May 27, 2014

The Willies 2014 – Winners Announced

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The wait is finally over. Click here to see who are the winners and losers at this year’s annual Willie Awards.

February 11, 2014

Snooker Song of the Month: Snooker Club by Nirav MJ

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Snooker has a habit of throwing up some rather curious, quirky people now and again. But my new mate Nirav Patel aka the Michael Jackson of the Baize has today taken this to the next level with his song ‘Snooker Club’. Nirav can be followed on Twitter @niravMJ and put it this way, after you’ve watched this you’ll be a follower. I’ve invited him to enter the SB Classic on 23rd February in Gloucester and he’s hopeful he can make it. This guy has the makings of a snooker cult hero.  

Just remember to #chalkitbaby 

Watch and enjoy:  

June 11, 2013

Blogger’s Block

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You can lead a horse to water, but a pencil must be lead.

There’s lead in my pencil, but I don’t know how to use it.

It’s a very modern phenomenon and would have been unheard of 20 years ago, but it’s real and I think I am going through it at the moment. Ladies and Gentlemen, I think I have Blogger’s Block.

Writer’s Block is well known, it’s got everyone at one point or another. There are pieces of advice to beat it out there, usually written by people who don’t write for a living.

‘Work on more than one project at a time’ they say. ‘Change your routine’ they scoff. ‘Stop worrying about being original’ they bark. But my personal very unhelpful top tip has to be ‘Examine Deep-Seated Issues Behind Your Writer’s Block’ – presumably this inner-journey is concluded by a very dark episode with a pearl-handled revolver, a glass of fine single malt, a Cuban cigar, a photograph of your loved ones and your very last tear stained epic left atop of your beloved mahogany writing bureau.

Let’s not go there.

I thought I was alone until I read a tweet last night from Matt at Pro Snooker Blog who seemed to whimsically indicate that this was an annual event in the calendar for him at precisely this time of year. He even gave it a little name making it sound like something he actually didn’t mind having?? Even top scribe and snooker nut Dave Hendon wrote a piece yesterday about cues which screamed denial. Regular bloggers without whom the snooker season would not be half the fun it is seem to have gone into hibernation or temporary limbo.

In short, IT’S EVERYWHERE.  

So what causes it? Well, I can only speak from personal experience and draw the non-conclusion that it could be a number of things. Is it the blogger’s equivalent of burn-out? Could be….. Is it the fact there is so much snooker on that it can sometimes feel like you are a hamster on a wheel, living Groundhog Day over and over again? Could be…. Is it the beginning of the end? Is it a realisation that you have done what you can and have nothing else left to say? Could be…. Is it the changing of the seasons or the tides of the sea? Could be…. Is it Henry the mild-mannered Janitor? Probably not.

Regular readers of this tripe will know that I frequently make reference to there being too much snooker, I do believe that in order to keep a sport interesting there needs to be some period of rest, some downtime. Like any relationship absence can make the heart grow fonder and with due respect to the potters on their way to the latest Asian PTC which starts properly tomorrow, I couldn’t really give a monkeys who wins it.

Perhaps Blogger’s Block is as Matt describes, simply an annual thing which is as regular as clockwork, perhaps I have always had it or perhaps once you get over three years of blogging in the bag it sets in. One thing I do know is that when I was on holiday with Mrs SB last week I didn’t miss blogging one bit and casting my mind back three years, I am pretty sure that I did when I was away for a week back then.

One thing I did do though is think about how to freshen the blog up a bit and I did have an idea which I think could have some mileage. The downside is that it involves me climbing into the loft at SB Mansions first to dig out a stack of old magazines (no not those type of magazines), I mean old snooker magazines and I will probably get round to doing that at the weekend and then see what develops.

This piece might also sound and probably is utterly self-indulgent and I am always mindful of something that I read which I think Chris Evans said once when talking about a time when he was acting like a complete bellend. He said ‘you stop being entertaining when you think you are the news’, or something like that. Roughly translated I think it means that once your head disappears so far up your own arse that all you can see is your intestines then you might as well pack it in as nobody is listening to you anymore.

But in writing this I am following my own piece of advice, write yourself out of it, confront it head on and beat it into the ground. That’s what I usually do when confronted with a problem and so it seems the natural way to do it and you know what? I already feel a bit better.

So all that is left is to offer my sincere apologies to those who wanted, quite understandably, to read something about snooker on a snooker blog, if that is you read this far down.

Normal service will be resumed shortly, I’m fairly sure it will anyway.

April 15, 2013

The World Championship according to Mrs Snookerbacker

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Mrs SB has spoken

Mrs SB has spoken

It’s been a while since my last written preview, my last year’s preview was just a quick head shot picture as I didn’t have time to write one and I don’t think at the time I could really be bothered, but this time after watching the qualifiers I’m really looking forward to it starting.

Also to Mr SB’s joy I have decided to take the whole 2 weeks off work and spend it with him, the dogs and the TV. Sounds like bliss. Though I am going to fit in swimming, cycling, shopping, tidying up, taking dogs out, making dinner and making my new dog coat range – plus I need my hair cut so will fit that in too.

Plus Mr SB has asked me to be the official reporter and photographer for the World Championships at Snookerbacker Mansions which sounds like loads of fun. I will be snapping away, reporting from the press box and have inside access to the BBC studios.

So here goes, here is my 2013 Mrs Snookerbacker World Championship Preview – it’s an overall summary of players and if I think they will get far, plus who I think will win it this year.

Match 1

Ronnie O’Sullivan 

I wonder if he will get his lucky hair cut from Tony & Guy in Sheffield this year, last year I sat next to him whilst getting mine done and he went on to win it and I had a lovely choppy bob, to be fair I am still growing it out and I have had in between some dodgy cheaper haircuts since. I also wonder if he gets a free supply of vodka for a year with his sponsorship deal? I think he’s T total and I like mine with some tonic and a slice of lemon. But he is really good at snooker when he feels like it.

Marcus Campbell

I don’t really know a lot about him apart from his name always reminds me of a can of meatballs. I think he is a big chap with a hairy face and always smiling which is odd from a Scotsman in snooker these days – as the rest seem like a right miserable bunch – apart from Dott and Higgins but Higgins has a lot of titles so that gives him something to smile about at least.

Winner: Ronnie

Well. This one is simple. Ronnie can win the whole thing depending on who he meets on his way to winning it and if he feels like winning it. I think he will be in this for a while.

Match 2

Ali Carter

You know I’m always going to favour the Captain. He is such a lovely chap and I love Manager Steve and last year we met the lovely Horsey too. I hope we can all catch up again for some red wine and a good natter (me and Manager Steve always end up talking about dogs and me showing pictures of ours – or is that just me??) but early to bed for the Captain as he needs his snooker sleep. It was brilliant though to watch him in Berlin at the German Masters where he flew his lovely girlfriend to the final to support him aswell. Go Team Carter, I believe you can win this one too.

Ben Woollaston

I don’t know much about Ben’s game but I have met him a few times at SWSA (SB: she hasn’t) and he seems like a lovely polite young man with good manners. I like a man with good manners and it’s nice to have gentleman around in a gentlemen’s sport,

Winner: Ali

Sorry Ben but I think Ali experience will win him through to the next round

Match 3

Stuart Bingham

I love a bit of Bingo. He’s got such a lovely happy cheeky face that makes me smile. I have never met him but I imagine sharing a big bag of crisps with him. I don’t know why crisps? I can’t see him being a chocolate eater and I don’t like to share my chocolate with anyone.

Sam Baird

Again I don’t know much about him but I recognise his name from live streaming. I hope to see more of him so next years preview I can write a bit more about him, or something at least (SB: she has mixed up Sam with Ben) 

Winner: Stuart Bingham

Sorry Sam, think Bingham will get through this purely on the basis I don’t know who you are. (SB – I won’t even comment on how funny that is, Sam also owes her a Gin and Tonic, I think we can call it quits)

Match 4

John Higgins

Don’t really know what to say about John, I used to like him but now I find him a bit boring to watch. He will win the first few rounds as he’s John Higgins, but I can’t see him making it much further nor am I that bothered either in all honesty. Seems like a nice chirpy chap but bit bored when I watch his matches. Blunt but true, sorry.

Mark Davis

Now this gets a bit interesting with the Dark Mavis – I hope he really is a bit evil but in a good way like Darth Vadar as we need some snooker villains. He is probably the most un-snooker villain there could be, but I hope his name lives up to his personality as we all love a bit of the dark side every now and again. Wahhh ha ha ha Waha ha ha haaaa (SB: I have no idea what that last bit means).

Winner: Dark Mavis

I am going to go for Evil domination purely for entertainment value and I don’t think John has been in good snooker form lately either.

Match 5

Shaun-Murphy_2462055Shaun Murphy

Good old dappa Shaun, he is starting to give Selby a run for his money in the style stakes. I like Shaun as he has got dogs, he plays far too much golf for my liking so must have too much time on his hands really, but he is nice chap. However he did promise me tea and cakes last year and he lost and went home. Next time Shaun it’s a prosecco and cakes – the bill has just gone up to make up for last year and you are paying!

Martin Gould

The little quiet one who if plays well actually beats people you don’t really expect him to. He won the Sky shot out thing didn’t he but I don’t know if that actually qualifies as a proper snooker tournament?? He did win though so will give him some credit. Was that the shot clock one?

Winner: Shaun Murphy

Shaun you owe me some nice things.

Match 6

Graeme Dott

I don’t know that much about Dott apart from our mate Allan Taylor does a really good impression of him and that he is a small Scottish player that people refer to him being like a terrier. I think he may not be much taller than me and I am about 5 foot 3 without heels, but I rarely wear then nowadays as I can’t walk in them so he would probably be the same height as me. He seems to have been around the snooker tables for a long time so I imagine him getting to the quarters or somewhere like that.

Peter Ebdon

He is vegan, he plays long matches and he is a mind reader – no I mean he gets into people head and messes with their minds, so much so that they feel like hitting him with their cue and they forget to pot balls therefore he wins. Think that’s his game plan and it tends to work.

Winner: Ebdon

Think he is working on his how to mess up the heads of people as we speak. I have also heard a rumour he and Dark Mavis are going to join alliances and rule the world. Ok that may not be true…or could it be?

Match 7

Matthew Stevens

Is it him they call the Welsh Dragon or do they do that for everyone from Wales? I need to ask Terry?? I’ve not met him though Mr SB says he a good laugh and an all-around good egg, I think they get drunk together and I told Mr SB off for putting him off. From what I have seen him play he seems to graft in there and wins frames. I think he has got to some finals in the past?

Marco Fu

Mr SB said he is one of the politest people he has met and I like that so I like him too.

Winner: Matthew Stevens

Think this one will be a close one but I think that Matthew may just win this on a decider.

Match 8

Judd Trump

Ok, I will make a public apology to Judd. I’m sorry for being not very nice to you and a bit mean when judging you about your love of money, flash cars and lads magazine spreads as that’s not really my cup of tea, like most ladies. Sorry for being mean and saying that some people may find these kinds of things lavish and a bit repulsive. I think you deserve a little bit more respect and I am sure when you grow older these things won’t matter to you. You are a talented player and I am sure your game will also improve with age.

Dominic Dale

I think Dominic has just got serious. I watched him on the live stream in the qualifying stage and not once did he run around the table, sing, tell a joke or anything like that. He has even got the Selby side over parting. Think he is in it to win it this year.

Winner: Dale

I am backing Dale as I think he is an interesting character and when he plays well he plays great. Watching him on the live stream I think he can beat Judd if he doesn’t get carried away and start being all TV host and a crowd pleaser, that’s Rob Walkers job.

Match 9

Robbo with CakeNeil Robertson

Nothing else to say apart from I LOVE YOU NEIL ROBERTSON. Don’t worry Neil not in a weird stalker/psycho kind of way, I know it may look like that after me asking you to pose with a cake (which you did) and I know you read the blog from the Best Hair Willie award you were pleased to receive (which I gave you). Just to reiterate the point again- I am not a weirdo. I think you are fab. Hold on – is it you that’s stalking me ??? Anyway’s- yep he is one of my favourite players and think he also too could win it.

Rob Milkins

Rob is a lovely chap, he also had one of my cakes at the Snookerbacker Classic SWSA round. He talks funny like Wizzy and as they all do from Gloucester, but don’t let that put you off,  he may sound soft but he can play well.

Winner: Robertson

You know it has to be Neil- but next time Rob you can have 2 cakes x

Match 10

Ricky Walden

Now I can’t remember what he looks like but I have heard his name a lot, so he must be winning PTC’s and other smaller things. If this is the case then he will probably do well into the mid stages of the competition. Is he the one with the long tongue??

Michael Holt

Now what can I say about Holt. I am sure you are reading this Michael, so I will be very nice as I can see me and you possibly being new best snooker mates. Don’t take offence as I know you can be a little on the touchy side but I think you are a really good player. It’s when you get off the table you get a bit, well, temperamental and a bit narky, but that’s ok, as I am too sometimes – so I think we would get on.

Winner: Michael Holt

Well if he doesn’t we will all know about it on Twitter! (just saying ..)

Match 11 

Mark Williams

Good old Mark Williams – I remember Mr SB publicly humiliating me letting me write in my first preview (not knowing who he really was) that he could win a few competitions as he has potential, not knowing he was World or a UK winner back in the days when he had long hair and a pony tail (SB: Oh dear me). Now I know him as Mr SB’s super twitter fan and they have some man love between them. Think him and his wife have had a baby – so I think he will do well this year and maybe there will be a baby Williams on the table with a cup this year- who knows??

Michael White

Sorry but again I don’t know who you are. I would like to say nice things at some point too so good luck.

Winner: Williams

It has to be otherwise Mr SB will be gutted his hero and his man love will be out.

Match 12

Stephen Maguire

I thought last year Maguire may have had a chance. I put my personal feelings about him aside and decided not to bear grudges and give him my backing to win. From what I’ve heard since on the circuits, he has had his last chance with me and I won’t be supporting him ever again. He is not the only one who can hold grudges and women tend to forgive but we don’t forget – plus us women never really forgive or forget. We hold everything you do wrong in a little place in our brains that we can call upon when we need to prove a point or use it wisely in times of our own needs. It’s part of the advantages of being female really sometime we can be a bit wicked too when we want to.

Dechawat Poomjaeng

Don’t know who you are but the best of luck.

Winner: Dechawat Poomjaeng

Fingers crossed. I don’t care if I am being mean – he says some mean things too.

Match 13

Mark Allen

I think Mark’s a really good player and I don’t think it will be long until he wins a title (SB: she doesn’t know he has already done that). I like that he is a grafter, that his cheeks go all rosy red and he does a side smirk when he gets down on shot to pot a ball. I think when he can be bothered and not have a tantrum which sometimes he does and spends half of his time looking at the table next to him when the games not going his way, he can go far – he just needs to concentrate on his own game not others in play. It’s just a matter of time with Mark I think. I am not sure whether this is his time this year – maybe. I can see him making his way up the through the lower half of the table and all of a sudden becoming a semi-finalist and a contender.

Mark King

Another happy face of whom I like – or do I just like bald men? Both he and Bingham are both bald and they both look cheeky. I am wondering now to myself do I like any more bald men?

Winner: Allen

I kind of wish these two did not meet just yet as I would have liked to see more of each player. But I think Allen may just have the edge.

Match 14

Sweetie x

Sweetie x

Ding Junhui

Pinch those little cheeks and I love that little Ding smile. He is such a cutie. I don’t think he likes the crucible that much – was it last year when he got potty mouth? I think he plays better when he has more space. He may have a little claustrophobia in the small arena but I think he always does better away from the Crucible.

Alan McManus 

Is he the big hairy one and not Marcus Campbell or are they both big and hairy? (SB: She did really write this, I have no idea who she is getting mixed up with) I don’t really know about his snooker and I think he is a bit old school which is good as the older ones can show these young guns as thing or few.

Winner: Alan McManus

I think he may intimidate baby Ding (SB – again, I have no idea who she thinks he is)

Match 15

Barry Hawkins

I know what he looks like as I think I have seen his picture on the walls of the SWSA. Like a few of them I think will go far in the first rounds as they have experience and have been playing well in the PTC’s. I think he won’t get to the semi or quarters- what’s the one before that ? well that one I think he will get to.

Jack Lisowski

I think I like Jack. I used to like Jack but not really seen or heard much about him apart from of late where he is playing really really well. It’s good that he has been out of the spotlight and getting his head down, I like a grafter and we need some new players on the scene.

Winner: Jack

Think Jack is going to get far this year at the Crucible. (SB: she was getting bored by this point I reckon)

Match 16

Mark Selby

I like Selby’s style more than I like the style of his play lately. I liked him when he was a bit raw and edgy but he seems a bit safe now. I like him but I tend to not watch his games as I get a bit bored as they go on a bit and not in the good way. He again could win this or get to the final with Ronnie, though I can guarantee he will look impeccable, nice hair, clean shaved, shiny shoes and good tailored suit. I do like a man who makes an effort and gets a good thumbs up from me.

Matt Selt

He is bald and he is also quiet cheeky too. It must be a bald thing. He seems like a larger than life character but quite quiet around the table. Maybe quietly confident? (SB: she doesn’t know she has met him)

Winner: Selby

I think Matt has got a tough draw and Selby can be like a machine especially at events like these.

Overall Winner:

Ronnie v Selby in the final

Go on I am going with Selby- come on Selby bring back the fighter in you!


Mrs SB’s tip for the title.

April 13, 2013

Celebrate the World Championship and Design Your Own Snooker Shrine!

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Long standing readers of this tripe will recall that each year to celebrate the World Championship I set everyone a task and this year is no different.

Click here to see this year’s brief, including Mrs SB’s very own handiwork.

Get busy people!

April 10, 2013

That Once a Year Time: The 17-Day Snooker Punters Guide

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Internet-TrollIn honour of this excellent piece by Dave Hendon the other day relating to the once a year snooker journalist brigade that descend like a huge turd from the sky on our sport at this time every year having spent the rest of the year watching football, I thought as a blogger, tweeter, gambler and first and foremost fan I should also give some pointers for those in society who only share my passion for 17 days a year.

Please share these tips with anyone you know that fits this description.

The Once a Year Snooker Gambler

The golden rule that should be remembered here is that if a bet that you place loses it is NEVER YOUR OWN FAULT. Here is why:

There are a number of factors at work here, firstly, if you have simply decided to place the same bet as a blogger or someone that you have been told knows what they are on about, blame them, after all they TOLD you to bet and took the money out of your pocket to give to the bookies and line their pockets.

It is THEM, NOT YOU, who is responsible.

If your bet loses, there is a huge probability that the match was bent, why else would everyone on the Betfair forum be saying so? The player you bet simply missed too many balls on purpose, balls that you yourself can proudly tell everyone that you would have potted (add a ‘blindfold’ reference for added comedic effect). The bookies had got word to the player that they stood to lose a fortune on him and offered to give him a decent bung to lose. This is often the ONLY RATIONAL EXPLANATION for your bet losing, particularly if it wasn’t a bet that someone else told you to do.

The good thing about this is that as well as ‘seething’ to yourself you can take to social media websites like forums or Twitter to tell everyone, even sometimes the people who are to blame themselves, what you think of them. So here are some top tips on using social media at this time of year.

The Once a Year Snooker Tweeter

Always go for the right target and if you don’t get a response from them, go for the next one in line and so on and so on. Get gradually ruder, angrier and more personal with every message building to a crescendo which will see you ‘blocked’ by the guilty party. Remember, they are only blocking you because deep down they KNOW you are right and they cannot cope with the guilt.

Twitter is a good way to express yourself.

Twitter is a good way to express yourself.

Here are some handy hints:

Always use the hashtag #clueless when directing your views at the person at fault, this is particularly effective when directing it at someone who made you have the bet, for example:

‘@snookerbacker1 call yourself a tipster LOL LMFAO. Fucking guesswork pal go and get a proper job you are a fucking muppet #clueless’

This should upset the tipster enough for them to block you and it will also make you feel a lot better, knowing that you have got ‘under their skin’.

You could also contact the player if you aren’t getting anywhere with this so-called ‘tipster’, this handy template should help:

‘@playerwholost WTF was that? You are a fucking disgrace to your sport, how much did you fucking spoon from that? Fucking BENT #FACT’*

*Use #FACT as many times as you can, as facts cannot be disputed.

Hopefully at least one (or if you are lucky) both of these tactics will work, you will get the response you want and both will feel guilty for you losing your money.

Job Done.

The Once a Year Blog Commenter

The downside of social media is that you sometimes get blocked by people and not enough people get to know the truth, always for the reasons above (i.e. you are telling the truth and they don’t want to listen) but the good news is that there are always blogs for you to post on too!! The added bonus of this is that you can usually do this largely anonymously so you can say whatever you want without any fear of being caught!


  1. Always be insulting and personal, looking for weakspots and exposing them.
  2. Always swear A LOT, the more offensive the words, the more impact they will have.
  3. Never ever listen to excuses when it comes to betting, do not be bamboozled by someone explaining to you that their strike rate on snooker is pretty good and the profits clearly demonstrate this. This is rubbish and a diversionary tactic designed to steer you away from the information you took in good faith. ATTACK them AGAIN.
  4. Never, ever agree with anything your enemy says. Remember, they put their views up for you to disagree with, nothing more. They are picking a fight and boy have they picked the wrong guy this time.
  5. Remember, they stole your money, you would not be acting in this way if the bet had won.
  6. Even if they have put you in the Spam queue, carry on posting, there is no chance that they will see it but it will always make you feel better.

And there we have it, a nice pocket sized guide to punting and using social media for the 17 day snooker fan. I hope this helps people really get the most out of the World Championship.

Happy Punting!

November 22, 2012

Jogia Withdraws Ban Appeal

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Joe was unable to explain his contact with the gamblers

Leicester pro Joe Jogia who is currently banned from snooker for two years has decided not to pursue an appeal which he was planning to make yesterday against World Snooker’s original decision.

The pint-sized potter who famously proclaimed that he was a ‘hobbler not a nobbler’ and that his ‘name is like gold in snooker’ decided to withdraw his appeal on Monday in the face of overwhelming evidence that he was what is technically known as ‘at it’.

You will notice that I have filed this under the heading of ‘Careless News’, the reason for this is in light of the evidence that World Snooker has today made public.

It reads: ‘At the time of the bets being placed and after the suspicious betting was discovered, Joe Jogia contacted the two persons placing the bets 77 times. When the suspicious betting came to light he withdrew from the match citing an injury. Jogia could not explain his contact with these people or the suspicious betting’

Poor old Joe even went to the trouble of getting some crutches purpose built for his diminuitive frame in an attempt to convince everyone that he was a victim of circumstance. But that didn’t wash with old Jason Ferguson, as the wily Chairman of the WPBSA who has seen all this before explains:

“It is disappointing that Joe chose to go down the route of an appeal that in the view of our legal advisers had no substance to it. This has forced the WPBSA to bear significant legal costs in preparation for the appeal. It is my view that the the action taken by the WPBSA in this case shows a zero tolerance to breaches of the Betting Rules”.

Joe of course had enlisted the help of the Snooker Players Association (SPA) to help him out with this and one assumes that they advised him to appeal in the first place, which in light of the evidence facing him may in itself have been careless.

So Joe is out of the game for two years, perhaps this signals the end of his professional snooker career. Will we ever see his like again?

September 4, 2012

The Snooker Player Essentials: Avoiding Carelessness – 10 Top Tips

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It’s now my second year of organising a national snooker tournament across a range of venues. I have had a great time doing this and after last year’s event Snooker Scene even asked me to write about it for them. All in all, it’s been great fun and the players I have met to date have been a cracking bunch.

But as with all things in life, there are times that test you. Situations can arise that make you ever so slightly irked. It is usually the result of a simple misunderstanding from one of the players that you need to address, sometimes it’s down to you not explaining something properly or getting something wrong.

But sometimes it can be put down to one thing and one thing alone and that thing is carelessness.

Because I now consider myself a bit more experienced in organising such things I thought it might be useful to put together a short pocket-type guide for players which might help them to avoid being labelled ‘careless’ in the future. The following pieces of advice are taken from real situations that have arisen over the course of the last two years:

1. Check the date of the tournament you have entered in advance: This is important as you might be doing something else on that day.

2. If you discover that you are doing something on the day which clashes with the event you have entered, don’t ask the tournament organiser if he can change the date to fit in with your plans.

3. Check the venue of the tournament you have entered in advance: This is important as it might not be a place you can get to for what might be an early start.

4. If you have checked the venue and you can get there, don’t ask the tournament organiser if he will pay your expenses to get there and definitely don’t ask him if he doesn’t mind paying your hotel bill aswell. Point blank refusal can sometimes offend.

5. Read up on the prizes on offer at the tournament you have entered in advance: Don’t assume that having won one match of your qualifying heat that you are already in the prize money and only one match away from the big money.

6. Don’t tell the tournament organiser that you have paid your entry fee when you haven’t.

7. When paying entrance fees, always check how much it is. Don’t pay too much, there is no need to do this, however much you like the tournament or the tournament organiser and his wife.

8. When at the tournament, don’t order a huge meal after your first match when you know that yours was the last to finish. It is likely you will get a 15 minute break tops, get a pie.

9. On the other hand, don’t say to the tournament organiser that you want to start sooner than he tells you as you need to get home, your opponent may not take kindly to this and neither will the tournament organiser.

10. Don’t disappear for an hour after your match and not tell the tournament organiser where you are going and have him scour the building only to be told that you have gone to McDonalds when you should be playing your next match.

I hope this guide will help some of the more careless players clean up their act a bit and avoid the lack of care that has been displayed by some in the future.

The answers to all questions regarding the Snookerbacker Classic this year can be found on this handy page here which includes links to terms and conditions, drawsheets, other places to find real time information and contact details.

SB Classic London: Re-Open for Entries!

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The Snookerbacker Classic qualifying heat in Coulsdon, Greater London, on Saturday 17th November now has two places that remain unfilled.

This follows the closing date for payment of entry fees last weekend having passed and a general lack of care from a couple of players in relation to the date, which clashes with a PTC event in Bulgaria.

The entrance fee is £50 and is payable immediately, the first two players to contact me with their entrance fee ready to pay will get what are now the final two places of any event in the UK.

Contact me if you would like one of the places available.


July 2, 2012

Wuxi Classic Prediction Contest – Any Advance on 107?

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I’ve had a quick look at the tipster contest here for the £50 bet at Apollobet and I reckon Adan is going to take some beating. He scored 107 points and I can’t find anyone that beats that, but as I am half-asleep and have hay fever this morning I may be wrong. I’ll keep this post open for anyone that wants to pitch their hat in the ring and thinks they have scored more. I had meant to set up an automatic scoring system but I carelessly forgot, apologies.

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