July 6, 2016

You’re No Sport

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There are rumblings and mumblings on social media among the baize faithful, whilst this is definitely nothing new in snooker, this time it’s probably worth giving a word or two about. The absence of the promised coverage of the Indian Open on Eurosport Player has raised questions about exactly what the ten year deal Bazza was toasting in Sheffield entails, he himself stating that there is ‘clearly some problem’.

The great man’s advice for now is to watch it on one of the bookmakers websites, which is fair enough if you are partial to a wager or three, as I’ve been known to be in the past, but not great if you are in a country which prohibits such websites, are under 18 years of age or you are at work (though you shouldn’t be watching it there anyway if your boss is there).

To remind you of what the deal is supposed to deliver you can read this, basically, it promises wall to wall, ceiling to floor coverage of the main tour, including the Indian Open. It would seem that the governing body weren’t even aware of the situation given that they were even telling us all to tune in when the tournament had started, after repeatedly telling us in the days running up to it about this brilliant coverage they’d secured.

Let’s hope that things are sorted out soon, though it appears that there are still some questions that need to be resolved about the rights. TV rights are a complexed matter of course and I wouldn’t know how to negotiate them, but this was a big announcement at The Crucible and to think that the corks were popped before the i’s were dotted is a little worrying.

I can’t help thinking to myself, would this happen with the darts or the boxing? Am I right or wrong to conclude that snooker is something of a poor relation to Barry’s other two hobbies?

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