August 9, 2015

Shanghai Masters Final Qualifying Round

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Who will be boarding the plane to Shanghai?

Who will be boarding the plane to Shanghai?

Today we find out who joins the sixteen top seeds over in Beijing as those seeded 17-32 take on the players who have emerged from the early rounds.

It’s always interesting to see how those coming in fresh, the supposedly better players, fare against those who have been playing for most of the week and are used to the conditions, can the cold players adapt sufficiently to secure their place on the plane or will those with at least 2 wins under their belt prevail in familiar surroundings?

My guess is that it will be something of a mix (removes fence-splinters from arse). I’m sure we’ll see a number of the higher seeded players coast through but by the same token, there are bound to be some players who are ‘on a roll’, players perhaps like Liam Highfield, Tian Pengfei or Kyren Wilson who seem to have discovered their potting boots this week with Highfield facing Martin Gould, who as things stand may not even be able to get on the plane to Shanghai if he wins for medical reasons.

Other players involved today include Crucible hero Anthony McGill, the in-form Marmite Matt Selt, Michael Holt whose birthday it was on Friday and who amongst other prize items got a selfie stick…(no comment) and Ali Carter, who will be determined to start his climb back up the rankings sooner or later.

It should be an entertaining day’s snooker anyway and what better to do with your Sunday than settle back and put the streaming on, perhaps having a little bet on the side to keep you hooked?

Yesterday, but for one frame which went the wrong way could have been another decent winning day on the betting front, but instead it put a small dent in an otherwise successful week. Let’s see what today brings.

⊆⊇ Live streamed    

Jamie Jones v David Morris
Xiao Guodong v Mike Dunn ⊆⊇
Liang Wenbo v Andrew Higginson ⊆⊇
Martin Gould v Liam Highfield
Robert Milkins v Gerard Greene
Matt Selt v Joe Swail

Predicted Qualifiers: Jones, Dunn, Wenbo, Highfield, Milkins, Selt.

Ben Woollaston v Tom Ford
Gary Wilson v Jamie Cope
Alan McManus v Rory McLeod
Ryan Day v Dominic Dale ⊆⊇
Michael Holt v Li Hang ⊆⊇

Predicted Qualifiers: Ford, Cope, McManus, Dale, Holt.

Anthony McGill v Kyren Wilson
Peter Ebdon v Jamie Burnett
Dark Mavis v Tian Pengfei ⊆⊇
Fergal O’Brien v Luca Brecel
Ali Carter v David Grace ⊆⊇

Predicted Qualifiers: McGill, Ebdon, Pengfei, Brecel, Carter.

Recommended Bets:

Daily Acca – 2 points at almost dead on 5/1 at Bet 365 on Jones, Selt, McManus, McGill and Carter. Add Holt for a 1 point acca pays over 10.5/1 at Boyles.

Daily Multiple – 4 x 1 point trebles and a 1 point acca on Highfield (7/4), Cope (5/6), Ford (6/5) and Pengfei (5/4) at Bet 365 (acca pays almost 24/1).

Daily Frames Bet – 2 point treble on these three all being over 7.5 frames – Jones/Morris, Woollaston/Ford, Day/Dale pays almost 11/2 at Marathonbet.  


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