May 4, 2014

World Championship Final: Can The Jester Topple The Rocket?

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FinalToday sees the start of this year’s World Championship Final and the culmination of what’s been a long long season sees Ronnie O’Sullivan taking on his old foe Mark Selby over 35 frames at the home of snooker.

It’s not a final that I expected to be honest. I have thought all along that Ronnie would make it three in a row but I more or less wrote off Selby from the start after what by his standards has been a largely disappointing season, but he’s been superb over the past fortnight and played his trademark tough, matchplay snooker and deserves a crack at the best player there is on the biggest stage of them all in his second final.

His 17-15 win over Neil Robertson last night was an example of how tough he is to beat when he’s at his best and Robbo praised him afterwards for his tenacity and winning mentality, claiming that he’d played really well himself but just couldn’t peg Selby back. Robbo said: “He played probably the best I’ve ever seen him play. With that many sessions, for him not have a period where he’s missing easy balls is every credit to him.”

Ronnie of course had the day off and apparently went for a 15 mile run and it’s certain that he will go into the final as the fresher of the two, though Selby, famed for his stamina claims that he isn’t a bit tired and is looking forward to the final: “I don’t feel tired at the moment. I’m sure when I get back I won’t sleep because of the adrenaline. Ronnie’s a genius – he doesn’t fear anyone. He’s played some great snooker in patches, but in other patches he’s missed balls and nobody’s punished him. I know I’m going to get my chances, it’s just a case of whether I take them or not. I’m a lot more confident now than I was in my first final in 2007. I was a qualifier then so any match I was winning was a bonus. But over the last few years, I’ve won a few tournaments and every time I go to one if I don’t win it I see it as a failure. I’m confident going into tomorrow and hopefully I can pull through over the two days.”

Just how crucial this extra day will be remains to be seen but it’s definitely a factor in my opinion. As Robbo pointed out after the semi-final, “so much depends on how much rest Mark can get, and how much he has left in his tank.”

The two last met in The Masters final, when Ronnie ‘did a job’ on Selby having lost in finals to him before. Selby however was not playing as well then as he is now and this might even be worth writing off when you look at how this match might pan out. After all, Selby has proved more than once in the past that he’s capable of upsetting Ronnie and really getting under his skin, he’s one of the few players that has done that and he has beaten a firing Rocket before, so why can’t he do so again?

But when push comes to shove, I think you have to still favour Ronnie to prevail, he is beginning to play very very well now and no matter how well Selby is playing, if Ronnie is in the mood he cannot be beaten by anyone. In terms of a scoreline I’d go for 18-12 to O’Sullivan (Best Price 11/1 at Corals), with him also making a few tons along the way. In fact, following the success of the maximum century bet in the Robbo/Selby semi-final, I think it’s time to double up on this one as I can see there being a fair few big breaks in what I hope is a superb final.

It all kicks off at 2pm this afternoon with the first eight frames of the match. So do whatever you have to do before then and settle down to watch two fierce rivals battle it out.

You can view the head to head statistics between these two old rivals by clicking here

Recommended Bet: 5 points on there being over 5.5 centuries at 11/10 with Apollobet. 

You can view the match odds at Apollobet by clicking here.

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May 3, 2014

Semi Final Conclusion: Can Anyone Stop Him?

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World semis


Today is usually one of the most eagerly anticipated days in the snooker calendar, but the early victory of Ronnie O’Sullivan last night over an exhausted Barry Hawkins means that today will be all about just one match, the other semi final, where Mark Selby leads Neil Robertson 9-7 overnight.

Ronald’s total domination of his semi-final match represented a player that is once again getting better as the tournament goes on, something that no other player than him seems to be able to do these days. He remains the only player to have ever completed both his matches before the final a session early, this year completing what he also did ten years ago.

He’s obviously the most talented of them all but who would have predicted a few years ago that we’d also be saying he is the toughest mentally as well? He now gets to chill out for a day before setting foot again into The Crucible, surely, barring an unlikely collapse, to claim his place alongside Steve Davis and Ray Reardon as a six-times champion.

The other two left in the tournament looked to be flagging yesterday to me, the session they played out in the afternoon was pretty scrappy and saw Robbo miss more long balls than he has for the rest of the tournament. All the signs are there that once again they have come into this tournament having played too much snooker this season, will they ever learn to give themselves every chance of not running out of gas at the end?

Hawkins is a living, just about still breathing example of this. After the match last night he said he just wanted to put his cue away for a bit as he’d ‘had enough of it’ at the moment and who can blame him? The season is set to start up again in a little over three weeks time, total madness in my opinion, but at least next season there is some scope for the big boys to pick and choose, well up to a point anyway, as the seeding places when the money list kicks in are just as important for participation in The Masters, the new World Grand Prix and of course to avoid having to qualify from the start for this next year. Ronnie meticulously planned his season this time and it’s worked a treat, others should now follow suit.

So what can we expect today? Well, this morning Selby and Robbo return to play eight further frames whilst those with final session tickets this afternoon get an exhibition to watch. Presumably Barry Hawkins won’t be on the bill having vowed to go out on the ale last night after losing.

Last year they wheeled out Dennis from the commentary box when they had a spare session and he dribbled all over the table to such an extent that they had to change the cloth before the final. Perhaps it’s best not taking that risk again.

Either way, paying punters are not entitled to a refund on their tickets this afternoon. Unlike most events where the chief protagonists don’t turn up, the caveat to purchasing snooker tickets is that the players only participate ‘circumstances permitting’, I assume that if Ronnie again becomes champion, this session next season will become a pretty hard sell.

So, whoever comes through tonight will need to regroup pretty quickly to take on a rejuvenated Rocket over the best of 35 frames on Sunday and Monday. Can either of these two visibly wilting potters take him on? I’ll leave the answer to Hawkins, the latest on the receiving end of Ronnie’s masterful dominance of this great championship:

“They are both great players Neil and Mark and they are both capable of doing the same to him as he does to them but when he gets to the final here he is so sharp, he is so tough, his all-round game, his safety, everything, is different class so they are going to have to play at their absolute best to beat him unless he has a really bad few sessions and I can’t see it really.” 

Is there anyone who can?

Ronnie O’Sullivan beat Barry Hawkins 17-7 

98-4 (63), 6-123 (96), 35-78 (76), 65-57, 80-14 (80), 70-40, 108-5 (108), 59-10, 83-8 (83), 96-1 (53), 129-0 (112), 106-14 (106), 35-67, 47-65, 82-31, 10-106 (106), 82-23 (76), 32-65, 126-7 (55), 8-83 (67), 118-5 (103), 84-0 (84), 83-9, 66-12

10am and 7pm 

Mark Selby leads Neil Robertson 9-7 

65-1 (65), 55-61 (Selby 54), 41-75, 138-0 (133), 88-34, 71-21, 119-1 (72), 0-130 (130), 25-103, 3-119 (113), 73-32 (53), 66-24, 8-91 (72), 88-26, 73-20 (64), 53-61 (Selby 53, Robertson 61)

You can view the outright odds at Apollobet here and you can also view their match betting by clicking here.

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May 2, 2014

The Semi-Finals Continue

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It's a bit cosy in there.

It’s a bit cosy in there.

There are no scheduled concluding sessions at The Crucible today but by the end of the day we should have a better idea of at least one of the finalists as today Ronnie O’Sullivan resumes 6-2 ahead of Barry Hawkins with a morning and evening session to come.

The opening session yesterday saw the unveiling of the new BBC Pundits Area, just a few metres away from the one remaining table and lit up like a Christmas Tree in the corner of the already cramped Crucible. Almost immediately Ronnie was telling Jason, JP and Hendry to shut up after JP’s bellowing scouse tones put an irritated Rocket off a pot black.

Once the first frame was done with, the three naughty boys returned to our screens clearly a bit cheesed off that they can’t have a good old laugh while the potters do their thing and yearning to be back amongst the greenery of the Winter Gardens instead of couped up in this ill-fitting claustrophobic bubble.

It’s a silly idea in my opinion and I’ve always liked the set up over the way in the square which adds a bit of character to the tournament as well as giving Beardy Medal Man a chance to show us all his medal. Quite why they have decided to leave all this behind to sit too close together and whisper is beyond me.

Anyway, on the table the major issue was once again the dreaded kick. Debate raged on social media about what’s causing this ongoing irritation to happen more than ever before and it’s fair to say The Nugget, who remained on his own amongst all the plants, steadfastly refusing to join the rest of the gang, was in his element. As he disagreed with Hendry and showed everyone what Emeritus Professor of Kicks Shaun Murphy had to say on the matter he was beaming away, delighted to be given a primetime slot to discuss this incredibly dull topic.

As bored viewers switched off in their droves, Ronnie took early control of the match, much to the annoyance of Hendry who continues to plea for someone to turn up against him, clearly fearing that his place in the record books is under serious threat. You wonder whether this comeback he’s making might actually turn out to be a more serious thing than he’s letting on, he’s clearly wondering why they all seem so terrified of our Ron and I’m sure secretly would like another crack at him himself.

Later on in the day Mark Selby took the early advantage over a chewing Neil Robertson. Robbo later explained on Twitter that it’s to clear his sinuses and that he’s not going all Alex Ferguson on us, either way, he’s losing some fans because of it who much prefer the polished, more gentlemanly type. Ol’Ma Snookerbacker would give him a right old telling off if she saw him impersonating a camel in public and I’m sure anyone with any manners now wants Selby to win. They resume this afternoon with The Jester leading 5-3 (two centuries so far in the match so the maximum bet flagged yesterday is well on the way), in a match that I’m sure most of us expect to go very near the distance.

A couple of other snippets of news yesterday, Barry Hearn confirmed a new 5 year deal with ITV4 who as well as covering the Champion of Champions again will be covering a new event The World Grand Prix, which will consist of the top 32 players on the money list, starting with this World Championship (to ensure Ronnie is in the 32 no doubt). Also the draw for the two Q-School events were confirmed and these can be found here. There is a record field competing for the 8 remaining tour places for next season, it’s fair to say it’s going to be a very tough event for all concerned when it kicks off in Gloucester next week.

10am and 7pm

Ronnie O’Sullivan 6-2 Barry Hawkins


Mark Selby 5-3 Neil Robertson 

You can view the outright odds at Apollobet here and you can also view their match betting by clicking here.

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May 1, 2014

World Championship Semi-Final Preview

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Loves a bit of fist action.

Loves a bit of fist action.

After a fantastic day at The Crucible yesterday which saw nail-biting wins for Barry Hawkins and Neil Robertson, as well as a rather large slice of snooker history, it’s now down to the one-table situation as the final four left in the World Championship prepare for the business end of things.

Robertson’s century last night and rip-roaring celebration that followed drew a mixed reaction on social media. Whilst I fully understand why he reacted the way he did to what was an amazing achievement, others said he had gone over the top a little afterwards.

Well I say leave him alone. He’s achieved a feat that nobody else has ever come close to at the biggest venue of them all at a time when he was under intense pressure, we always get the moans and groans at this time of the year that there are no characters left in snooker but then people frown when someone shows some emotion. Basically, he can do what he likes and I’m all for players showing their emotions and anyone who disagrees with me can just zip it.

After the match a victorious Robbo said “It was great that it came at one of the most crucial times of the match, I wasn’t even thinking about the century until there were only a few balls left and the frame was finished – then I really went for it. I played a good shot on the last red, and then I couldn’t miss the green. I would rather make the century of centuries here than a 147. I’ve made a couple of 147s and it’s nowhere near the same achievement.”

“Nobody will ever achieve 200 centuries – that would be impossible. For me to be the first player to achieve 100 centuries in a single season is a great honour. It may raise the bar for break-building – the players might try a bit harder when they’re on 70 or 80. Stephen Hendry was the one who always tried to clear up no matter what, and that was the approach that I’ve taken all season.”

His opponent Judd was left licking his wounds after a great match and he’ll wake up this morning wondering where it all went wrong after being in control of the match. He also pointed out the disturbances that happened to both players during the match, singling out in particular the commentators (this time Terry) making people laugh in the arena when players are on the shot. He’s right to make a point of this and it’s far from the first time it’s happened. The commentators aren’t there to put players off and should shut up when they are down on a shot. The biggest mystery to me is why people buy those earpieces in the first place.

Neil went one further and went into the commentary box at the end of the match on the bounce, a terrified Willie Thorne immediately grassing up Terry as he cowered in the corner. You can watch this extraordinary encounter by clicking here.

Some people also chose to have a go at Judd too for not gushingly congratulating Robbo on his big achievement at the time, he said he chose to do it after the match as it ‘didn’t mean anything to him’ and again, that’s up to him. I also got into a spot of bother on Twitter when a few people didn’t quite get that me calling Neil a COCK (Century of Centuries King) was actually a compliment, I can’t think what they thought I meant, in fairness.

Earlier on in the day Dominic Dale came from 11-5 down to lead 12-11 before Barry Hawkins finally woke up and took the final two frames of the match without missing a ball. As Dale had threatened to sing his own walk-on music if he got through (could you imagine Ronnie’s face?), it was surely the realisation that this might happen which inspired Hawkins at the end. A narrow escape and a victory for music over bleeding ears.

Ronnie absolutely hammered a hapless Shaun Murphy, who unfortunately for him couldn’t even force a final session, losing 13-3 like a rabbit caught in the headlights. While Ronnie was busy congratulating Shaun on an excellent season and Frank the handyman for his work fixing the scoreboard, Murphy gushed with praise of his opponent, largely ignoring the fact that he’d gifted him frame after frame.

Completing the semi-final line-up is Mark ‘Obviously’ Selby, who obviously came through his match against McAngles in what obviously was a bit of a one-sided encounter obviously. After the 13-5 win, an obviously delighted Jester said ‘Obviously, Obviously, Obviously, Obviously, Obviously, Obviously, Obviously, Obviously’.


So we’re down to four. My final runner in the outrights is 33/1 shot Hawkins. Can he turn the tables on The Rocket? Click on the match for the head to head stats.

They're all scared of him.

They’re all scared of him.

Ronnie O’Sullivan (1) v Barry Hawkins (5) – Thursday 1pm, Friday 10am & 7pm, Saturday 2.30pm.

You have to go back 14 years to their first ever meeting for the last time Barry beat Ronnie, so that tells you almost immediately that he isn’t all that keen on playing him. Of course their most famous clash came in last year’s final, when Barry made a fight of it but in truth was always playing second fiddle to snooker’s chief violinist. Ronnie seems to frighten players now more than ever before and despite a valiant display from Joe Perry in the 2nd round is hardly ever really pushed at The Crucible these days. Stephen Hendry, as assertive a pundit as he was ruthless a player, made a call to arms yesterday for players to ‘step up’, claiming Ronnie was winning without even trying. I don’t actually think O’Sullivan is playing all that well to be honest, by his standards of course, but he’s just doing what he needs to do to win without really having to work all that hard (final session against Perry a possible exception). So can he be beaten here? Well, he can, but Barry will need the same fighting spirit he showed last year to get near him and more on top. I can’t see this being anything other than an O’Sullivan win to set up what surely will be his toughest final of the last three years. But it’s worth backing Barry to at least make a good account of himself, he doesn’t usually get hammered and is one of the players who has stood up to Ronnie here in the past. I think he’ll get to 11.

Recommended Bet: 3 points on Hawkins (+6.5 frames) at 4/5 with Apollobet.

Prediction: O’Sullivan 17-12.

Mark Selby (3) v Neil Robertson (2) – Thursday 7pm, Friday 2.30pm, Saturday 10am & 7pm.

Potentially yet another match of the tournament awaits between two of the small band of players just behind Ronnie in snooker’s pecking order. Two heavy scorers, one unleashed from the pressure he was putting himself under and presumably now back to his free-scoring best and looking to add even more to his hundred haul. The Jester should come into this the fresher having had the more comfortable quarter final and he’s looked as good as he’s looked for a long time here and is not an easy proposition for anyone when he’s in the mood. He also seems extremely relaxed, more so than usual and can be seen joking with the crowd on a regular basis. Neil is arguably the player of the tournament but how long can he keep pulling out the stops? Perhaps this might all come down to who wants it more, I can’t split them to be honest and neither player winning would surprise me. It could be a gripping match this and I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if it went to a decider. Both will want a crack at (probably) O’Sullivan in the final so this is probably one to just sit back and enjoy. The bet to be on however is the one below, can’t see it not happening here with these two. Gun to head, Selby, obviously.

Recommended Bet: 5 points on there being over 4.5 centuries in the match at 10/11 with Bet 365.

Prediction: Selby 17-15.

You can view the outright odds at Apollobet here and you can also view their match betting by clicking here.

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April 30, 2014

Quarter Final Conclusion

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Griff: Major league fuck up.

Griff: Major league fuck up.

Today sees 8 become 4 and it’s Mark Selby and Barry Hawkins who currently look like the first two names into the semi-finals of this year’s World Championship.

Hawkins has a very healthy lead over Dominic Dale and given the news that Dom had promised to sing his intro if he made the semi-final this comes as a huge relief to any sane person currently inhabiting Planet Earth.

The thought of Coventry’s finest belting out a tune live at the hallowed home of snooker is too much to bear and must have given Barry the injection of momentum that he needed to race to an 11-5 lead overnight. That’ll teach him.

Selby and McAngles produced a coma-inducing session of snooker yesterday morning. Their sloth-like ways around the table led to them being hauled off a frame early, failing to complete the allotted 8 frames in the generous 4 hour time slot. However, last night Selby took 8 of the 9 frames played and is now within one frame of the final four. They conclude this morning.

Shaun Murphy will be waking up looking far out to sea for the boat he missed yesterday. At 2-0 up and with a lacklustre Rocket sulking in his seat, the shy, understated potter seemed to be coasting towards a decent lead, but then, to use a technical term, his conkers dropped and a resurgent Ronnie came back at him recognising all the symptoms associated with Extreme Conker Droppage Disorder (ECDD) to take the next six frames of the session, gradually getting better with every one he won.

The ruggedly handsome Stephen Hendry delivered his assessment of the match to a flustered and possibly smitten Hazel straight after the session finished saying “This match is over, if you don’t win the first session against O’Sullivan you have no chance”, almost immediately and ever-conscious of viewing figures and his lucrative contract, JP interjected with his own assessment that it wasn’t neccessarily over but that Shaun had a very tough task on his hands, the biggest understatement since the assertion that Hitler wasn’t all that keen on Jews.

The other match saw Mr 99, Neil Robertson, continue to try to defy the wishes of The Snooker Gods, failing once again to bag that one hundredth hundred and falling 6-2 behind to a very impressive Judd Trump. Whether the distraction of the record books is putting Robbo off the job in hand remains to be seen but Judd is looking very good now for a semi-final slot, he doesn’t let leads slip very often and when his peacock feathers are on display he’s a very tough player to peg back.

Robbo, like Murphy, has a stiff test on his hands but I suspect we’ve not seen the last of him just yet. Fingers crossed that he can also get that illusive century and achieve a feat which is up there with some of the very best sporting achievements, it might be the last match he has the chance to do so.

It was during the Trump/Robertson clash that Terry Griffiths chose to turn the airwaves blue. Snooker wouldn’t be the same without some comedy mishaps and as slip-ups go, this has to be up there with the best of them, but don’t expect it to be played on the next Question of Sport….

Finally, it is with great sadness that I inform you that another great snooker video poster Zsolt Kiss from Hungary passed away at a very young age yesterday after a car accident. He was always happy to help me out with any weird request I made of him to find me obscure snooker footage on You Tube and will be very much missed by the online snooker community. It was his dedication to the sport that led to this piece of TV gold being available for your entertainment. A tragic loss.


Ronnie O’Sullivan 6-2 Shaun Murphy
Mark Selby 12-4 Alan McManus


Barry Hawkins 11-5 Dominic Dale
Judd Trump 6-2 Neil Robertson


Ronnie O’Sullivan 6-2 Shaun Murphy
Judd Trump 6-2 Neil Robertson

You can view the outright odds at Apollobet here and you can also view their match betting by clicking here.

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April 29, 2014

Quarter Final Preview

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Crucible 1When the qualifiers started out at Ponds Forge we had a field of 128 players and now as we reach the Quarter Finals we are down to just 8. Thankfully, unlike last year, most of the big boys have brought their A game with them and if Ronnie O’Sullivan is to complete a treble, you’d think he’s going to have to work very hard to do so given the form of Murphy, Robertson, Selby and Trump.

The Quarter Finals usually produce some great matches as the players compete for the chance to experience the one table set-up at The Crucible. As you’d expect, there are some mouth-watering clashes, players like Dominic Dale and Alan McManus find themselves here against the odds, while the other places are filled by the expected seeded players.

In terms of the outright betting, three each-way chances are still in there fighting in the shape of Judd Trump (12/1), Barry Hawkins (33/1) and Shaun Murphy (20/1). O’Sullivan remains the bookies favourite at a best price 10/11 with Apollobet, but he will have seen how well a certain Australian is playing and won’t be looking any further than his clash with Murphy.

It’s all to play for, so without further ado here are the match previews, click on the match for the head to head stats.    

Barry Hawkins v Dominic Dale

I’ve been quite impressed with Dominic so far and he comes to this round having lost the just nine frames, the same amount as Neil Robertson, to get here, so he’s yet to be put through the mill. He’s established good leads in both his opening sessions so far so will be looking to do so again against last year’s runner-up Hawkins, who looked very impressive in the first round but not quite as good in round two against Walden. The head to head tells us nothing and you have to go on form to decide which way this one will go. The bookies have Barry as a very heavy favourite but I think they might be guilty of underestimating Dale here and I think he’s not without a chance of turning Barry over. He’s clearly in very good form and I’m sure will enjoy a great deal of support from his adoring fans so I’d say he’ll make a fight of it and if he leads after the first session would have serious chances of winning.

Recommended Bet: 3 points on there being over 21.5 frames in the match at Evens with Bet 365   

Mark Selby v Alan McManus

You’ve heard that old fable about the tortoise and the hare yeah? Well, this is where the tortoise met another tortoise as two players who both possess a granite-like, bomb-proof tactical game lock horns. McAngles is obviously a huge outsider to win here and it would be a big shock if he were to. Selby was highly impressive in his win over Ali Carter and missed very very little, took hardly any risks and played what I would describe as ‘winning snooker’. Angles has turned over two legends of the sport to get here and is flying the trousers for Scotland and (oddly) for Mrs SB who tipped him to win the title because she lost her keys once in an Indian Restaurant. From what I’ve seen, Alan’s only chance here is to match Selby in the tactical department and to subsequently score heavily enough to make that advantage pay. While undoubtedly, he possesses the experience and wily old skills to do the first bit, I just don’t think he’s scoring heavily enough to make his wins in the tactical exchanges reap their deserved rewards. You can wrap your opponent up in knots all you like, but if when you get your chance you can only make 20 or 30, you ain’t going to end up winning that’s for damn sure as mustard. I hope for Mrs SB and fancy trouser wearers all over the world’s sake that I am wrong, but I can see this being a very very comfortable win for The Jester, who I think will cosily coast into the Quarter Finals and send Alan’s troo’s back to Scotland.

Recommended Bet: 4 points on Selby (-5.5 frames) at 11/10 with Apollobet. 1 point on Selby (-7.5 frames) at 3/1 with Hills. 

Ronnie O’Sullivan v Shaun Murphy

Shaun says he’s going into this match to see ‘where his game is at’ and to learn from the master himself, typically playing down any thoughts that he might win. They met here in 2011 in the Last 16 when a pre-Steve Peters Ronnie won 13-10 and Shaun has only ever beaten Ronnie in the now defunct  Premier League, not an event that I think really has any bearing on this particular setting. In fact, given that these are two top players, it’s strange that they haven’t met more in the big events, but it’s clear that Ronnie is very much the boss when they do end up playing each other. The emphatic way in which a pumped up Rocket came back at Joe Perry in the last round showed any doubters that he’s still bang up for this and the bookies are as long as 4/1 on Murphy to turn him over at the next hurdle. While I don’t think he will, I can’t help thinking that the bookies are rather under-estimating Murphy here, he’s playing well, confident, coming into this as a winner and scoring as consistently as anyone else. There is one firm who are adding a crucial extra frame on the handicap betting at more or less the same price as other firms with one less frame going Murphy’s way and that might make all the difference, I think this might be closer than some expect, I don’t expect Murphy to simply surrender and I think he’ll win at least 8 frames in the match.

Recommended Bet: 4 points on Murphy (+5.5 frames) at 4/5 with Stan James.

Judd Trump v Neil Robertson

The best of enemies meet again, Robertson stuck on 99 centuries following two near-misses against Mark Allen after a session of snooker sent directly to us from The Snooker Gods. Allen proclaimed afterwards that if Robbo keeps that up there is nobody that can beat him and you’d have to say he has a point, there were times in that last session when you could easily be forgiven for forgetting who his opponent was, such was the Aussie’s dominance. Judd is steadily improving as the tournament goes on and that is usually what the eventual winner does, but for me he’s still taking on ten too many and if he doesn’t tighten up against Robbo he’ll be heading home having had a good old fashioned spanking courtesy of his old nemesis. The way Judd plays the game, it would be nothing short of a miracle if Robbo doesn’t finally get to the 100 hundreds in this match, you’d think he’ll want to do that in the first session, ideally the first frame to get it over and done with and concentrate on what he is there to do which is to win the match. If he does do it early on, I’d expect there to be more to come and it’s worth a good look at the centuries market in this match between two prolific high scorers. But in terms of a bet, for me there is only one to be on here.

Recommended Bet: 4 points on Robertson at 4/7 with Stan James. 

Recommended Quarter Final Acca: 3 points pays just on 10/3 at Stan James on Hawkins, Selby, Murphy (+5.5) and Robertson.

You can view the outright odds at Apollobet here and you can also view their match betting by clicking here.

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April 28, 2014

World Championship Day 10 – The Second Round Conclusion

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Can he do it?

Can he do it?

There’s no play this morning at The Crucible but plenty to get excited about once things get underway with two and at a stretch possibly three of the remaining matches set for close finishes to decide who makes up the Quarter Final slots.

Unfortunately it’s not been a repeat of his first round performance for Michael Wasley and he comes out for surely the last time this year to face old zebra-feet Dale in their final session in what can only be described as a task of Everest-like proportions. He’ll need to win the session 9-0 and possibly tie those little tassles on Dale’s shoes together to progress again.

Our Dom was the subject of ridicule for Dennis ‘Gok Wan’ Taylor yesterday the minute he stepped out into the arena. Dennis, who used to get all his clothes from one of those Asian markets that sell knock-off gear in places like his home town of Blackburn by the look of it, compared poor old Dom’s shoes in an unfavourable light to Judd’s spiky monstrosities.

I feel that Dennis is being a little unfair on the Coventry-born Welshman there as his shoes are no less ridiculous and devoid of any fashion sense than Judd’s, at least he had the sense not to pay a laughably huge sum of money for his, apparently they cost £160, but rumour has it that when he walked into Tommy Balls, the manager was seen adding a zero with a marker pen, the same one he used to colour in the black bits before presenting them to a delighted Dale.

Judd himself resumes tonight and thankfully has upped his game a little from his hopeless performance in the first round. He leads Ryan Day 10-6 though it has to be said that the scoreline slightly flatters our Juddly. Day has missed four frame balls when seemingly coasting and has allowed Judd to nick each frame to establish a four frame lead. I still think Judd will need to improve further, he’s yet to make a century and with his next match looking likely to be against Robbo, he’s got to really start motoring.

Robbo himself is now on the cusp of making snooker history. Since a rather inebriated Stephen Hendry lambasted him at the bar telling him his break-building was like a club player he’s been knocking in centuries for fun. He’s now on 99 for the season and one away from an absolutely monumental achievement. Hendry in the meantime is being given a lot of credit for something that was just meant as a drunken pisstake, but he’s pretending it wasn’t and taking almost all the credit for Neil’s new found nouse.

He resumes against Mark Allen 9-7 up. He can’t quite shake off the Northern Ireland man, but managed to stretch his lead to 9-7 last night in what could be a crucial final frame. Robertson does look very assured and the two should have the arena to themselves this afternoon in what could still be a real grandstand finish. Allen clearly prefers being the underdog at The Crucible and will be thinking back to his win over O’Sullivan here a few years ago for inspiration. If he can come back and win, will this mean Robbo can’t achieve his milestone?

Rob got into a bit of a Supermuddle.

Rob got into a bit of a Supermuddle.

The other match to conclude this evening will be Shaun Murphy and Marco Fu and this one looks to me like the one that could go all the way. Smurf pulled away from 4-4 to 8-4 last night but Marco produced a mini-fightback to finish 7-9 going into the final session.

Shaun’s Superman walk on theme seems to be causing some confusion backstage and Rob Walker got himself into a right muddle yesterday morning claiming that Shaun’s ‘cue was his Kryptonite’.

Now I don’t claim to be a Superman anorak or dress up like him for fun like some weird people do, but even I know that this fictitious material is the one thing that can knock the caped one a little bit off his stride. This careless error from our excitable MC was soon rectified in the evening though when he said something about a cape, clearly having ordered in a stash of Marvel comics for research following his morning howler.

GEEK ALERT: Several of you who probably think Shaun looks cool in the picture have now pointed out that Superman is DC Comics not Marvel Comics. You’ll probably next say that Shaun’s boots are 6cm too high or something. I apologise for this unforgiveable error on my part. Now get back to reading your train timetables.

Off the table, it’s very much business as usual. All is well with the world and Beardy Medal Man is still there proudly sporting his polished accolade for all to see. He’s even been seen on the baize by the eagle-eyed and has an impressive stance.

Rumour has it that Bazza has seen his potential and is ready to award him a wildcard along with Steve, Stephen and all the other hasbeens. But our Beardy is said to be too proud a man to accept and unlike the others is showing some humility in telling Baz where to shove it. Good on him I say.

So, it’s a day of concluding sessions after yesterday’s day of no conclusions. Let’s hope we get some real Crucible drama ahead of the Quarter Finals, the bottom half is now shaping up into a real mouth-waterer with Selby already there and up against McAngles and the winners of Trump/Day and Robbo/Allen set to do battle.

Up in the top section we know that Ronnie will face Murphy or Fu, while Barry Hawkins will surely be lining up against Dale.

If you missed me talking about my behind-the-scenes experiences in Sheffield you can catch it here.


Dominic Dale 12-4 Michael Wasley
Mark Allen 7-9 Neil Robertson


Shaun Murphy 9-7 Marco Fu
Judd Trump 10-6 Ryan Day

You can view the outright odds at Apollobet here and you can also view their match betting by clicking here.

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Photos used courtesy of Monique Limbos. Click here to view her photos on Facebook.

April 27, 2014

My Three Days at The Crucible (with Crap Photos)

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My annual pilgrimage. Hang on who's that walking the other way?

My annual pilgrimage. Hang on who’s that walking the other way?

An unwritten law of being a snooker blogger is that around this time of year you are expected to plan a journey to the home of snooker to experience the best championship in the world at first hand, such has been the case for me these past three years.

The timing of the blog is handy in this respect because I have got to witness the transition of sponsors, from for me at least, the much-missed Betfred to the not-missed Betfair to the current incumbents Dafabet, who I and most people who read this blog don’t have an account with. While the sponsors don’t really matter too much to the snooker fan, whose main concern is probably the colour of the carpet, behind the scenes you do get more of a sense of how committed they are to the tournament.

Betfred remain the best sponsor of this great event we’ve had since the days that you could smoke yourself to death with free tabs and not a care for those around you courtesy of Embassy. The decision to move away from them despite them tabling a fair offer to extend remains for me one of Bazza’s most glaring misjudgments.

Anyway, I arrived there on Wednesday, very early for this year’s pilgrimage and almost immediately the weirdness and surrealism of the whole Crucible bubble started.

As I am getting more forgetful with each passing year, I thought that I’d better open up a word document to remind myself of all the things that were worth mentioning on here when I got home. They were in the form of a reminder list, which I have copied and pasted onto this post in the hope of remembering why I wrote them down and elaborating on them, here goes nothing….


Cuddle from Michaela – Having woken up at 5.30am to get the early train and having then had to run like Usain Bolt to reach another platform at Manchester Piccadilly to get my connection whilst swearing under my breath at people to ‘get out of my fucking way’ and generally being grumpy about the length of time given on my ticket to actually do the journey as the rail company thought you’d be able to without nearly having a heart attack, I received my annual, much appreciated cuddle from the lovely Michaela on my way to the media room, she must have sensed I needed one. What a diamond, but was this to be the highpoint of my whole 3 days? Was it downhill from here?

Usual suspects minus a few faces in media. Seemed quieter than normal. No representation from Dafabet. Ran out of crisps and water – That was my first impression of the bear pit of the media room, the same set up as ever, hearing Rob Walker before seeing him, familiar faces with the addition of some and subtraction of others and a seemingly dwindling presence. Moans and groans about crisps from Matt of Pro Snooker Blog and a continuation of the Sheffield water shortage. Orders were placed and stocks replenished. As for Dafabet, they weren’t in there in any way, shape or form, even Betfair sent one person, but again the much missed presence of Mark Pearson of Betfred was the ‘elephant in the room’.

A crap photo of Bazza explaining stuff to Mark Allen post-corkpops.

A crap photo of Bazza explaining stuff to Mark Allen post-corkpops.

Barry’s changes and champagne – untimely cork popping before anything was announced – nothing really to celebrate – Wednesday saw Barry’s ‘big’ press conference. You always know when he’s about to arrive as the fizz comes out, a bit like The Queen and the smell of paint. This was as packed as the media room got, with Mark Allen, who had just come from the practice table also coming along to find out what he was going to say. It’s fair to say it was pretty underwhelming, the main thing being the changes to the qualifying structure next year, I’ve heard there is something else that he hasn’t told us yet that will grab the headlines a lot more than any of this did. The funniest bit was the untimely cork pops, as Barry started off saying ‘In this sport, there is no way we should be paying any player who can’t win a match’ POP!! – off went the cork. A real champagne moment.

Gould annoyed at question and ‘Marvellous’ – Sometimes the press conferences with players are pretty mundane affairs but sometimes they throw up some gems. Martin Gould had just lost to Marco Fu having played very well. He was then immediately told by a journo that next year he might have to qualify from the start, to which he replied ‘Marvellous’, but it was a question that followed that upset him more, a journalist suggesting that he’d not brought his best game to the Crucible and that’s why he lost, he kept his cool but you could see he was steaming. Outside, he lamented ‘did he not even watch the match at all??’ – I hate to break it to you Martin but…..

Fred West risen from the grave – Ermm, yes I think I’d better leave this one.

Roland on about Selby again. Pissed man from Grimsby. Streak. Dean Reynolds and Mike Hallett. Mike’s phone is off he must be commentating (he wasn’t) – Fellow blogger and founder of Snooker Island Roland Cox is always there or thereabouts at the big event and I met up with him straight from commiserating Gouldy for a pint. As he (as always) started banging on about Mark Selby we were immediately singled out by an absolutely pissed bloke who claimed his mate had offered him £1000 to do a Crucible streak that evening ‘on my kids lives’, he dribbled. Try as we might to get rid of this drooling mess of a man he stuck to us like a limpet. He asked our advice on this important matter and claimed his mate was loaded and he’d definitely pay him ‘on his kids lives’ again. So I replied that he should ask him for five grand instead, which was a mistake as he took this as a sign that we were in the slightest bit interested. Anyway as he downed and spilt most of his 20th pint of the day he proceeded to tell us of his famous friends from Grimsby, Dean Reynolds – ‘a pisshead, just been with him’ and Mike Hallett – ‘great mate of mine’, though mysteriously when he allegedly rang them both their phones failed to answer his call. Funny that. We eventually managed to get rid of this spanner as he went off to annoy someone else.

Holt interview – ‘a bit presumptious’ – Michael Holt is always a guaranteed soundbite for the journos win or lose and when he was told that he ‘would’ have to qualify next year from the first round he quickly seized the opportunity to remind the hapless hack that he might be in the top 16 and that he was being ‘a bit presumptious’. He saved the swearing for less formal settings however and on leaving the media centre shouted at the top of his voice ‘Oh my god I’m so shit!’.

Bloggers convention – Dave from Snooker HQ over from Korea. Early night (midnight), wise decision not to eat in the dump around the corner – A long day ended with Matt, Roland and Dave from Snooker HQ having a pint in The Grad, which to the uninitiated is where you are most likely to see snooker players and officials absolutely wellied most nights, before setting off into the night. I was starving but decided against eating at a takeaway around the corner from my hovel of a hotel that I’d unwittingly thought might be OK. I never trust a takeaway that sells kebabs, pizzas, curries, burgers and almost everything else.

Thursday – Up early – took a picture of the empty media room – Thief! Feeling refreshed I took an early stroll over to the media centre, there was no play on Thursday morning so I had it to myself and tweeted a picture. Gary Wilkinson, obviously not one for trusting people from Liverpool almost immediately entering the room to check I wasn’t unscrewing the brackets on the tellys.

Breakfast and hotel negotiations – By this point I’d made two decisions, one was to stay an extra night on Friday and the second was to switch hotel. So I made my way over to the Mercure right opposite the Crucible to start negotiations on room rates, I succeeded in whittling them down as well as securing Saturday breakfast chucked in. I decided to celebrate with some breakfast in a cafe just around the corner from the Crucible, where I sat outside in the sun and listened to a bloke being interviewed about theatres.

Everyone asking about Mrs SB – A constant theme. Anyone who I bumped in to asked about my better half, underwhelmed by meeting me again obviously.

Ragged off - Big Jan deffo threw this at me, I wasn't imagining it.

Ragged off – Big Jan deffo threw this at me, I wasn’t imagining it.

The Jones’s – a needless green bucket, unaware that Ali started at 1pm and getting picked on by refs – Thursday was Ladies Day in The Crucible and Cue Zone. I met up again with Hannah Jones and family, always a pleasure. Hannah was there to do an interview with the TV and to showcase Ladies snooker along with Reanne and a few others. Myself and Hannah’s mum discussed the presence of a green bucket in the Cue Zone catching drips and decided that it wasn’t necessary. I then left and wandered around, ate a pasty, sat by the fountain and missed the start of Ali Carter’s match, I thought it started an hour later so took my place in the media seats having rushed there and missed the first frame. On entering the arena, Leo Scullion immediately told me off for coming through the Crucible curtain and a hand tapped me on the shoulder asking to see my pass, I turned around to see a smiling Paul Collier, winding me up. I swear Big Jan aimed his wet rag at me too at one point, narrowly missing me.

Ali first session – delighted to get out 5-3 down – best I’ve seen Selby play all season – This was what the trip was all about and while firmly in the Carter camp I couldn’t fail to be impressed with Mark Selby. I don’t think he actually missed anything in the five frames he won and very little in the ones he lost. He was highly impressive and Ali knew it, seeing him afterwards he was clearly delighted to only be two down, having won the last two frames of the session. 

Met The MO’D. Blagged Hannah into the media seats to watch Ronnie. Accosted by the Nugget – After a quick drink with Martin O’Donnell and a catch up it was time to get back to the Crucible as I’d asked for tickets for Ronnie’s match for Hannah and her boyfriend. I managed to sneak her into the media seats to watch the end of the session but as I was doing so, the mickey taking Nugget spotted us and immediately threatened to have me thrown out of the building, aghast at the fact that I was allowed anywhere near there, let alone behind the scenes. I saw him later too and he asked if I’d been ejected after his complaint to World Snooker. They were all picking on me, I was going to bed. G’Night JV.

When I was asleep – Grove tweets – I woke up and had a quick look on Twitter to find that the humble, charitable and philanthropic management company that is Grove Snooker had been at it again. This time, Grove was accusing another snooker website of freeloading onto Neil Robertson to endorse their website for free as well as grant them an exclusive interview – FOR FREE AGAIN!! NO MONEY INVOLVED!! THE CHEEK OF IT!! #liberty. This misguided tweet aimed squarely at those who Grove decided were intent on ripping them off was swiftly removed. Some people need to take a step back from their Ferrari’s and Burger King franchises and think about how these actions come across to the general snooker public, whilst this had nothing to do with Robbo, who I have always found to be a very nice geezer, to some, he may be guilty by association of being greedy, demanding and self-centred. There is more to life than money. Get a grip.   


Breakfast – Michaela, drizzle, turned down and dumped – I got up early again and as this time I knew play started at 10am assumed that the breakfast cafe around the corner would be open for 8.30am. Unfortunately it is owned by English people so it wasn’t, a very English disease of not opening a breakfast cafe in a hugely demanding fortnight until 9am. Lamenting on my hunger on Twitter, Michaela quickly offered to meet me at her hotel to share the most important meal of the day. To my everlasting shame I took a look out of the window of the media room and saw it was drizzling with rain so didn’t take her up on the offer. I mean, drizzle? Fucking drizzle? Turn down breakfast with Michaela Tabb because of a bit of fucking drizzle? What a shambles of a man I am. I was quite rightly lambasted on Twitter for this stupid decision as well as told by Tabby that my chance had gone. She even used the word ‘dumped’. I am a broken blogger.

Autograph – This was a weird moment. Having watched Ali’s second session with Selby I left the Crucible via the Stage Door. At which point a rather dishevelled looking man approached me. As I rehearsed my two possible next lines (‘sorry mate I haven’t got any change’ or ‘don’t hit the face’) he quickly thrust a pen and a programme at me saying he’d seen me in the arena and would I mind signing it for him. I instinctively took the pen and signed my name (my signature is unreadable anyway), knowing full well that he had no idea who I was. Since returning home Mrs SB has completely taken the piss out of me for this, saying that I should have told him that I wasn’t famous. What would you do? Come on, be honest.    

I had a bit of a fluffy afternoon.

I had a bit of a fluffy afternoon.

Pizza without Michaela. My girly afternoon – Having ended up having tear-filled coffee for breakfast I decided to treat myself to a pizza in Piccolinos, which again is a popular haunt for hungry potters, officials and fans. I embarrassingly asked for ‘a table for one’, the restaurant equivalent of walking into a supermarket and buying a pot noodle and a bottle of scotch, to which they decided to put me slap bang in the middle of the place for everyone to laugh at. Billy-no-mates-or-dates. As I ordered my food who should walk through the door but my ex Michaela, looking as gorgeous as ever and seemingly completely ‘over me’ having given me the boot from our imaginary relationship just hours earlier. She spotted me and breezed over, smiling that smile that only an ex that has moved on to bigger and better things while you gradually slip into self-indulgence can smile. She chatted away to me as if nothing had happened earlier, leaving only to say that I’d had my chance and blown it and don’t even think about asking her to join me. As by now I’d checked into the Mercure I decided that the only course of action was to spoil myself, so having gone to buy Mrs SB some pampering items for her birthday on my return home, I threw an extra bathbomb for myself in there and had a girly afternoon watching snooker in my far more luxurious surroundings having had a bath and cleansed, toned and moisturised. A truly female afternoon to prepare for Ali’s final session in the evening, because I’m worth it sister.          

Ali’s final session and talk of ballet – It wasn’t to be for The Captain this year and Mark ran out a deserving winner. As I sat there following my self-pamper session dreaming of kittens and pretty dresses, Ali was being put through the mill by The Jester, who I must say was extremely chirpy even when the pressure was on and constantly smiling up at friends in the audience, he seems to finally be living up to The Jester tag on the table as well as off it, not many people have a bad word to say about him and he seems a very nice chap. I sat next to a guest of Matchroom who worked in professional golf, a Brummie whose name I didn’t catch but who spoke eloquently of his fascination at being there for the very first time. He spoke of the ‘ballet’ going on between players, referee and cameramen, a reference to how close together everything is in this great arena and the ease with which each performer glides about their business. I saw exactly what he meant and vaguely remembered thinking the same when I first went to the Crucible to watch, I stopped short of asking him his favourite fragrance of bath bomb though as I didn’t want him to get the wrong idea.

Snooker who’s who at the casino – My trip was rounded off with my first ever visit to a casino with Team Carter. Ali was by now in good spirits and over his defeat, he knew how well Selby had played and had tried his best so had nothing to beat himself up about. As a casino newbie I found it very odd having my face scanned as I walked in, all very James Bond, I didn’t have a try on the tables as I’d only have lost. There were loads of snooker faces in there, all trying their luck. It’s not really my thing to be honest and for me is just a posher version of a betting shop. I spent most of my time talking to Team Carter member Horsey’s girlfriend about fluffy things while Ali played pontoon with a different name. All well above my head.

It was then time to turn in and I left them to it in this place where time passes without anyone really noticing. I’d really enjoyed my time in Sheffield but it was time to go home, I can’t do the long stint like the hardened journos and prefer to mix it up with general observations at home about Dennis and co and Beardy Medal Man. Next morning I missed Ronnie telling the press conference to the tune of £250 that he was a ‘fucking miserable bastard’ when he wasn’t playing well, something he rectified as only he can with his breathtaking final session win over Joe Perry, was he just teasing us all along?

Anyway, daily updates will now return as normal. Here’s Sunday….


Shaun Murphy v Marco Fu
Mark Allen v Neil Robertson


Dominic Dale 7-1 Michael Wasley
Judd Trump 6-2 Ryan Day


Shaun Murphy v Marco Fu
Mark Allen v Neil Robertson

You can view the outright odds at Apollobet here and you can also view their match betting by clicking here.

You can read my full second round match preview here.  

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April 25, 2014

World Championship Day 8

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I’ll be making my way back from The Crucible on Saturday and then we’ll see the resumption of general daily piss-taking posts at the expense of the BBC for the remainder of the championship.

I’ll also be filling you all in on my Crucible experience this year when I’m back in the land of the living.

Abnormal service will be resumed shortly but for now here is the schedule for Saturday, can Ronnie survive?   


Ronnie O’Sullivan 7-9 Joe Perry
Alan McManus 3-4 Ken Doherty


Barry Hawkins v Ricky Walden
Judd Trump v Ryan Day


Dominic Dale v Michael Wasley
Alan McManus v Ken Doherty 

You can view the outright odds at Apollobet here and you can also view their match betting by clicking here.

You can read my full second round match preview here.  

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April 23, 2014

World Championship Round 2 Match Preview

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Ronnie continues his defence on Thursday.

Ronnie continues his defence on Thursday.

Round 2 gets underway on Thursday as Ronnie O’Sullivan continues his defence of the title against Joe Perry.

The upsets in Round 1 have meant that the betting side of things from a match point of view have taken a bit of a bruising, although there is still plenty of outright interest and one Quarter bet that I still think could land at 9/1.

Now as we move into the best of 25’s, we have more of an idea of what we are dealing with in terms of how the players, in particular the seeded ones, are playing, so hopefully this will make the punting side of things a little easier.

I’ll list the matches in order of the draw and recommend a bet on each of them, the post will be updated as and when we know the match ups.

Click on the match to view the head to head stats courtesy of Cue Tracker.  

Ronnie O’Sullivan v Joe Perry (Starts Thursday 7pm)

Ronnie’s first match had a feeling of déjà vu to it to me. The way in which he dispensed with Robin Hull was reminiscent of his clinical but largely unspectacular first round wins of the last two years against Peter Ebdon and Marcus Campbell, that’s even before you look at the identical scoreline. So therefore all the signs are there again that he’s getting geared up for another serious tilt at the title and given his dominance in the head to heads over Perry it would only be the very brave or foolish who would predict anything other than a comfortable win for The Rocket. The two met at this stage 15 years ago, but so much water has passed under the bridge since then you’d need a frogman outfit to think that’s relevant, Ronnie won 13-9 on that occasion for the record. I can’t see Ronnie losing and he will probably win one or both of the first two sessions 6-2, for me that means he’ll just squeak under in the handicap that most firms have pitched this at.

Recommended Bet: 3 points on O’Sullivan (-5.5 frames) at 10/11 with Apollobet.  

Shaun Murphy v Marco Fu (Starts Sunday 10am)

An extremely hard call this one but on first round form the man that undoubtedly stood out from the crowd was Marco Fu, his performance in beating Martin Gould being extremely impressive and assured. Murphy took all his 19 frames to finish off Jamie Cope who said afterwards he was very disappointed with his second session performance and had he not put in a duff session he reckoned he would have won. It’s true that Murphy is far from invincible at The Crucible but having come through the jitters of Round 1 you’d expect him to start playing himself into the tournament from now on. Of all the match ups in this round this is the one I find hardest to call. Fu continues to be labelled a dark horse for some reason yet he is a top 8 player and has been now for a while, Murphy’s form coming into the championship was enough to convince me that this year he has a realistic title chance. I’m going to unashamedly sit on the fence for this one and just assume they will both get to 10, this one could get very close and extremely edgy towards the end.

Recommended Bet: 3 points on Over 22.5 frames in the match at 11/10 with Skybet.   

Barry Hawkins v Ricky Walden (Starts Friday 10am)

The two semi-finalists from last season meet again, this time two rounds earlier. Walden has actually had his revenge on Barry since by beating him in a decider at The Masters, coming from 5-2 down to pip him 6-5. On the face of it these two are very evenly matched and their head to head stats back this up. For years the two of them have been either just in or just on the cusp of the top 16 but it’s fair to say that in the last two seasons it’s Hawkins that has kicked on. Barry is quickly becoming a Crucible specialist and comes into this fresh having missed China after winning the PTC Grand Finals, he’s definitely one of the men in form and I think will be eyeing up another possible crack at Ronnie in the semi-finals now that Ding is out of the running. He played very well in Round 1 against Dave Gilbert and I think he has the look of a man with bigger things on his mind here.

Recommended Bet: 2 points on Hawkins to win (-2.5 frames) at 11/10 with Paddy Power.   

Dominic Dale v Michael Wasley (Starts Saturday 7pm)

Two players who have seen plenty of each other over the last few years in Gloucester now form an unlikely duo to reach the Quarter Finals of the World Championship. Wasley’s first round win will go down in Crucible folklore as one of the major shocks ever to happen here, the manner in which he beat Ding was even more impressive, he won, Ding didn’t lose. What you are betting on here is a few things, can Wasley retain the momentum he showed against Ding? Has going back to his base in Gloucester been the right thing to do to get away from his new found fame? Can Dale continue his strong recent form and do what Ding couldn’t? Well you know what? I haven’t a clue. I have looked through all the markets and can’t find a bet that I’d consider value. If it’s very one-sided I’d fancy Dale, if it goes close I’d fancy Wazza. No bet, there are too many uncertainties.

Mark Selby v Ali Carter (Starts Thursday 1pm)

Both narrow winners in round one Mark Selby and Ali Carter reprise a Quarter Final match up from 2007 which saw Selby win in a decider. First round performances suggest that this could be another Crucible classic and you’d expect it to go close. Selby looked OK in spurts in his win over Michael White but somehow managed to only fall over the line from a fairly comfortable position. Ali huffed and puffed his way through against Xiao but accelerated when challenged so both should be prepared for a decent battle here. Selby’s form has been very suspect this season, he’s not looked the force he has done in previous years but as ever his strong suit remains his ability to win when he looks like losing. Ali’s had his own issues this season and that’s understandably affected his form but for me he remains a very tough prospect at The Crucible and a better player here than he is anywhere else. I’ll stop short of tipping Ali to win though if you put a gun to my head I’d say he will, the handicap is a safer proposition in my opinion.

Recommended Bet: 3 points on Carter (+2.5 frames) at 10/11 with Totesport. 

Alan McManus v Ken Doherty (Starts Friday 2.30pm)

Rumours that this match is being sponsored by Saga Holidays are greatly exaggerated as these old foes do battle at The Crucible for the third time. They last met in 2005 when Angles prevailed 13-11, a full 11 years almost to the day that Ken had beaten him here by the same score. That means that we are now seeing the two do battle for the third decade on the trot in the same round, all very oddly coincidental. So we’ve established that it will probably be 13-11 but who’s going to win? Well on first round performances I’d have to plump for McManus, simply on the basis that he was pushed harder to win. Ken did what he had to do but was hugely helped by the second session surrender of Stuart Bingham, who said afterwards that he thought Ken would have to raise his game markedly to get any further. Whatever happens, it’s a great achievement by them both to get this far at this stage in their careers, it might not be high on quality, but something tells me it will make up for this in tension.

Recommended Bet: 3 points on the winning margin to be Under 3.5 frames at 11/10 with Paddy Power.   

Judd Trump v Ryan Day (Starts Saturday 2.30pm)

Judd’s first round performance left a lot to be desired, he was slow, he was poor in all areas and he missed and misjudged ball after ball. He wasn’t punished but one thing you can be sure of, if he plays like that again he won’t be going any further against a player with a very good win under his belt already and a lot of Crucible experience. Judd proclaimed himself not too bothered about how he played and more interested in the result but surely he must be a little bit concerned. Day goes into this as an underdog with the bookies but I get the sense that I am not the only one who fancies him to win here. On first round performances and it could even be argued on recent form, I’d make Day favourite. It remains to be seen whether Judd can get himself back up to scratch and raise his game for the biggest venue of them all or whether the bookies have made a huge mistake here.

Recommended Bets: 2 points on Day at 12/5 with Apollobet. 3 points on Day (+3.5 frames) at 4/5 with Totesport.  

Mark Allen v Neil Robertson (Starts Sunday 10am)

Two of the big names in snooker meet in the last 16 and for many this has been the game to look forward to since the draw came out. I was surprised (I shouldn’t be really) at how well Robertson played in his first match, the remarkable century record aside, he looked every inch a player on a mission. He came into the press area afterwards with strong words, saying he’d never prepared better for a World Championship and that he doesn’t fear anyone. Allen played well enough but was helped a little by the second session performance by Michael Holt. I’m going to go against the grain here as I think Robertson will win this fairly comfortably, I feel he’s better in every department of the game than Allen but most importantly on the safety and tactical side which will be the key to getting opportunities in this match. Robbo also needs just 3 more tons to reach the 100 century total for the season, this may the match tailor-made for him to do it in.

Recommended Bet: 2 points on Robertson to win (-4.5 frames) at 2/1 with William Hills.   


You can view the outright odds at Apollobet here and you can also view their match betting by clicking here.   

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