March 21, 2016

The Players Championship Finals

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Heaven knows he's miserable now.

Heaven knows he’s miserable now.

Tomorrow sees the start of the Players Championship Finals being held for the first time in Manchester, the home city of Morrissey and a place where it rains every single day of the year, explaining why a lot of its inhabitants have a rather weary way about them, unlike the happy go lucky Smiths front man of course.

But the good news is that even in Manchester it can’t rain inside and 32 players line up to see who ends up being the King of the PTC’s for the final year.  Mark Selby has withdrawn of course and the lucky recipient of his place, in spite of popular demand, is none other than Marmite Matt Selt.

As this is exactly the same format as the World Grand Prix (as well as the same sponsor and therefore probably the same colour carpet and set), it’s not an event that I can get too excited about.

We have China next week which is a little more appealing followed by Snooker Christmas in the form of the best part of a month in Sheffield with lovely long multi-session matches from dawn until dusk. Heaven.

Apparently Stephen Hendry will be joining the already excellent team over at ITV4 for the week, making them for me now the clear frontrunners in terms of snooker coverage these days. It’s just a shame that they have landed another similar best of seven job, to the casual viewer this will look exactly the same as the last tournament only a week or so ago, something Bazza said would never happen in terms of tournament identities.

You can see the schedule of matches here, you can find the ITV4 coverage schedule here. The full draw can be viewed here.

I’ll probably tune in now and again to see how it’s going but as a betting heat, my teenage style sulk and one-man protest at these short matches will continue. No bet.


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