January 17, 2016

The Masters Final

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Mr Ronnie O'Sullivan MBE

Mr Ronnie O’Sullivan MBE

A fantastic tournament reaches its conclusion today as Ronnie O’Sullivan faces Barry Hawkins in a repeat of their 2013 World Championship Final, which Ronnie won 18-12.

Hawkins thoroughly deserves his place in the final and has improved as each match has gone on, topping this off with a fine display over Judd Trump yesterday. He’s definitely a player that should be in everyone’s calculations come April and he proved again that on the big stage he is increasingly comfortable and I should think he’ll be really looking forward to the challenge ahead today.

The bad news is that he’s only beaten Ronnie once, way back in 2002 with all nine of their subsequent meetings being won by The Rocket. You can take a look at the head to head here.

As for Ronnie, he came through against Stuart Bingham last night and then marched into his press conference, declaring just before it started that he had ‘the touch of a rapist’. I’m sure this was off the record but it’s been put out there and I’d be surprised if a few people don’t take offence to his rather colourful, industrial language.

I think it’s a southern England thing, the only people I have ever heard put things in these terms seem to be southerners, unless I have just led such a sheltered and privileged life as to not have been exposed to such phraseology, I doubt it though as I worked in some right shitholes around Liverpool in my earlier working life and I have never heard that said around here by anyone. I wouldn’t say I am particularly offended, I just don’t find it a very nice thing to say when our language could offer up something a little more appropriate to the situation. 

Anyway, as we all know Ronnie can do and say what he wants so he won’t give a flying fuck who he has offended. He continues to proclaim that he isn’t cueing well but he looks in pretty good shape to me. Perhaps that is what comes of such high self expectation, for as we all know, he is his own harshest critic.

So what can we expect today? Well it’s been such a brilliant tournament can we really expect anything other than an even more brilliant end to it? The downside obviously remains the oxygen thieving shaved chimps that they let in to shout GWOORRNN RONNIE at a volume which increases in direct correlation to how many pints of lager the mostly fat, bald middle-aged men have consumed. I’m sure they’d find his rape comment just a good bit of bants and dismiss anyone taking offence as a lard arsed feminist or swamp donkey. It’s just a laugh so get over it.

Yesterday I posted up the right results for both semi-finals so I hope at least one of you got on the double which paid well over 70/1. Today, I think it might go closer than some would have it, the 10/3 best odds on Hawkins looks about right and given the head to head history it’s going to take a massive psychological effort from him to win. I wouldn’t totally dismiss it though if he can just forget who he is playing.

But when we have a tournament this memorable, it usually ends up having a memorable winner so for me it has to be Ronnie, in terms of a scoreline I’d plump for 10-7 to The Rocket which is a best price of 8/1. Now to go and start praying that Dennis isn’t commentating.    

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