November 24, 2015

UK Championship Day 2

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Some bloke with his hands in his pockets, some other bloke and a John Inman impersonator.

(Left to Right) Some bloke with his hands in his pockets, some other bloke having a drink and a John Inman impersonator.

It’s Day 2 in York on Wednesday and this sees another 24 matches completed in Round 1 both in the main arena and the slightly less salubrious back room where they put the lower seeded players.

I know it’s great that we get to watch some of these matches on the stream and but for John Higgins turning a strange shade of purple after the mid-session interval the quality, if not the punctuality, of the World Snooker streaming channel is always pretty good.

I am disappointed however by some of the match choices. There are plenty out there which may be a lot closer than the largely one-sided affairs they have picked to stream and it’s a shame, given the relatively low but dedicated fans that are watching both on the official channel and at the bookies, that more imagination is not put into these choices.

Punters on Bet 365 and the like just want to bet, generally on anything that moves, they don’t usually care one jot as to who is playing if they are doing their conkers in-play as long as they win and we’ll no doubt see the likes of Higgins, Trump, Selby etc. next week enough on the BBC. But I suppose while the venue consists of two rooms that are poles apart in terms of quality, they have to make sure the top players don’t rub shoulders with the plebs in the back. Another reason to consign the flat structure to the baize-lined rubbish bin.

Tomorrow they seem to be going out of the way to tell people what a global sport snooker is by screening players from Pakistan, Brazil, Thailand, Hong Kong, Egypt and some place called Wales. When for me the match of the afternoon features two English players, Ali Carter and Alfie Burden who surely should be given a knock on the match tables ahead of both the other matches that have been chosen? I know I may be a little biased here but can anyone seriously disagree?

But in the great scheme of things it’s not a biggie, I read that World War Three is just about to start so it could be worse, you could be Turkish, apologies obviously if you are.

Here’s the running order for tomorrow and don’t forget to check out the head to heads on Ron’s handy page here.

First Round (Best of 11 frames)


Michael Holt (Eng) v Fraser Patrick (Sco)
Jimmy Robertson (Eng) v Lu Ning (Chn)
Mark Williams (Wal) v Hamza Akbar (Pkn)
Mike Dunn (Eng) v Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon (Tha)
Ricky Walden (Eng) v Itaro Santos (Brz)
Gerard Greene (NI) v Michael Leslie (Sco)
Ryan Day (Wal) v Duane Jones (Wal)
Zhou Yuelong (Chn) v Craig Steadman (Eng)


Shaun Murphy (Eng) v Ashley Hugill (Eng)
Peter Ebdon (Eng) v Lyu Chenwei (Chn)
Rory McLeod (Eng) v Jamie Cope (Eng)
Yu Delu (Chn) v Michael Wasley (Eng)
Ali Carter (Eng) v Alfie Burden (Eng)
Mark King (Eng) v Ross Muir (Sco)
Joe Perry (Eng) v James Wattana (Tha)
Jamie Burnett (Sco) v Sanderson Lam (Eng)


Judd Trump (Eng) v Hammad Miah (Eng)
Matthew Stevens (Wal) v Chris Wakelin (Eng)
Marco Fu (HK) v Hatem Yassen (Egy)
Aditya Mehta (Ind) v Sam Baird (Eng)
Ben Woollaston (Eng) v Steven Hallworth (Eng)
Li Hang (Chn ) v Lee Walker (Wal)
Alan McManus (Sco) v Eden Sharav (Sco)
Tian Pengfei (Chn) v Ian Burns (Eng)

Recommended Bets: 1 point on Mark Williams to win 6-0 at 9/2. 2 point treble pays just over 7/1 on Williams (-4.5), Murphy (-4.5) and Hicks (+3.5). 

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