules applying for late arrivals. Dress code is collared shirt or polo with trousers and shoes.

All the information about this year’s tournament is here, including links to reports from all of the qualifiers so far.

The ongoing Order of Merit can be viewed here, the top two from this list who do not make the Grand Finals by another route will also make the Grand Finals.

You can view the full terms and conditions of entry here.

The only few places left this season now are in the final qualifying event in Gloucester on Sunday 29th March which will decide the final two qualifiers for the Grand Finals as well as the conclusion of the Order of Merit list standings. 

If you would like to enter this event press Add to Cart below, then Checkout, then Pay with Credit or Debit Card and follow the instructions.


Select Event and Add to Cart

March 2, 2015

The Month Ahead: Marching Around the Globe

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The baby of the group

The baby of the group with his little dolly.

March is very much characterised by how more global snooker has become of late and no sooner is that daft quick-fire event finished in Blackpool than 64 potters will be heading to India, before some of them head back to Wales, over to Thailand and then China. That’s quite a schedule for the players lucky enough to be in all of them.

We start with the World Seniors, or rather the World Middle Aged Championship. The age of consent to get into this now so low that it won’t be long before Judd can enter. Youngster Mark Williams, who celebrates his 40th birthday this month being the baby of the group and a hot favourite to nab the spoils, though Peter Ebdon, Ken Doherty, Dom Dale, The Ferginator and I dare say a few others will have something to say about that over the best of three frame format, arguably a great leveller.

Then (places head in gas oven) comes the Shootout, thankfully for someone that doesn’t subscribe to Sky Sports this is the only channel where you can watch it so I can pretend it isn’t happening. I noticed Mark Allen sparked a debate about injecting more life into more tournaments by inviting shaved pissed up chimps to more events. Well, if it ever went that way I know what I’d be injecting and it wouldn’t be life. One of these spectacles is more than enough for me thank you very much, in fact it’s one too many.

Then it’s off to Mumbai for the Indian Open, and time for my annual piece of advice for those travelling there wishing to avoid the Bombay Bumshats. I am talking from experience so ignore this at your peril:

1. Stay vegetarian, it’s easy to do and the food is spectacular.
2. Only drink sealed bottled water and remember this when you are brushing your teeth.
3. Have a small tipple every night, the alcohol helps stave off any unwanted bacteria.
4. Follow the above and although you’ll probably still have a slight reaction, it won’t be as bad as those that don’t.

Assuming all make it back in one piece it’s then time for Bazza’s big new event, the World Grand Prix in Llandudno. Llandudno (pronounced Lan-Did-No by the Welsh) is the kind of town that Morrissey sang about in ‘Everyday is like Sunday’, the coastal town that they forgot to close down where you can play bingo to win a cheap tray, but it’s nice that Wales has another event and let’s just hope that the ITV4 coverage doesn’t copy the blatant Welsh bias format of BBC Wales, I’m sure they’ll be a lot more level-headed about the whole thing. For those outside the UK, Eurosport will be covering this event.

Then comes the finals of the EPTC/APTC, the final line up of which was decided in Gdynia following Neil Robertson’s win over Mark Williams. Last year of course this was moved at the last minute to the Preston Guild Hall and it’s a shame that we aren’t going to see an event there this season, it’s a great venue steeped in snooker history. Instead, the land of the hooky wheelbarrows is rewarded with the Grand Finals.

It’s then time for the China Open, which, along with the Indian Open will see the race to The Crucible intensify. We still don’t know the final top 16 or what order they will be seeded, other than definitely knowing Mark Selby as champion will be number 1 seed and Ali Carter number 13. This is the point in the season when all thoughts turn to Sheffield and just 3 days after Beijing concludes, it’s over to Ponds Forge for the start of a month of Sheffield snooker (*lets out a small amount of wee*).

2-3 World Seniors Championship
Blackpool Tower Circus Arena

4-6 Shoot Out
Blackpool Tower Circus Arena

Indian Open
Mumbai, India

World Grand Prix
Venue Cymru, Llandudno

Players Championship

30-5 Apr
China Open
Beijing, China

March 1, 2015

Gdynia Open Finals Day Order of Play

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9am (UK Time)
Last 16
Shaun Murphy v Alan McManus
Dominic Dale v Rob Milkins
Oli Lines v Neil Robertson
John Higgins v Judd Trump
Liam Highfield v Mark Williams
Joe Perry v Dave Gilbert
Jimmy Robertson v Martin Gould
Luca Brecel v Stuart Carrington

Shaun Murphy/Alan McManus v Dominic Dale/Rob Milkins
Oli Lines/Neil Robertson v John Higgins/Judd Trump
Liam Highfield/Mark Williams v Joe Perry/Dave Gilbert
Jimmy Robertson/Martin Gould v Luca Brecel/Stuart Carrington

Semi Finals



February 27, 2015

Gdynia Open Day 2 Order of Play

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Shaun Murphy v Jak Jones
Allan Taylor v Zak Surety
Kyren Wilson v Andrew Pagett
Joe Swail w/o Zhou Yuelong
Mark King v Dave Harold
Graeme Dott v Lu Ning
Kurt Maflin v Gareth Allen
Alan McManus v Mateusz Baranowski
Michael White v Mitchell Mann
Craig Steadman v David Greig
Noppon Saengkham v Michael Georgiou

Approx 10am
Dominic Dale v Paul S Davison
Marco Fu w/o Vinnie Calabrese
Chris Melling v Chris Norbury
Ben Woollaston v Barry Pinches
Robert Milkins v Josh Boileau
Matt Selt v Alexander Ursenbacher

Approx 10.30am
Thepchaya Un-Nooh v Jason Devaney
Oli Lines v Kacper Filipiak
Dechawat Poomjaeng v Ben Jones
Neil Robertson v Adam Duffy

Approx 11.30am
Anthony Hamilton v Michael Leslie
Fraser Patrick v Tony Drago
Chris Wakelin v David Grace
John Higgins v Cao Xin Long

Approx 12pm
Ricky Walden v Brian Cini
Mark Joyce v Christopher Keogan
Jamie Cope v Jack Lisowski
Jamie Jones v Ian Burns

Approx 1pm
Mike Dunn w/o Lu Haotian
Jimmy White v Jamie Burnett
Judd Trump v Joe O’Connor


February 26, 2015

Gdynia Open Preview: AKA Anoraks Weekend

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One for the Anoraks.

One for the Anoraks.

It’s off to Gdynia in Poland for the final European Players Tour Championship this weekend and for anyone that thinks ‘Oh it’s just another PTC’ I’d encourage them to look again.

Rather than repeat what has all been said about the will’s, the won’t’s, the might’s and the do you mind if I don’t’s, here is a handy little link and guide from Matt, who this tournament is tailor made for. He’s even booked Friday off work to tweet about it and explain how each result will affect rankings and tour places for next season. Anoraks are well and truly off.

It’s a huge competition for some who it would appear have only one way of staying on the tour next season and retaining their two year tour card, amongst those is our very own Allan Taylor who faces Zak Surety first up (interestingly, well, at least for me in a repeat of their 2012 SB Classic Quarter Final, now where did I leave that anorak?) before a likely though not certain meeting with Shaun Murphy who faces Jak Jones, a player on the cusp of overtaking Allan and a ‘must win’ against Shaun. It’s also a big event for fans of Jimmy White who is another looking to secure his tour place through this route first, though he also has a chance of doing it by staying in the top 64.

All this is as well as how it might affect the other rankings, the 24-strong line up for the Grand Finals in Bangkok and of course the 32-man line up for the World Grand Prix.

So, there is lots going on here and I dare say that some will leave this event elated and some deflated, such is the cut-throat nature of the rankings these days.

As usual, I’ll plump for a few in the outrights just for a bit of interest, but it’s lower down the list which will be the topic of conversation for much of the first two days for those pesky snooker anoraks.

The draw for the Gdynia Open is here and it will be covered as ever by Eurosport.

Recommended Outright Bets: 2 points on Mark Selby at 6/1. 2 points on Stephen Maguire at 16/1. 1 point Each Way on Marco Fu at 33/1. 0.5 point Each Way on Peter Ebdon at 80/1, Matt Selt at 80/1 and Alan McManus at 150/1.   

Mark Selby v Rory McLeod
Tian Pengfei v Q13
Liam Highfield v Ian Glover
Stuart Bingham v Q14
Mark Williams v Lee Page
James Cahill v Tom Ford
Andrew Higginson v Peter Lines
Rod Lawler v Ali Carter
Anthony McGill v John Astley
Gary Wilson v Marcus Campbell
Zhang Anda w/o Xiao Guodong  

Approx 10am
Joe Perry v Matthew Stevens
Liang Wenbo v Q15
Robbie Williams v Q16
David Gilbert v Q17
Mark Davis v Q18
Peter Ebdon v Scott Donaldson

Approx 10.30am
Sam Baird w/o Ahmed Saif
Elliot Slessor v Q19
Jimmy Robertson v Q20
Fergal O’Brien v Lu Chenwei

Approx 11.30am
Ryan Day v Ken Doherty
Gerard Greene v Alfie Burden
Martin Gould v Q21
Luca Brecel v Hammad Miah

Approx 12pm
Michael Holt v Igor Figueiredo
Alex Davies w/o Nigel Bond
Aditya Mehta v Robin Hull
Michael Wasley v Steven Hallworth

Approx 1pm
Stuart Carrington v Q22
Joel Walker v Q23
Stephen Maguire v Ross Muir

Followed by later rounds

February 23, 2015

Snookerbacker Classic Gloucester: Wells, Evans and Harrison Join Grand Finals Field

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The weekend in Gloucester at the always excellent South West Snooker Academy saw three more players added to the Final 16 with a further player guaranteeing himself a spot by virtue of his Order of Merit status, leaving the race for the second place on that list wide open.

Saturday's Winner Daniel Wells

Saturday’s Winner Daniel Wells

Saturday saw a win for Welshman and former tour professional Daniel Wells, a first time entrant to the Classic who also managed to set the standard for the tournament highest break in the process.

Daniel went into the day as most people’s favourite to progress and indeed it was clear from the off that he wasn’t there to mess around, knocking in a 133 in his first match having received a bye in the first round. Putting him firmly in line to nab the £500 John Parrott Cuesports Highest Break prize at the end of the event, he was later to add a point for good luck, by compiling a 134 in his semi-final against Brett Miller, a match that Brett led 3-1 before being pegged back and beaten in a decider.

Last year’s Grand Finalist Callum Lloyd, another Welshman, in the meantime was progressing nicely through the top half of the draw, with wins over Phil O’Kane, Matt Glasby and Zack Richardson to progress to a final against his fellow countryman. The final was a rather one-sided affair and Callum never really got going as Daniel coasted to victory at the first time of asking, a trend that has been a common trait of the past 3 SB Classic champions and he I’m sure will be bang up for it on April 5th.

His 134 was also to remain the highest break of the weekend and won him the £100 prize generously donated by

Off the table, there was the usual light-hearted chatter and snooker talk. Phil O’Kane again providing the entertainment along with his long suffering girlfriend Amy. Indeed the snooker wives and girlfriends are becoming a more regular feature at the SB Classic with a lot of the boys deciding to bring along their other halves. And you know what? I think it really adds to the event as a whole and I hope it continues, maybe Mrs SB’s feminine touch is encouraging the SWAG’s to come along, let’s hope so.

Anyway, Daniel left with a wide smile on his face and it was great to meet him. He’s a great lad and I’m sure he’ll be full of confidence come Grand Finals Day.

All Saturday’s results can be found here.

Reanne has qualified for the Grand Finals for the first time

Reanne has qualified for the Grand Finals for the first time

 Sunday saw a busier, more bustling vibe in Gloucester courtesy of the 32 player field (as well as the SWAG’s) and it was Reanne Evans, the Ladies World Champion for the past 100 or so years and last season’s semi-finalist and current English Amateur Champion Ben Harrison who booked their places in the Grand Finals on Easter Sunday.

Reanne received a bye in the first round because Aaron Cook had been taken ill and Mrs SB and I both wish him a speedy recovery, I’m sure his dad Rob will look after him. After this she was to gain revenge on Zack Richardson, who had beaten her on Saturday before overcoming Phil O’Kane, the newly crowned Kent Amateur Champion, a title of which he is most proud, who’d lost in the ‘Last 16′ the previous day….before coming up against that man Brett Miller again, Reanne producing a fabulous clearance when it looked for all the world like Brett was about to force a decider, to win 4-2.

Reanne is obviously a great addition to the Grand Finals line up and it’s great to see her there having got so close in the past. When she’s on her game she is a match for any of the top boys and despite nursing a sore leg throughout the day, she finally did what she’s been threatening to do for the past 3 years. She’s also won something that doubtless her very cute daughter Lauren, who spent hours entertaining us on Saturday, will write all over when she gets it home.

Ben with 2015 prize

Ben battled away to make his second Grand Finals Day

     In the other half of the draw it was Ben Harrison who landed the spoils with wins over Alan Harvey, Tom Barton, Mike Rogers and Dan Ward. Denying finalist Dan the chance to join his partner Reanne on Grand Finals Day.

Ben is the current English Amateur Champion but hasn’t been in a position to give snooker his full attention recently and is now working full time, making his achievement on Sunday all the more impressive as he hasn’t been putting in the hours that he would like to. His SWAG Charlotte looked on as Ben did his thing, again proving the old adage that behind every good man is a good SWAG. Just ask Mrs SB. 

I think Ben would be the first to admit that he wasn’t exactly ‘flying’ but sometimes you have to just bide your time, not get frustrated and play solid match snooker to win and Ben showed that he is a very mature match player these days by getting the right results when not at his best, a great quality to have as a player. That gives him plenty to build on for Grand Finals Day and it’s clear the win meant a lot to him and was a massive confidence boost.

Off the table, myself and Mrs SB were being entertained with tales of the old East End by none other than Joe Lazarus, a legend in the snooker world who’s rubbed shoulders with and probably broken a few shoulders of, snooker’s great and not-so-good.

Joe, now in his seventies though looking exactly how I remember him in the late 1980’s, recounted tales involving red-hot pokers, Bulgarian’s not behaving themselves to his high standards in hospital car parks, hiding up trees and lots of other stuff I dare not write about on here as he has my phone number, while we sat transfixed at the life he has led and experiences he has had.

He also revealed that he holds the award of Basildon’s ‘Unsung Hero’ having raised thousands for children’s charities, as he joked that he has a bit of making up to do now he’s getting a bit older. He’s clearly very proud of this and rightly so, he’s a real character and an old school gent when it comes to the ladies, apologising unreservedly when he let a profanity slip within earshot of Mrs SB. But I like to think that even this softer version of the hard man I remember probably still chews chunks of granite when he’s feeling peckish, 75 or not, you’d want him on your side if you got cornered, trust me.

Mrs SB however, could not resist telling Joe that she expected him to be ‘a good boy’ from now on and to ‘stop being naughty or you’ll have me to answer to’ and I think this might have sunk in, it’s the first time I’ve seen the man who eats nails for breakfast and could knock down a tower block with a right hook have a slight look of fear in his eyes, Mrs SB’s glares can do that. Again, trust me.

Anyway, the day was rounded off with a trip to Gloucester Quays with some bloke called Craig who keeps following me around for a bite to eat and a bit of wine. Oddly on leaving we bumped into another Grand Finalist Eden Sharav and gave him a lift home, Gloucester is a small place…

It’s Derby next on March 8th before Liverpool on 14th then it’s the Last Chance Saloon back in Gloucester on 29th, that is the only event now with any spare places available and you can enter by clicking here and scrolling down to the Paypal link.

All Sunday’s results can be found here.

A big thanks to all at the SWSA and to referees Nick Harry and Clive Brown.


Following the weekend, it is now mathematically impossible for Brett Miller to be caught in the Order of Merit so Brett will also be joining the qualifiers at Grand Finals Day. He will not be entering any more qualifiers.

There remains however one more place on this list up for grabs and it is currently headed by Zack Richardson on 26, with Jason Tart (not in any further events), Josh Mulholland (entered Liverpool) Ryan Causton and Matthew Day all in the 20’s with lots of others within touching distance, including Paul Davison who is in both Derby and Liverpool.

Last season the last place went down to the last frame of the last qualifier. I wonder if this year we’ll see a similarly tense finish? 

 The latest standings can be found here.

February 20, 2015

Snookerbacker Classic Gloucester Weekend

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As the Welsh Open comes to a conclusion, this weekend we are heading to Gloucester for another round of qualifiers for this season’s Snookerbacker Classic.

You can keep in touch with Saturday’s event by clicking here.

You can keep in touch with Sunday’s event by clicking here.

You can keep up to date with the ongoing Order of Merit list by clicking here.

A big thanks to the guys at SBAT who have kindly donated £100 as a prize for the highest break of the weekend.

You can read all about this season’s SB Classic here.

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