October 8, 2014

SB Classic Gloucester Draw and Match Times

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SB2015 A4 Poster1 with amendsBelow players will find all the details of the first two qualifiers in Gloucester for this season’s Snookerbacker Classic following the opening draw last night.

Players should note the match times below and please be aware that frame docking for late arrival will be enforced in all cases, it is the responsibility of the player to ensure they are available for their specified match time.

The dress code is smart with trousers, shoes and polo or shirt. No jeans or trainers. 

The event is free to attend for anyone who wants to come along and watch.

Qualifying Event 1 – South West Snooker Academy, Gloucester. Saturday November 1st.

All Matches the Best of 7 frames. Referees: Clive Brown and Nick Harry. 1 Qualifier.

Round 1 – All Matches Commence at 11.00am – players must arrive on time.

Phil O’Kane v Jamie Clarke
Andy Marriott v Brett Miller
Wayne Townsend v David Donovan
Paul Norris v Zack Richardson
Adam Bobat v Callum Lloyd
Kishan Hirani v Sean O’Sullivan
Ryan Causton v Reanne Evans
Martin O’Donnell v Syd Wilson

Quarter Finals onwards on a roll-on roll-off basis, players should be available to play when called.

Qualifying Event 2 – South West Snooker Academy, Gloucester. Sunday November 2nd.

All Matches the Best of 7 frames. Referees: Clive Brown and Nick Harry. 2 Qualifiers. PLEASE NOTE THAT IF SATURDAY’S QUALIFIER IS DRAWN TO PLAY ON SUNDAY CHARON PARKER WILL TAKE THEIR PLACE.

Round 1 – The Following Matches Commence at 9.30am – players must arrive on time.

Wayne Townsend v Sean O’Sullivan
Adam Bobat v Phil O’Kane
Martin O’Donnell v Simon Dent
James Burrett v Mike Rogers
Matt Glasby v Alex Taubman
Ricky Hong Chin v Syd Wilson
Samir Ali v Ryan Causton
Paul Norris v Ashley Beal

Players for the following matches should arrive at the venue for 11am.

Adam Holmes v Hassan Vaizie
Matthew Day v Shane Castle
Zack Richardson v Andy Marriott
Alan Tunney v Tom Davie
Brett Miller v Jordan Church
Kishan Hirani v Ben Harrison
Joe Steele v Jamie Clarke
Eden Sharav v Aaron Cook

Later rounds played on a roll-on roll-off basis, players should be available to play when called.

October 7, 2014

Snookerbacker Classic Gloucester Draw Tonight

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The draw for the first two qualifying events in this season’s Snookerbacker Classic will be done automatically at 5.30pm today.

To view the draw for the 16 player Saturday 1st November qualifier once it’s done click here

To view the draw for the 32 player Saturday 2nd November qualifier once it’s done click here

The draw is done using the random draw facility at My Snooker Stats.

I’ll be building a specific draw page tomorrow and will confirm match start times at each qualifier on there.


October 6, 2014

Snookerbacker Classic Payments Now Due

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The deadline has now passed for reserved place payments to be made for the following qualifying events of the 2015 Snookerbacker Classic:

Preston – 16th November

Leeds – 29th and 30th November

If you have reserved a place in any of these events and not paid then I can no longer guarantee that you will get a place in the event.

There are still a few places left in these qualifiers so if you want to play in them you can use THIS LINK to secure a place with your payment.

To see what’s up for grabs click here

September 2, 2014

Snookerbacker Classic: 2014 Events now Pay and Play

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Just an update following the first deadline passing on Sunday that there are now three Snookerbacker Classic qualifying dates available in November for those who pay the entry fee first.

The events in Gloucester and Liverpool are all full but the following events are open NOW for entry:

Elite Snooker in Preston (16th November) – 3 places remaining

Northern Snooker Centre in Leeds (29th November) – 7 places remaining

Northern Snooker Centre in Leeds (30th November) – 6 places remaining

To enter any of the available qualifiers choose from the drop down menu below and pay the fee:

Select Venue and Add

August 25, 2014

Snookerbacker Classic Payment Deadline Sunday

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A reminder to all players that have reserved places for any of the following events that entry fee payments are due no later than 31st August. Anyone who does not pay the fee on or before this deadline will no longer have a place reserved in the tournament.

To pay the entry fee for Liverpool on the 9th November click here and follow the instructions. 

To pay the entry fee for Preston on the 16th November click here and follow the instructions.

To pay the entry fee for Leeds on the 29th and 30th November click here and follow the instructions.

For anyone who missed the further prize announcement the other day click here

August 17, 2014

Snookerbacker Classic Further Prize Announcement

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SB2015 A4 PosterIt’s only a few short months now until this season’s Snookerbacker Classic gets underway and this week I’ve managed to add once more to the prize pot, making this easily the most lucrative amateur snooker tournament in the UK.

I am delighted to announce that SB Classic partner Lake Creative Design and Marketing are becoming more involved in the tournament this season by stumping up the entry fees for all European Players Tour Championship events next season for the winner.

This means that not only will this season’s champion be £1500 richer, he or she will also have all their EPTC entry fees paid courtesy of Lake Creative, all they ask in return is shirt logo sponsorship for each event.

Andy Spilsbury, the Managing Director of Lake Creative who are also responsible for this season’s poster design said ‘We’re delighted to announce this sponsorship package for this season’s Snookerbacker Classic Champion and really look forward to giving the winner an extra helping hand in their snooker career. It’s a brilliant event and we are immensely proud to be involved as it continues to go from strength to strength’.

Lake Creative are an award winning design and marketing company based in Oxfordshire and Merseyside delivering high quality design and marketing solutions to a portfolio of national brands and campaigns.

More information about Lake Creative can be found here.

More information about this season’s Snookerbacker Classic can be found here. A reminder that the deadline for payment for all the events this side of Christmas is August 31st. There are still a handful of places left in a few of the events, details of how to enter are also included in the link.

July 30, 2014

SB Classic Gloucester 21st February FULL

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The rearranged SB Classic heat in Gloucester announced the other day on Saturday 21st February is now full. I will take further names as reserves in case any of the players involved have already qualified.

Places for Sunday 22nd February are also being taken at a rate of knots so if you want one reserving, you know the drill.

Full details of this year’s SB Classic can be found here

July 28, 2014

Snookerbacker Classic February Venue Change and Order of Merit Update

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Given the popularity of the Snookerbacker Classic in and around it’s spiritual home of Gloucester I’ve decided to change one of the dates to accommodate all the players that want to enter down there.

Therefore I have changed the venue next February 21st and 22nd from Leeds to the South West Snooker Academy in Gloucester. All players who have entered and paid for Leeds already have been informed and their places have been transferred to these events. You can find out everything you need to know about this season’s tournament here.

As with the event in Gloucester in November, the Saturday will be a 16 player event with one qualifier and the Sunday a 32 player event with two qualifiers.

This means that we see the return of the Order of Merit List and the player that tops this at the end of the tournament, who hasn’t qualified for the Grand Finals already, will take his or her place in the Grand Finals with the other 15 qualifiers. Full details can be viewed in the terms and conditions.

Contact me today to reserve a place in both events. Payment will be due by the end of October and they are likely to go quickly. To make sure you get one, use this page to forward payment.

July 22, 2014

Snookerbacker Classic Information Page

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It’s all quiet on the snooker front at the moment with very little happening around the place until we set sail for Riga in Latvia for the opening EPTC of the season.

That means it’s a really good time for me to get everything set up for this season’s SB Classic and I thought it would be useful to place all the information about it on one handy page here.

The latest is that the opening three qualifiers are now full and that the first Preston heat and the weekend in Leeds at the end of November as steadily filling up too.

To reserve a place in any of the remaining events, details of which are on the information page, contact me today.

July 16, 2014

SB Classic 2015 – Liverpool FULL

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The second qualifying heat for this season’s Snookerbacker Classic in Liverpool is now full. Those who have reserved places will soon receive a link to pay the fees.

All fees must be paid by 31st August or places will be offered to those on the reserve list (there are currently 2 people waiting).

For all other events see details and payment deadlines here and to pay your fee see here.


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