September 1, 2011

Mark J Williams

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Name: Mark J (optional) Williams

Nickname: Snookerbacker’s Floating Mancrush

Walk on Tune: Float On – The Floaters

Likes: Being Laid Back. Stubble.

Dislikes: Blind Referees, Stevie Wonder.

Well, who would have thought that MJW spent a big chunk of his school days knocking lumps out of his friends and foes in the boxing ring? It seems a million miles from the Mark we all know and love today. His hypnotic way around the table when he’s in full float reminds you of an elegant swan, meandering around the glacial lake without a care in the world, it puts you in mind of a contented old spaniel snoring, of an old lady’s slowly ticking clock as she serves you tea and home-made biscuits on one of her best china plates with a little doily in case you drop any crumbs, to take the chill out of a cold autumnal afternoon in front of a crackling fire. When MJW is in form, all is right with the world, there is no war, no famine, no James Blunt, everything is just as it should be. But don’t let this calm exterior fool you too much, many have fallen under his spell and paid the penalty on the table. His razor sharp one-liners also appear at odds with his general hangdog demeanour. He is also highly descriptive and displays a good knowledge of all things medical, who can forget his diagnosis of a stomach upset he was suffering from at the Crucible last year? ‘I’ve got an arse like a Japanese flag’. Charming. You just gotta love MJW.  

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