June 1, 2018 to Sponsor Sean Maddocks

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Sean with the Merseyside Open Trophy.

After all the hullaballo of a marathon Q-School I am delighted to announce that Challenge Tour qualifier Sean Maddocks from Liverpool who last year made a competitive 147 at the tender age of 15 to write himself into the snooker record books, will benefit from a sponsorship package put together by myself and a couple of investors.

Sean entered Q-School this year for the experience and was kindly sponsored through that by my mate Kev Ellis at Matchday Media. He came through it successfully to qualify to play the series of new events which start in Burton on Saturday June 2nd, resulting in our sponsorship deal kicking in.

There are further events planned in Riga (Latvia), Furth (Germany), Lommel (Belgium), Preston (bit cheaper, bus fare covered – off peak), Barnsley (ditto) as well as others to be confirmed (hopefully in the UK, otherwise we’re paying for swimming lessons for Sean) and it’s nice that we can go some way to covering the fees and expenses that this will incur for a player who is showing great promise and will surely benefit from playing these and other events next season.

I first met Sean and his dad Steve when he was just 12 (Sean that is, not his dad) and he received one of my Snookerbacker Scholarships which got him free entry into a couple of Snookerbacker Classic events, his coach at the time Neil Johnson has been a friend of mine for many years and alerted me quickly to the promise Sean was showing even then. Neil has remained by his side as he’s grown, both in age and more recently in height, with all the challenges that brings to technique, he’s been keeping me updated on Sean’s progress ever since.

Myself and the others involved are delighted to be helping a young player and giving him the chance to just play snooker and off-load any financial worries and constraints and concentrate on what he is good at. We are all hoping that this is the start of a longer term relationship as Sean’s career progresses over the next few years.

For his part, Sean’s coach Neil said ‘I am absolutely delighted that is sponsoring my student Sean at such an exciting point in his career. Having known SB for over 30 years now I have so much confidence in what can be achieved together, we can’t wait to get started’.

I’d just like to formally wish Sean the very best of luck for the coming season, hopefully this will help him reach the next level with Neil’s help and guidance and let’s see how it all goes from there, just you go off and do what you’re good at and we’ll look after the rest.

If anyone would like to enquire about a further logo deal for Sean, whose progress will be featured regularly on this website, please contact [email protected]

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