September 11, 2017

Indian Open Preview

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Captain Moab and his Majestic Muzzy

The global snooker circus heads this week to India, Vishakhapatnam to be exact, that’s easy for you to say, as the latest world ranking event the Indian Open runs from September 12th to the 16th.

This is a new venue and a lot of the players are very excited about their view from the hotel balcony, swathes of open seas and golden sands are there as far as the eye can see so at least there will be some consolation for those unfortunate enough to having travelled half way around the globe stocked up on Imodium only to be pumped in the first round.

One of the reasons I always like to tune in to this one is the annual treat that is the Indian snooker commentators. They really are a treasure to behold. Absolutely unashamedly and unapologetically biased towards Aditya Mehta and before him Pankaj Advani, scathingly critical of anything they perceive to be an easy miss or careless mistake, proclaiming the player in question regardless of their lofty ranking, no better than club standard and frequently paying gushing compliments to the Indian snooker chiefs who sit their proudly showing off their bushy moustaches to anyone who cares to admire.

You can usually hear these guys on the bookmaker streams but I wish they’d hire them on Eurosport Player for the 5 days and really mix it up a bit. There would be nothing better than hearing some of the players rattled at their cutting jibes borne of their own carelessness but in years gone by we haven’t had the pleasure of their company on there.

As for the tournament itself, it’s a shame that a few more of the big names didn’t make the effort this time to reward the Indian guys faith in our sport, but it opens up the chance for a name lower down the rankings to perhaps steal the show and land a big cheque.

Anthony McGill returns to defend his title and he’s sure to face the wrath of the commentators early doors as he has the audacity to play on the same table as the aforementioned Mehta. Expect a balanced, fair, unbiased and reasoned commentary on that from the boys in the box. Not.

I’ll probably post up some match bets up on Twitter through the tournament if you’d care to follow me on there but in terms of the outrights I think McGill stands a decent chance of posting a good defence of his title from his top seeding in the draw. I think the form player Shaun Murphy has to be backed to go one better than the last two finals – he’s also become the latest player to employ the services of Sight Right and has been gushing about it on social media. I’ll back my Chinese pal Ghou again although the bookies have cottoned on to the fact now that he’s decent and I’ll also plump for Michael Holt, who to me would fit the bill as a winner from those itching for a title.

Recommended Bets: Shaun Murphy 8/1, Anthony McGill 28/1, Michael Holt 50/1, Ghou Yolonge 66/1.

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