November 2, 2016

Chinese Masters Quarter Finals

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qfsI make no apology for changing the name of this tournament because it more accurately describes what is going on in China this week and the event is all the better for it, long may it continue.

Anyway, someone who should know better today on Twitter proclaimed that the ‘UK Open’ draw was now available rather than the UK Championship.

There was a time in snooker that this type of person would have been put in the stocks and pounded with rotten tomatoes for this heinous crime, it could be argued that people have gone to the gallows for less, but I will stop short of naming him on here as again, he is describing what that event has become, unfortunately a turn for the worse than what came before in that case.

I fear that despite everyone but Bazza and Jase thinking that this is exactly what the Chinese circuit needs at this point of the season, we’ll see them stick to their rather misguided plans to make this exactly the same as all the other packed to the rafters ranking events next season. Sponsors, if you are reading, please consider sticking to this format as most fans love a bit of difference, get Bazza to change course on this one.

Anyway, we can at least enjoy possibly the only year of the Chinese Masters after some great first round matches. It’s perhaps not up to the overall standard of the International Championship, whether that be simply because of the tiredness of some players creeping in, or as I suspect, the conditions not being quite as good here as they were last week I don’t know, but there has still been enough quality snooker on display and we even get to take a peek at all the matches, another novelty for a Chinese event.

Ding and Judd both fell victim to sharper opponents in the first round but World Champion and player that has won nearly everything else too Mark Selby marches on in what could end up being a very lucrative couple of weeks for The Jester. He’s absolutely miles clear at the top of the world ranking money list and although of course this does not count towards that he must also be now a very wealthy potter, which is testament to his hard work and dedication and also reward for having to put up with Ronnie’s Bellendrical Baying Mob all these years.

The struggling Robbo also lost today to a resurgent Michael Holt, who continues to post positive results against what are regarded as the ‘big boys’ in the sport, surely a trophy is not far away for The Hitman, who knows perhaps even this week. Stuart Bingham is continuing to relish being ex-world champion and from what I saw of Shaun Murphy and John Higgins they both look in decent form too, I missed Mark Allen’s match so can’t comment on that but a season doesn’t usually go by without him making a big impact on something.

So above is the line up for tomorrow, in the UK the session times are 6.30am and 11.30am. I’d go for an interest acca tomorrow on Carter, Selby, Murphy and Bingham (pays over 7/1) personally but obviously any of these can go either way at this stage.

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