April 12, 2017

Judgement Day: The Race to The Crucible

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Today is the day where we get to find out who will be putting their names into the hat at The Crucible with some no doubt having had a restless night’s sleep whether they are holding a big lead, a narrow one, or need to hit the ground running to make up frames in the first mini-session.

It has to be said that the annual Judgement Day broadcast (although yesterday wasn’t really Judgement Day but we’ll overlook that just this once) with Neal and Rob was a great success from a viewing point of view. Unfortunately I don’t think it was promoted extensively enough to draw as big a crowd as you might expect, with it peaking at a rather paltry 1500’ish globally with only around 600 of us left by the end, which is a shame given the effort that has obviously gone into it. More of the same today (which really is Judgement Day) with hopefully more people tuning in.

The schedule now is basically, tension and drama today, then tomorrow morning at 10am on the same Facebook link (see below) Cliff Thorburn will join Barry Hearn to make the main draw. Hopefully Cliff won’t take at long drawing the balls as he does potting them as Facebook only has a 4 hour maximum video length allocation. Then I’m going to be busy working on a preview before heading to Sheffield for a fun-packed day on Friday before it all kicks off on Saturday morning.

So here are how things stand at half time, Maguire, McLeod and Guodong look to have one foot in the main draw barring emphatic comebacks, in the other 13 matches anything could and probably will happen as the tension reaches vomit inducing proportions. The link to watch The Rob and Neal Show is at the foot of this post.

To watch on Facebook Live go to the World Snooker Facebook page and for Eurosport Player click here

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