May 29, 2015

Snookerbacker Classic 2016 – Call for Sponsors

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loudspeakerIt’s the time of year when I am busy planning ahead for next season’s Snookerbacker Classic. At the moment I am speaking to venues and agreeing dates, chalking up a poster to dazzle everyone with and trying to secure as much support from sponsors as possible for the fifth season of the biggest amateur tournament the UK has to offer.

The event goes from strength to strength and my current projection is that prize money for next season will be close to or maybe even exceed £10,000, with a winner’s prize of £3000, runners-up prize of £1000 and a further 2 Q-School places up for grabs. Hopefully this will increase if I can attract new sponsors onto the happy team.

So, if you would like to get on board please email me at [email protected] to discuss further. Specifically I am looking for ‘one-off’ prizes at individual events, but anyone that would like to get involved in whatever way is more than welcome to get in touch.

In return you will get bigged-up to such a level that you’ll wonder why you didn’t get involved sooner.

You’ll also get a permanent presence on here for the duration of the tournament (5 million hits and counting to date). All those who have been involved in the tournament in this capacity in the past have seen an increase in business as a direct result. You really can’t get publicity like this anywhere else at such a minimal cost.

Take a look at that marketing budget, is it really working for you as well as this would?

So what are you waiting for? Email me today and see why you should join the SBC Team.


May 26, 2015

The Q-Schoolers

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Syd Wilson came through the first Q-School

Syd Wilson came through the first Q-School

The official end of the season came yesterday as four more players were initiated into the professional ranks via the Q-School, the event as ever throwing up some unexpected names making it through.

This year’s crop is different in character to last season. The eight graduates last year were all returning professionals but this year we have 5 tour debutants, 2 returning after a short time in the amateur ranks and the other, Jason Weston, returning to the tour after over a decade, so those expecting an immediate bounce back, amongst them the likes of Marcus Campbell and Alex Davies, left disappointed. In the case of Campbell, the loss leading to him indicating that it’s time for him to hang up his cue on a long professional career.

It is also telling that all the qualifiers this year are from the UK. Paul Davison, Syd Wilson and Jason Weston from England, Dan Wells, Duane Jones and Gareth Allen from Wales and Eden Sharav and Rhys Clark from Scotland. This is despite the multitude of nationalities on show in Burton and again this indicates that as far as grass roots is concerned, the UK still has the edge.

As well as the qualifiers, such is the professional game these days that those who narrowly missed out, particularly the top 4 or 5, are professional in all but status. We are bound to see Luke Simmonds, Zhao Xintong, Adam Duffy, Alexander Ursenbacher and Andy Hicks involved in many of the main ranking events as some higher up the rankings choose not to enter and there will be a lot more down this list who will be getting calls to play in the likes of the Australian and Indian Open events, so that’s some consolation for those who left Burton feeling a little dejected.

As ever there has been a lot of talk about the fairness of this format. It is highly debatable whether the 8 players who made it are the 8 best from the Q-School field and the draw obviously plays a great part in where people finish. I’d say there are a few further down the list wondering how they finished so low, but the truth is that the players that came through were the best over the two events, so there’s not much you can do about that really.

To me, it’s more unfair that these international nominations continue to be handed out rather than every player on the tour getting there on merit, whether this be through another Q-School event overseas or some other system which rewards those who win something in a highly competitive environment.

Some of the players chosen from overseas are clearly not in the same league as their peers and the farcical way in which some of the World Championship wildcards were handed out by Jason ‘Willy Wonka’ Ferguson does nothing to improve the overall quality of the sport.

Surely we should be aiming to have the best 128 (or preferably less) players on the planet competing as professionals, not a tour held up by some players who really should get another job and leave it to those who can play a bit to compete?

Anyway, whatever the weather, very well done to the 8 who proved themselves in Burton. Despite the fact that most of them are SB Classic regulars and therefore won’t be adding their entry to the prize pot next season I wish them all well. I suppose……

The Australian Open Qualifiers start next week so some on the Order of Merit List may be getting their cues out again sooner than they might have expected judging by the number of ‘Top Ups’ in the qualifying draw.


May 20, 2015

Back To (Q) School

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flcQ-School Event 2 starts today in Burton after the first event gave us our first 4 qualifiers yesterday. SB Classic Grand Finalists Daniel Wells, Syd Wilson and Eden Sharav all making the step up to the pro game, as well as some other bloke.

The fallout from the match between Eden Sharav and Adam Duffy was somewhat eyebrow raising.

The defeated and clearly disappointed Duffy decided to make his views on his opponent public on Twitter (he’s since locked his account) and it’s fair to say he didn’t congratulate the Gloucester-based Scot on an excellent season in the style of a certain Mr O’Sullivan, quite the opposite in fact.

The phrase he used when reflecting on the match and in particular his opponent rhymed with ‘Cat Plucky Munt’, poor old Adam’s particular chimp was not so much out of the box as escaped from the zoo, running rampage and shitting all over the streets. I fear Dr Peters may have some work on his hands to tame this maverick beast.

Anyway, away from all that, Ronnie himself has blogged for the first time since the World Championship and tells us that he’s gutted about not performing well in Sheffield, telling us that he can’t tell us why he didn’t play well because he’s not ready to tell us yet. The little tease.

He also talks about the tiresome shoe incident, the chalk on the table scandal and the fact that he’s not all that keen on the current crop of referees.

He also says that he has to play more if he wants to compete at the top again but that he’s probably not going to, which kind of goes against the evidence of the season when he lost one match in a PTC to Simon Bedford, had the season off and then romped the World Championship, but he seems to have forgotten about that as well as understating the number of matches he played last season. In short, this is very much a Ronnie’s eye view of things so should be taken with a very large pinch of salt, or should that be selt?

Anyway, back to Burton it is and you can keep up with all the scores from the second event here.

May 18, 2015

Q-School 1: Three Down and Three To Go

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Riding high or Gone for a Burton?

Riding high or Gone for a Burton?

This morning sees the Last 32 of the first Q School event get underway with each player having come through 3 rounds already with 3 more standing in the way of them and professional status.

It’s a tough old gig over in Burton and much is always made of the cut-throat format. The draw can be a cruel animal and there are bound to be a number of players who have forked out the £600 plus associated expenses only to see their dreams be extinguised at the first hurdle in both events, possibly without even winning a single frame.

But all talk of fairness and formats will mean little to the 8 players who emerge out of this snooker cesspit clutching (well not literally) a main tour card at the end of it. They will have done it the hard way, that’s for sure.

I’m pleased to say that of the 32 survivors in this first event, no fewer than 19 of them have been involved at some time or another in the Snookerbacker Classic. This includes the current champion Brett Miller, the man he beat in the final Daniel Wells as well as multiple Grand Finalists Syd Wilson and Ben Harrison.

A lot of the professionals over on Twitter are singing the praises of Zhao Xintong and many believe that he’s a banker to come through, even in this short and lottery like format, so we’ll wait and see if these shrewd judges are proved right.

No doubt all eyes will also be on Reanne Evans, who faces a tricky hurdle this morning in the form of Ashley Hugill, who beat another Ashley, Mr Carty, in the last round. Carty being a player that a lot of people fancied to have a good run in this.

Other names to look out for include Andy Hicks, the 1995 World Championship semi-finalist who is returning after a break from competitive snooker, ‘fallen-off professionals’ Alexander Ursenbacher, Chen Zhe and Alex Davies as well as former professional Adam Duffy who very nearly became the first amateur ever to qualify for The Crucible just a few weeks ago.

So it’s all to play for from 10am this morning, it’s just a shame that they haven’t set up a camera or two so we can watch it. There are plenty of ties in amongst this lot that would draw a decent online audience I reckon. It would also be great to see a final qualifying match or two, when the twitching is likely to reach untold levels.

In the absence of any cameras, you can keep up with Live Scoring here.    


Saqib Nasir v Sydney Wilson
Ross Higgins v Jake Nicholson
Lin Shuai v Chen Zhe
Reanne Evans v Ashley Hugill
Nick Jennings v Luke Simmonds
Bash Maqsood v Daniel Wells
Alexander Ursenbacher v Jamie Barrett
Zhao Xintong v Michael Williams


Darryn Walker v Andy Hicks
Adam Duffy v Sam Craigie
Eden Sharav v Brett Miller
Callum Downing v Dylan Craig
Brandon Sargeant v Shachar Ruberg
Wayne Townsend v Rhys Clark
Leo Fernandez v Oliver Brown
Alex Davies v Ben Harrison

7pm – Last 16

Tuesday 10am – Final 4 Qualifying Matches.

May 6, 2015

Time for a Break

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Yes, but when did you leave?

Yes, but when did you leave?

It’s been a long old season of snooker although in truth not quite as manic and exhausting as the one that came before it and now is the time to simmer down the blog for a spot of hibernation.

I thought Stuart Bingham’s win on Monday was a fantastic boost for the sport. OK, at the start if you’d have said to someone that it was Stuart’s time they probably would have a) laughed at you and b) said that it would do nothing for the sport’s image, but the manner in which he competed and claimed the title really got the public’s attention, if only for a night, before they swiftly returned to the mind-numbingly, seemingly endless discussions about football.

Stuart is obviously one of those who has most benefited from the changes that have been introduced over the last five years by Bazza and co. He epitomises the hard working professional and on Monday he claimed the ultimate reward for his graft. It’s quite ironic that a 38 year old bloke from Essex with a bald head, a bit of a belly and a grin as wide as a bin lid personifies a sport that’s being run by a man who is all about image and perception to boost the coffers.

The World Championship, including the nail-biting qualifiers again shone head and shoulders above all the other tournaments on the calendar put together. This was due mostly/entirely to the longer match format and all the drama that this creates. I was pleased to hear Bazza’s clear message that it’s going nowhere, he was slightly more determined sounding this time and didn’t put too many caveats in there about the BBC or Sheffield Council.   

Personally, as I may have mentioned once or three hundred times, I detest this move towards Best of 7’s as the norm and with the promise of more to come in the future it can only switch this particular blogger off the sport for extended periods, popping my head back around from behind the sofa for the handful of tournaments that remain outside of this conveyor-belt, repetitive and crashingly dull format. This feeling of watching the same tournament over and over again is exacerbated by Eurosport, who insist on showing any one from Robbo/Selby/Judd/Ding/ Murphy/Higgins or Ronnie if he’s entered, in one-sided contests in the early rounds. But I suppose at least it makes me look forward even more to Sheffield than I already do so that’s something.

The next big event in snooker of course involves amateur players as Q-School gets under way from Burton on 14th May and amongst those competing is Snookerbacker Classic Champion Brett Miller, so the very best of luck to him.

In terms of the professional game, that 2-man team World Cup thing is back, so that’s one to skip, bloody awful that was last time they held it and as far as I can see the format is the same again.

But then we are back in Bendigo with the dulcet tomes of Robby Foldvari at the end of June so realistically that’s when the blog will be back in business as I do enjoy what I get to see of the Aussie Open. The calendar is largely EPTC dominated for the first half of the season but there are a few nice events in there such as the Shanghai Masters, International Championship, Champion of Champions and the UK Championship from York, which I might take a trip to at some point.

So all in all it’s time for a sabbatical for me, though I may pipe up now and again if the mood takes me and I’m bound to be spouting nonsense on Twitter on a far too regular basis in between. Thanks to everyone who continues to tune in, the blog reached 10 million lifetime views during the World Championship, not bad for a novice eh?

See you all again on the other side.

May 5, 2015

VIDEO: The World Champion and Runner-Up Face The Press

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While we all let it sink in that Stuart Bingham is the new World Snooker Champion, here is a look back to the finalists immediate reactions to a pulsating final. A huge congratulations to Stuart who must go down as one of the most popular ever winners of this great title. No doubt, BBC punditry awaits, just don’t mention The Curse…..

May 3, 2015

World Championship Final: Murphy v Bingham

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The final match of a busy season for the top players is fittingly also the biggest match of the season, in terms of prestige, money at stake and distance and it’s Stuart Bingham, fresh from a thrilling win last night over Judd Trump, who faces Shaun Murphy in this season’s World Championship Final at The Crucible.

Last night provided a much-needed epic match, notching the tournament for me up from a 5 out of 10 to a 6. Trump’s incredible fightback was littered with centuries and Stuart rolled with the punches and came out the other end battered, bruised and tear-soakingly victorious in undoubtedly the match of the championship, if not the season.

There are already people out there claiming that this final is a bit of a letdown, in terms of who is contesting it and protesting that they won’t bother watching it (they will). But these two are there as of right and are two of the best and most consistent players of the season. We usually end up with the best player over the two and a bit weeks lifting the trophy at the end and there is no reason why either of these two can’t fit that mugshot profile come Monday night.

So before posting what can only really be a token prediction, you know the drill by now in terms of bets, back the overs on the centuries as these pockets are generous, here’s what the two protagonists had to say after their wins.

Murphy for me has looked almost unbeatable in his last two matches and is cueing better than anyone else here and probably the best he has ever done, so for me I think it’s his to lose. I’ll say now that I’d like Stuart to win, primarily because it’s clear how much it would mean to him and how he would react if he did, I don’t think there is enough Kleenex in the UK to mop up his tears.

But the heart cannot rule the head when it comes to the serious business of punting and if you are looking for an interest in this I’d go somewhere along the lines of 18-13 to Murphy which is best priced 11/1. You can grab the overs on the centuries (+5.5) at 5/4 so that’s probably worth a punt too.

In terms of a novelty bet, Murphy is playing so well that I’d risk a couple of quid on him to make 5 centuries at 15/2 or 6 at 18/1. You can also get 25/1 on there being a 147 in the match if you are feeling really adventurous, though I’d say that’s unlikely.

So there is enough in there to keep any small, medium or large punter interested and watching.

Let’s hope it’s a classic, a black ball decider would be good, just like 30 years ago.

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