July 3, 2015

Australian Open Finals Weekend

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Back at the Business End

Back at the Business End

The final weekend of the tournament doesn’t feature any of the world’s top 8 players, with John Higgins and Stephen Maguire from Scotland, Martin Gould from England and Jamie Jones from Wales contesting the semi finals.

It’s great to see the likes of Jones and Gould still in the mix and it would be a hard-hearted soul who would begrudge either of them their first ranking event win, Gould in particular has been knocking on the door for ages and after a slight dip in form he now seems to be back in the groove again and challenging at the business end of things.

You’d have to fancy the all Scottish final as the World Cup partners go into both their matches as favourites, but personally I’ll be cheering on the two underdogs in the good old fashioned British way, who likes proven winners anyway? That’s what the Yanks are there for.

After this comes a large gap in the snooker calender with the next event being the first European Tour jolly to Riga in Latvia which starts on the 29th, this being the final year of the EPTC events.

The shake up next year will see the welcome return of more snooker to UK shores with the new English, Irish and Scottish Opens joining the existing Welsh Open to make a kind of UK grand slam of events and one European Open replacing the current EPTC set up in the country that bids the most dosh for it, sorry I mean, is most suitable for it.

Hopefully they will see fit to carry on the Paul Hunter Classic in some way, shape or form, perhaps even naming this more prestigious European Open after one of snooker’s most-missed stars. It would be sad to see this just scrapped from the excellent venue in Fürth, which I know is very popular with players and fans alike.

Here is the schedule for Saturday and Sunday in Bendigo, the semi finals are the best of eleven frames and Sunday’s final is the best of seventeen. Click on the matches for the head to head record.

Jamie Jones v John Higgins

Stephen Maguire v Martin Gould


Final 1st session (8 frames)

Final 2nd session (max 9 frames)

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