April 17, 2018

It’s Judgement Time

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Just 10 frames away.

After the excitement of the first two rounds it’s now time to sort the men from the boys, the wheat from the chaff, the wannabees from the gonnabies and find out which 16 players will be lining up to face the seeds at The Crucible in the draw at 10am on Thursday.

It’s a cracking couple of days this and will hopefully make up for the terrible live streaming decisions that have been made this week, broadcasting processions on the whole rather than matches.

Tuesday sees all 16 matches play their first nine frames and Wednesday sees all those matches culminating on Judgement Day. The action comes at you like a train and to help guide us through we have Neal Foulds and Rob Walker on hand flicking from table to table following the big stories and interviewing the 16 successful players afterwards.

You would never have thought that two blokes sitting there talking about snooker could be so interesting, addictive and entertaining, but trust me, it is.

You can watch this bit of the coverage live on the World Snooker Facebook page or their You Tube page.

So without further ado, let’s have a look at the line up  and if you click on the match it will take you to the existing head to head record between the two protagonists.

Let judgement commence.

Ryan Day v Peter Ebdon

The key to this match will be the opening few frames. Day needs to put early daylight between himself and Ebbo and not allow the vegan power to surface, if he fails, we may need a lorryload of organic carrots delivering to a Crucible dressing room pronto.


Daniel Wells v Liam Highfield

Who will be the Crucible debutant? They’ve played three times and Liam has won them all, he looked good against Tom Ford who afterwards told me he didn’t want to bump into me, the feeling is mutual. Dan’s improved all season, they both have, could get twitchy this one I reckon.

JUDGEMENT: Highfield 10-9

Adam Duffy v Xiao Guodong

Adam Duffy? What’s he still doing here? Sheffield’s finest offering since Jarvis Cocker has a point to prove against those Chinese players who keep coming over here, stealing out Star Tables in Vic’s Academy, Adam’s here for the Common People.

JUDGEMENT: Xiao 10-7

Zhang Anda v Stuart Carrington

Two with a Crucible past. Mighty Mouse Anda was there donkeys years ago against Hendry in one of the weirdest matches I have seen at the great place and he’s been back twice since, Carra has qualified twice in the last three years, Anda is scoring heavier and has had the easier path so for me it’s Return of the Mouse.

JUDGEMENT: Zhang 10-6 

Graeme Dott v Mike Dunn

Paramedics are on call at The Crucible if Sicknote Mikey can prevail. Dotty the terrier will be hoping to bite Dunny where it hurts and stop that possible dream match up with MJW in Round 1 happening, the big party pooper.

JUDGEMENT: Dott 10-7

Michael Holt v Robert Milkins

The Hitman and The Milkman are teammates in Team Baize Boys in our big prediction contest but my prediction here is plenty of emotion and no love lost on the table. These two wear their hearts on their sleeves, it’s been totes emosh and they haven’t even started yet.

JUDGEMENT: Holt 10-7

Rory McLeod v Lyu Haotian

These two have never played each other before, so it’s young Lyu’s first trip to the dentist. Rory crawling through at his usual casual pace and Lyu doing a Lazarus on MO’D in the last round. Could be a slow one this and when it’s slow, Rory usually wins. Dr McLeod will see you now….

JUDGEMENT: Rory 10-8  

Matthew Stevens v Ken Doherty

First met 22 years ago and head to heads are 9-9 with just one frame between them, how is that for evenly matched? We all want them both there but only one can do it……will it be waistcoat or regulation BBC V-Neck for The Darling of Dublin?

JUDGEMENT: Stevens 10-8 

Liang Wenbo v Jamie Jones

Liang doesn’t belong here, he has the look of a lost puppy, abandoned by the litter and wondering how he’s landed in the rescue centre, he’s hitting maximums for fun and even missing the last black, because he can. JJ has Crucible previous but can he stop the speedy break building firecracker from catapulting himself to the Last 32? Nah.

JUDGEMENT: Liang 10-5

Angles and Jack go head to head.

Jack Lisowski v Alan McManus

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s Super Jack. A real tortoise and the hare job this one and we all know who won there, but Jacko looks to have Crucible tattooed on his forehead this week, but it’s probably spelt Crbl because this boy doesn’t sit still for long. Angles has his work cut out here, the wily old weasal will need all his angular dexterity to come through this one.

JUDGEMENT: Lisowski 10-6  

Andrew Higginson v Ricky Walden

Good mates but that counts for nothing. Ricky’s bad back is holding up and he’s wanting to make up for a bad season. Can the man without a satisfactory nickname do it? Still reckon he should go with ‘The Cat’, I ain’t seen no man prowl around the table like our Rickster.

JUDGEMENT: Walden 10-8

Dark Mavis v Joe Perry

Another old pals act here. Mavis has become allergic to losing frames, Joe broke the hearts of Jimmy fans by sending The Wind packing. Can The Gentleman be the man to give Mave a taste of his own medicine? If Mave wins and loses 5 frames or less the anoraks will have the record books out and be taking the Mavis Express to The Crucible.

JUDGEMENT: Perry 10-9  

Tian Pengfei v Chris Wakelin

No Crucible debutant this year you say? Not on your nellie – two at least. These two boys are looking to tread the hallowed turf for the very first time. Can my lucky charm Wakey show Pengy the Exit Door? I really wanna say yes Chris, but…..

JUDGEMENT: Pengfei 10-8  

Alfie Burden v Thepchaiya Un-Nooh

Roll out the barrel, jelly up the eels, put on yer hobnail boots and let’s all get raand the ole joanna for a knees up. The AB of London Town is staying on tour and what a way to finish his season in style a Crucible Fairytale would be. But Theppy is finding his potting boots, it’s a real shootout this one, leave it before someone gets hurt.

JUDGEMENT: Un-Nooh 10-6

Jimmy Robertson v Michael White

Mikey has lost 17 frames this week and his highest break is 77 but somehow he’s still here, Robs is scoring for fun. On the showing this week so far there’s only one way this is going. At least there might be one Jimmy at The Crucible.

JUDGEMENT: Robertson 10-4 

Hossein Vafaei v Stephen Maguire  

Choose Snooker. Choose a live streamed match. Choose Cuebangs. Choose Pulling a Stroke. Choose Mags. Choose Hoss. Choose Handbags at Dawn. Choose Life.

JUDGEMENT: Choose Maguire 10-6

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