February 23, 2018

Sean Maddocks – Record Breaker

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Sean with the Merseyside Open Trophy.

It might not be a name that snooker fans are familiar with yet, but Liverpool junior Sean Maddocks recently wrote himself into the Guinness Book of Records, usurping none other than Ronnie O’Sullivan in becoming the youngest player ever to make a 147 maximum break in competitive tournament play. 

Sean is a player that I know from the Snookerbacker Classic. He was awarded two free places in the event a couple of years back when he was just 13, even then it was clear that he had a good eye for the game but I’d never have guessed that a matter of 18 months later he’d be beating hardened Merseyside players of all ages to become the Merseyside Open Champion.

The Merseyside Open is a very prestigious event around these parts and has a list of winners which include John Parrott, Rod Lawler and other Merseyside professionals of the past like John Whitty and Ian Brumby. In fact Sean beat John Whitty in the final in December, compiling a break of 129 (he missed the final black for a total clearance) in the process.

But it is the 147 maximum break that grabbed the headlines yesterday once the record was verified. Sean beat Ronnie’s record by just 8 days, compiling his break in a Lite Task tour event in Leeds at the Northern Snooker Centre against Jake Nicholson.

With Sean being a Liverpool lad I’ll take a keen interest in his progress, I’ve known his coach Neil Johnson since we were kids and he’s keeping Sean’s feet firmly on the ground and focusing on his potential to rise through the sport, I know he rates him as a really exciting prospect and he told me yesterday that he’s recently made his 100th century break, which is quite astonishing for someone so young.

So watch this space, Sean has entered Q-School this year and whether he progresses from there or not, the experience should stand him in good stead for a crack at the new Challenge Tour next season, assuming he makes one of the top 64 slots. 

Who knows? He might be the start of the fightback against the Chinese youngsters coming through?

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