November 4, 2016

The Chinese Masters Final

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It’s been a great week in China and it’s fair to say that the Chinese Masters (which they still insist on calling something else) has definitely attracted a far larger audience than the usual Chinese events, which given its location is not surprising.

I’m sure the local crowd would rather have seen Marco Fu get further but his lacklustre display yesterday in his defeat to Shaun Murphy may now be explained by the fact that he has withdrawn from the Champion of Champions next week in Coventry, which means that Joe Perry’s place in the best hashtag event in snooker is now secure, as is John Higgins’, regardless of the result of the final tomorrow.

Murphy himself is again left wondering how he isn’t in the final, a superb display only surpassed by a superbier one by Stuart Bingham to edge him out again in the decider. Far from Shaun’s usual on and off the table ultimate professional in triumph or adversity manner, this time he didn’t congratulate his opponent and took to social media to simply say:

Now I don’t know if he was referring to his general state of mind or perhaps to his opponent, but I’m sure we’ll all agree to give him the benefit of the doubt. Of course he was referring to Stuart ‘Ballrun Bugger’ Bingham, he’s done him for the World and now possibly out of 200 bags so I think he’s being quite polite about him given the circumstances, I’d have gone for something a lot stronger personally but I’m not as professional as Shaun is.

Anyway, Bingham is up against John Higgins in the final who wasn’t challenged at all by Mark Allen, Higgins seems to be coasting through here and from what I can see he is taking advantage of poor performances from his opponents, but all you can do is win and he won’t be complaining one bit, he’s assured £100,000 tomorrow and the winner, who I think will be Bingham will receive the whopping £200,000 winners (no doubt giant) cheque.

It’s been a great addition to the calendar and I do hope that Bazza and co at least consider leaving it in this format, it’s obviously popular with the crowds and from what I see, the fans prefer it too. OK, the bookies might not take all the trade they’d like but last time I looked the sponsors weren’t in that line of business so why not try something different?

So the final between Stuart Bingham and John Higgins over the best of 19 frames starts early doors tomorrow, my prediction would be a 10-7 win for Bingham, either way I’d like Stuart to win.

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