February 25, 2016

Gdynia Open: An Unlikely Major

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More as a result of timing than anything else, the Gdynia Open which sees the professional rounds start tomorrow from Poland, is a tournament which will mean a lot to the futures of many players both on the tour and hoping to progress onto it next season.

Whilst I am totally bored to death by best of sevens at least this event retains some interest as regards the ongoing ranking list. As ever, the only place to be when it comes to all things ranking is here. Matt is at the venue and will no doubt explain and update in great detail what each result means to the future of the potters in peril.

It is also interesting from an amateur point of view as this is the last event to decide the 16 players that will compete for the two tour places at Ponds Forge in April in a knockout event which coincides with the World Championship Qualifiers.

You can keep up with the scores here. But in terms of betting I won’t be getting involved now until we have something like decent length matches. This best of seven trend is really switching me off and I look forward more and more to Sheffield as a result. It seems that next season we’ll have even more tournaments with this boring format, which is a great shame and something I would urge those in charge to think about very carefully, snooker for me is losing it’s way a bit lately.   

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