August 28, 2015

Unusual Betting Patterns: Are the Thai’s at it again?

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WheelBarrowI make no apology for the title of this blog post as once again the WPBSA has seen fit to issue the following statement today after the conclusion of the match between Martin O’Donnell and Thanawat Thirapongpaiboon, which Martin won 4-2.

The WPBSA was today alerted to unusual betting patterns regarding the match between Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon and Martin O’Donnell at the Paul Hunter Classic in Germany.

The WPBSA monitors betting on ALL professional snooker and has the most sophisticated methods available today. Working with partners worldwide and by liaising with the Gambling Commission, the WPBSA will review the available facts surrounding betting on this match. A decision will then be taken on whether any further action is necessary.

Whilst there is nothing unusual about the result between two evenly matched players it is once again a match involving a player from Thailand that has attracted a lot more interest from punters than any of the others. I was alerted this morning before the match began to substantial changes happening in the match betting market and it appears this is linked to the amount of money placed on O’Donnell to win, or rather, Thanawat to lose.

This is particularly unsavoury given that this is a tournament which marks one of our missing greats, but it’s not the first time Thanawat has been implicated in this kind of thing. Who can forget the cheeky double a couple of seasons back when both Thanny and the now ermm ‘retired’ Passakorn Suwannawat carried off a magical correct score double which everyone knew about before either match got underway? Result? Unpunished by the governing body.

It’s time to start getting tough with this as I know of at least 2 further matches where scorelines have been known to the social media world before a ball has been struck and it doesn’t take a genius to spot the common link. Whilst the underlying rumours are that these players are being placed in a position which makes it very difficult for them to refuse to comply, it’s not in the interests of the sport to allow this to go on and simply turn a blind eye.

Time to act, Nigel.

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