November 25, 2016

UK Championship Continues

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Saturday sees the start of the tournament proper as the BBC rolls into town to cover the remainder of the UK Championship from The Barbican in York, this being the first snooker they have covered this season, have you missed them? No, I didn’t think so.

See the thing is with the BBC, I used to really look forward to them getting involved but increasingly now I find myself tuning in to Eurosport instead whilst wishing everything was on ITV. Each broadcaster has their strengths, Eurosport I’d argue have landed a real coup with Ronnie and Jimmy but do need to improve their commentary team, ITV seem to me to be as close to the real deal as any of them and BBC retain a couple of decent commentators and the best in the business at keeping everything in check in Hazel. In addition, they do now and again provide the odd (literally) feature to keep us all entertained during the intervals, also benefiting from not having to break to adverts starring Fred Flintstone or being whistled in by a painter after every frame of course.

The BBC remain the most popular station for coverage with the wider baize viewing public, if not the hardcore snooker fraternity, two very different beasts with differing televisual needs. I’ll see the usual huge hike in hits and visitors to this place that the UK always brings, I’ll get more followers on Twitter and the other place simply because it’s on the BBC, still then, despite the efforts of its competitors the real Home of Snooker in the UK at least.

The holder Neil Robertson has already bitten the dust and Ding very nearly did too, there were easy wins for Ronnie, Selby and Judd and a comeback from 5-0 down to win 6-5 from Alan McManus. The schedule for Saturday and Sunday is contained below as 64 become 32 going into week two. Bets at the foot of the post, I hope a few of you got on the first round big acca which managed to dodge the exit of Robertson and come home in style with McManus, could that be an omen?




MAIN ACCA – MJW, Maguire, McManus, Carter, Gilbert, Allen and Fu pays over 9/1.

TRICKY TRIXIE – Jimmy Robertson, Kurt Maflin and Peter Lines, treble pays over 14/1.

PUNTING DOUBLES AND TREBLES (Best Prices Quoted) – Sam Craigie (5/2), Mitchell Mann (2/1), Paul Davison (23/5) and Hammad Miah (5/2), acca pays 164/1.

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