February 28, 2017

Who’s the Cock of the Rock?

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Gibraltar always strikes me as a place where people who don’t really want to leave the England but would rather live somewhere sunny go to live. It’s full of expats and tax dodging bookies with the odd monkey and red postbox thrown in, so essentially it is a sunny England with monkeys replacing the shaved chimps.

So what better place to select for a snooker tournament? The blue-rinse brigade should be out in force for this one, they are after all if you sit glued to ITV daytime snooker, the target market for the sport. It’s not just the tournament winners that are getting older, so are most of the people watching.

The good news is that this is the last best of seven based event of the season. The seemingly endless tirade of PTC style comps then give way to next week’s Players Championship from Llandudno, followed by the China Open and then of course the World Championship qualifiers followed by the main event itself which starts in around 6 weeks time at The Crucible. It’s a shame that that awful Shootout circus may be a deciding factor in the Sheffield seedings with Anthony McGill’s win taking him above Joe Perry and into the top 16. 

So until there is a tournament on that I can enjoy next week, I’ll just leave you with the draw for this one, roll on next week…

Click here for the draw

Click here for the format    

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