September 1, 2011

John Higgins

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Name: John Higgins

Nickname: Scottish John

Walk on Music: ‘Russians’ – Sting

Titles Won: Loads

Collects: Trophies

Likes: Dallas, Chicken Kievs.

Dislikes: Geography Lessons, People with Funny Accents.

John seems to have been around forever and is something of a Jekyll and Hyde type character. A former housewives pin-up he cemented his role as ‘the nice boy’ of the baize with an appearance on the TV show ‘Mr and Mrs’ with the lovely Denise, who looks a bit like Geri Halliwell when she was in the Spice Girls. He also made a solo appearance on Mastermind where he displayed a dazzling, almost Rain Man like knowledge of the American soap smash, Dallas, before becoming disorientated in the general knowledge round. But despite displaying all the worldly knowledge of a block of wood he was still on the crest of a wave and seemingly destined for a career in TV doing features about famous Scotsmen for The One Show after he hung up his waistcoat when…CRASH! Overnight his reputation was in tatters after an ill-advised meeting with some dodgy foreigners. John appeared to show the same level of judgement in some of his answers in the secret filmed meeting as he did when he confused Vivaldi’s Four Seasons with a Tesco Four Cheese Pizza on Mastermind. After the meeting in wherever it was he took a bit of a holiday (enforced) and since he came back he’s been potting from the lampshades. He took little time in getting his World Title back from the thieving Aussie that won it when he was playing a bit crap and he is now back on top of the world with that cheeky smile slowly returning. Will the housewives forgive and forget?


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