March 14, 2018

World Seniors Championship – The Lowdown

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The Snooker Legends Tour has come a long way since its introduction around the same time as this blog began, so much so that now it’s morphed into an official World Seniors Tour. So as well as the exhibition nights with the legends of yesteryear there is now a fiercely competitive and professionally run tour which gives all players in their 40’s and above the chance to compete on a regular basis, an initiative which is definitely a welcome addition to the snooker world and something that tireless creator Jason Francis, deserves a lot of credit for.

It’s been a busy old season for the Seniors. Already we’ve seen Steve Davis crowned Irish Masters Champion at Goffs and almost every week of the season there has been a qualifier somewhere or other going on. The qualifiers for the World Seniors Championship, which culminates in the main event next week in Baths Hall, Scunthorpe, have spanned the UK and even reached China. The qualifier in China, a certain Cao Kashieng, who looks like he must have had a very easy paper round a couple of years back, lines up first against former World Champion John Parrott in Scunthorpe and it will be interesting to gauge how good he is, given the whole set up I assume will be extremely new to him. In the words of most BBC commentators and the lesser clued up Eurosport ones ‘he’s not a player I am too familiar with’.

There are, as you’d expect, big names aplenty competing. The number one seed is the seven times World Champion Stephen Hendry, who has been putting in the hours for this on his travels and might quietly fancy his chances in this field, though his first round opponent Jonathan Bagley is a potential banana skin and the Canary Cueist Barry Pinches may await in the second round, he can still play a bit and must have an outside chance of upsetting the more illustrious names in the hat. Hendry will definitely need all his old battling qualities to proceed against players who are arguably a little more match fit than he is.   

Other former world champions include Joe Johnson, Cliff and Dennis, with Tony’s Drago and Bolton Stud Knowles making up the seeded seven EDIT – Drago has withdrawn and Simon Dent now replaces him. The 8th seed Willie Thorne has had to pull out and his place has gone to London’s Gary ‘The Blade’ Filtness, a staunch supporter of this tour from the off who qualifies as nearest miss. Poor old Willie has a bad back and in the absence of a qualified snooker coach to walk all over him he’s had to pull out (little snooker in-joke there).

As ever Jason is making this both a competitive event but with that slant of his trademark entertainment thrown in and his unique idea of all deciding ‘frames’ being nothing more than a black ball fight adds that bit of drama and makes the event unique. All this alongside JV’s on-stage commentary and Michaela Tabb’s return to competitive snooker makes this a spectacle that I’m sure will draw a crowd both at the venue and online.

An extra added bit of spice here is the place for the winner in the World Championship Qualifiers in April and the prospect of Hendry possibly un-retiring from the main tour will be enough for nostalgic fans of the 90’s legend to tune into this.

There’s also the small matter of £10,000 for the winner and decent prize money all the way down so this isn’t one to be sniffed at. All the details you need to know including the draw, full prize money breakdown and how you can watch it online or attend in person are below.

FULL DETAILS – FINAL STAGES DRAW – Event runs from 20th-24th March in Scunthorpe

PRIZE MONEY – Winner receives £10,000 plus 10,000 assetereum crypto coins.

Runner up receives £3,000 + 5000 assetereum crypto coins.

Losing semi-finalists receive £1500

Losing quarter finalists receive £500

High break (final stages) £500 plus 5 x the break in assetereum crypto coins

147 Maximum Break – A Kia Sportege Car

COVERAGE – The whole event will be live on the Snooker Legends You Tube Channel.

FANCY GOING ALONG? – BOOK YOUR TICKETS BY CLICKING HERE (includes match schedule and times) or call the venue directly on 0844 854 2776

You can find out a lot more about the World Seniors Snooker Tour at their main website here.   

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