June 5, 2015

Aussie Open Final Qualifying Round

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Crossed fingersIt’s the final day of qualifying in Crawley to see who will board the flight to Bendigo to join the 16 seeded players at the venue. This sees the successful crop from the week take on the higher ranked players playing for the first time.

Now I’m not one to blow my own trumpet, but the way the betting has gone in this I can’t resist giving a small French Horn type toot given that every recommended bet this week has landed. If today’s does the same then this will be the first ever 100% tournament in the blog’s 5 year betting history. Even if it doesn’t, I hope everyone who follows this often turgid corner of the internet has made enough to have a jolly good weekend and more besides.

There are some mouthwatering ties for the connoisseur today and the big question will be how rusty some of those coming in on the final day will be compared to those who have been improving all week and are match sharp.

There are, in the words of one totally idiotic American politician, a lot of ‘known unknowns’ today, or should that be ‘unknown knowns’? Or even ‘unknown unknowns’? Anyway, it’s not a ‘known known’ kind of day that’s for damn sure as apples and no mistakin’.

The streamed matches are pretty good too, this morning we have Jack Lisowski playing Jimmy Robertson and Martin Gould against Michael Leslie. This afternoon we’ve got Marmite Matt Selt against Zhang Anda and Jamie Jones against the increasingly dangerous Chris Wakelin and then tonight The Captain Ali Carter takes on Kyren Wilson alongside the leprechauns ‘must watch’ of The Ferginator against The Outlaw, O’Brien v Swail. So it’s a good day of viewing ahead for us anoraks.

After this decent start to the season it all starts going downhill, for next week sees an event in which I have next to no interest; the understatedly named World Cup, which sees ‘teams’ of just two players competing as a proud nation over in China to become World Champions. Though to me it’s just a doubles tournament with really short matches so I won’t be getting involved in it at all and I’ll probably give it a miss unless I become hospitalised or paralysed from the neck down in the next week and have bugger all else to do.

So back to business, can the bet below make this an historic week for the blog? Only time will tell…..

You can take a look at the running order today here and keep up with the live scores as they happen here.

Recommended Bet: 2 point treble on Jimmy Robertson, Mark Joyce and Matt Selt pays over 5/1.

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