January 16, 2016

Masters Semi Finals

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His partying days are over.

His partying days are over.

The weekend sees what promises to be a pulsating conclusion to a great Masters at Ally Pally which further delighted the crowds yesterday with a quite extraordinary match between Robbo and Judd, Judd’s total clearance in the final frame being not just the break of this tournament, but possibly of any tournament of the last decade.

What we may be seeing here after a few false starts is the new improved Judd, gone is the party going, hedonistic playboi and what has emerged from the wreckage seems to me to be what I’ve always thought he has always been anyway, a dedicated and focused player who is now doing what he really enjoys more, playing snooker. It also helps I suppose that he appears to have Miss World there supporting him.

He faces Barry Hawkins this afternoon, who is gradually getting better and better and will be hoping that Judd has had his big performance so that he can come in under the radar. Judd himself admitted yesterday that he prefers being the underdog in matches, something he most definitely won’t be very often if this form continues and today he finds himself as firm favourite against a fellow one time Crucible runner-up.

Tonight sees the return of Ronnie after his fine performance against Selby, though it has to be said that Selby didn’t really play all that well. The commentators continue to suffer from a dose of verbal orgasms whenever Ron strokes one in and I do feel that sometimes they over-egg things a little. Judd’s break yesterday far outshone Ronnie’s 70-odd to clinch the match against Selby, however good that was.

That moves me on to something that always takes the shine off a great performance from The Rocket. His fans. Not all of them, just the pre-pubescent ones who continue to spout verbal wank whenever he beats The Jester. They seem to blot out the times that the boot has been on the other foot and when reminded stick to the delusion that he only beats Ronnie when Ronnie lets him. Not only are they terrible losers, but also even more distastefully for me, they are ungracious winners.

Anyway, he faces World Champion Bingham who came through against the odds against Higgins last night. I’m really pleased for Stuart and it would be some achievement to win this so soon after the World Championship and still not be rated by some people who should know better. Maybe some will never accept how good he is, I’m sure Ronnie’s fans will have something to say if their hero lets him win again like he did in Sheffield.

In terms of betting this week, it’s been a total write off. From the first match when Murphy lost, subsequently letting down not only the main first round acca but also the 29/1 sevenfold, the writing has been on the wall. Therefore I will simply list the matches below with a link to the head to heads and give what I think the score will be. I’ll just stick to a correct score cross double but I won’t trouble you all with that.

Click on the match for the Head to Head Record, courtesy of Cue Tracker.


Barry Hawkins v Judd Trump

Prediction: Hawkins to win 6-4


Ronnie O’Sullivan v Stuart Bingham

Prediction: O’Sullivan to win 6-3 

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