May 18, 2015

Q-School 1: Three Down and Three To Go

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Riding high or Gone for a Burton?

Riding high or Gone for a Burton?

This morning sees the Last 32 of the first Q School event get underway with each player having come through 3 rounds already with 3 more standing in the way of them and professional status.

It’s a tough old gig over in Burton and much is always made of the cut-throat format. The draw can be a cruel animal and there are bound to be a number of players who have forked out the £600 plus associated expenses only to see their dreams be extinguised at the first hurdle in both events, possibly without even winning a single frame.

But all talk of fairness and formats will mean little to the 8 players who emerge out of this snooker cesspit clutching (well not literally) a main tour card at the end of it. They will have done it the hard way, that’s for sure.

I’m pleased to say that of the 32 survivors in this first event, no fewer than 19 of them have been involved at some time or another in the Snookerbacker Classic. This includes the current champion Brett Miller, the man he beat in the final Daniel Wells as well as multiple Grand Finalists Syd Wilson and Ben Harrison.

A lot of the professionals over on Twitter are singing the praises of Zhao Xintong and many believe that he’s a banker to come through, even in this short and lottery like format, so we’ll wait and see if these shrewd judges are proved right.

No doubt all eyes will also be on Reanne Evans, who faces a tricky hurdle this morning in the form of Ashley Hugill, who beat another Ashley, Mr Carty, in the last round. Carty being a player that a lot of people fancied to have a good run in this.

Other names to look out for include Andy Hicks, the 1995 World Championship semi-finalist who is returning after a break from competitive snooker, ‘fallen-off professionals’ Alexander Ursenbacher, Chen Zhe and Alex Davies as well as former professional Adam Duffy who very nearly became the first amateur ever to qualify for The Crucible just a few weeks ago.

So it’s all to play for from 10am this morning, it’s just a shame that they haven’t set up a camera or two so we can watch it. There are plenty of ties in amongst this lot that would draw a decent online audience I reckon. It would also be great to see a final qualifying match or two, when the twitching is likely to reach untold levels.

In the absence of any cameras, you can keep up with Live Scoring here.    


Saqib Nasir v Sydney Wilson
Ross Higgins v Jake Nicholson
Lin Shuai v Chen Zhe
Reanne Evans v Ashley Hugill
Nick Jennings v Luke Simmonds
Bash Maqsood v Daniel Wells
Alexander Ursenbacher v Jamie Barrett
Zhao Xintong v Michael Williams


Darryn Walker v Andy Hicks
Adam Duffy v Sam Craigie
Eden Sharav v Brett Miller
Callum Downing v Dylan Craig
Brandon Sargeant v Shachar Ruberg
Wayne Townsend v Rhys Clark
Leo Fernandez v Oliver Brown
Alex Davies v Ben Harrison

7pm – Last 16

Tuesday 10am – Final 4 Qualifying Matches.

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