January 12, 2013

Nominate the Blog for an Award

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I have been having a bit of a laugh today as someone suggested that the blog should win an award, which of course is quite preposterous.

All you have to do to vote is click here, you then complete your Twitter profile if you have one, if you don’t I haven’t a clue, then just make up some daft reason why you are voting and give it the permission it needs to register your vote.

You can then go into your Twitter profile and ‘Revoke’ the privileges in the ‘App’ section straight away and your vote will stand.

So if you want to see this tripe mixing with war correspondents and the great and the good, click the banner below to register your vote. Mrs SB quite fancies the trip to New York for the winner.

REMEMBER: Snooker is the Winner.

YES WE CAN (that’s the campaign slogan, don’t know how I think of them)

The blog is currently in: 9th position. 

Click the banner below to vote, you miserable sod.

Nominate this blog for a Shorty Award
  • Anonymous

    Won’t let me vote without giving details about my twitter account, which I don’t have and won’t have, the thought was there

    • snookerbacker

      Haha no worries!

  • TheBlueBoy

    Just realised I was anonymous. Cleaned my laptop, must have got rid.

  • Shawn M

    Losing a tonne of votes that way eh? Gonna have to see if there’s a way to vote str8 from Twitter… That’s a job for a campaign manager.

    Every vote for SB will see one of your children returned ‘virtually’ unharmed. (Workin on slogans) 😛

  • janddk

    I have been trying to click on “Tweet your Vote” but it wont accept it. I’ve tried several times, but, alas, it doesn’t want my vote.

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