April 16, 2017

Ronnie O’Sullivan Press Conference

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Ronnie O’Sullivan came through a real test this afternoon against Gary Wilson who pushed him hard to earn his 10-7 win. Ronnie seemed both relieved and elated at the end and after speaking to Hazel came to the assembled press where it’s fair to say his mood changed a bit. His ongoing battle with the powers that be continues to affect his relationship with the press. Judge for yourselves anyway.

  • themagman

    total lack of respect

  • David Mckeon

    What a giant p1rck

  • Douglas Hogan

    Not even going to watch it. Lets hope he shows good form on the table in the rest of the comp.

  • Bart Van der Haegen

    Well, I understand what he wants to say….. Respect.

  • Dondatta13

    The most honest guy in snooker. Says it like it is and gets lambasted for it. How many of the other top players would perform at the highest level with the sword of Damocles hanging over their heads. Lay off the guy and allow him to play the game he helped save.

  • Rana Mittra

    Do you what happened to Gary Wilson’s press conference, SB? Can’t find it anywhere.

  • Great game. This is what Gary Wilson said after, “I’m pleased that I’ve got so close and that I put up a bit of a fight. I honestly felt if it got a bit closer that I had a chance of winning. There’s no better feeling than when you’ve got a chance of beating Ronnie O’Sullivan at the World Championship…When it’s your first time that little bit of pressure isn’t there, the expectation isn’t there. I was thinking that it doesn’t matter what the scoreline is, just keep enjoying every frame as much as you can. Obviously if I’d been here 10-15 times, I’d have been annoyed at being 5-1 down, but I’m just happy to keep digging in and showing what I’m capable of. I’ve got fighting spirit, I’m not just gonna lie down and let him walk all over me.”

    To be honest, if it weren’t for Ronnie O’sullivan I probably never would have gotten into Snooker. He’s great – rough edges and all. Just let him be himself and appreciate him instead of trying to turn him into a docile conformist.

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