November 23, 2016

Crazy Snooker with Robbo and Jester

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Now and again I get approached by companies wanting me to bash a few things up on here on their behalf, 99% of them are a waste of time, but when Betway asked me to help them promote Neil Robertson and Mark Selby playing ‘Crazy Snooker’ ahead of the UK Championship, how could I possibly not take a look?

The resultant videos of these two clowning around on the snooker equivalent of Mousetrap are contained below, it’s fair to say that The Jester takes a healthy lead against a hapless Robbo early on, who seems to become increasingly frustrated as he realises he’s pretty crap at it and The Jester is starting to patronise him a bit. But can the determined Aussie pull it round on the inward leg? Stranger things have happened…..not many I’ll grant you but it’s a nail-biting finish. A bit like Billiards, I’m not sure it will catch on, it’s better than the Shootout though.

If you feel so inclined you can also play along with the Betway interactive quiz and follow their tournament blog by clicking here 

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