March 9, 2015

SB Classic Derby: Ruthless Bodle Joins Grand Finalists

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A very happy Jamie with his prize

Sunday in Derby saw local man Jamie Bodle, an England International and former tour professional, join the cracking line-up in Gloucester for Grand Finals Day on April 5th.

This heat was something of an odd one as it’s only the second time that myself and Mrs SB have not attended a qualifying event in the 4 years we’ve been doing the Classic. We had a family occasion to attend and were ably assisted by Mark Jones, who stood in as tournament director for the day and Andy Guest of My Snooker Stats who showed up to do a bit of live scoring for us.

Also present were referees Rob Spencer and Peter Bennett to make sure the day carried on regardless, even though there was an absence of cake that at one point threatened to lead to a mass mutiny, led by Joe Steele’s dad and cake-addict Garry. 

Many people’s favourite for the day was Paul Davison, but the Yorkshire man was beaten in Round 1 by Alex Taubman. It was quite an incredible achievement by Alex who is recovering from a seriously debilitating illness which threatened to rule him out for the rest of the season as recently as a fortnight ago. But he was to lose in the following round to Ryan Causton, who himself has one foot in the Grand Finals courtesy of the Order of Merit list, with just 2 more qualifying events left.

But it was Jamie who stole the show, in a display described by one pundit as ‘almost flawless’ he was to end Ryan’s run 4-1 in the semi-finals, compiling two centuries and racking up a 97% pot success rate in the process, as good as you will see at any level.

He faced Callum Downing in the final, who himself had seen off John Eames, Hugo Tomas and Adam King to get there, but Jamie proved too strong and by all accounts was a very worthy winner.

The Bald Truth: Mark Jones and Jamie.

The Bald Truth: Mark Jones and Jamie.

Mark has asked me to make a few further points and speaks very highly of the venue and the tables, which were prepared very early in the morning by Terry Salt, the club was extremely accommodating of the SB Classic and that’s really great to hear.

Mark also says that the referees were very professional as you would expect and that they added an air of kudos to the tournament. He also wanted me to say that he replaced the glass in the prize that smashed in the post with one of his daughter Hannah’s prized certificates. Proving that when it comes to the SB Classic, there is no level you shouldn’t stoop to in order to ensure the day runs smoothly. I just hope Hannah has stopped crying now.

I’m not going to mention that Mark himself thought he did a much better job than me as his big bald head will only expand further and we both know it isn’t true. 

A personal big thank you from me to everyone at Cueball for again hosting this event and a special thanks to Diana Schuler, Jamie’s other half, for taking the photographs. Remember that last year, this venue produced the eventual champion Ant Parsons, will their 100% record remain in tact?

This Saturday we are back on the road and land again at Scotties in Liverpool for a really high quality heat. And yes, there will be cake.

You can view the results from the Derby qualifier here and view all the Grand Finalists, the updated highest breaks and Order of Merit table here.

There are still a handful of places left in the final qualifier in Gloucester, to enter click here and follow the instructions.

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