February 20, 2015

Snookerbacker Classic Gloucester Weekend

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As the Welsh Open comes to a conclusion, this weekend we are heading to Gloucester for another round of qualifiers for this season’s Snookerbacker Classic.

You can keep in touch with Saturday’s event by clicking here.

You can keep in touch with Sunday’s event by clicking here.

You can keep up to date with the ongoing Order of Merit list by clicking here.

A big thanks to the guys at SBAT who have kindly donated £100 as a prize for the highest break of the weekend.

You can read all about this season’s SB Classic here.

Welsh Open Quarter Finals

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LucaIt’s Quarter Final time in Cardiff and I’m pretty sure at the start of the event nobody could have expected the line up we have left. Strange things are happening out there and upsetting the snooker applecart somewhat.

I asked the question earlier, when was the last time we reached the Quarter Final stages of a ranking event where the widely acknowledged ‘Big 6’ of Ronnie, Selby, Robbo, Ding, Judd and Smurf were all absent? I’d have guessed we’d need to go back at least a decade and indeed someone came up with the answer.

Apparently, it was the 2006 Malta Cup, an event which was to become about as straight as Joe Swail’s backarm once it became a round-robin invitational in 2008. But given that of the six mentioned only half of them were in it (Selby, Robbo and Murphy) that answer just goes to show exactly how rare this is. In fact, could it conceivably be the first time ever that this has happened in an event that all six have entered?

Quite amazing John.

Anyway, there are still a few proven winners left in there in Higgins, Maguire, Fu, MJW and Ricky Walden who are all ranking winners so the odds are still heavily in favour of this not being won by a first timer. But regardless of whether they win or not, it’s a huge day for Ben Woollaston who Ali Carter told me played ‘unreal’ for three frames against him yesterday, Gary Wilson, who a few shrewdies know has it in him and Belgian Bullet Luca Brecel, who produced a fine performance yesterday to knock out Selby.

A typical Daily Mail comment poster.

A typical Daily Mail comment poster.

Luca’s interview later was full of his trademark lovely smiles and a very impressive grasp of English. He’s clearly matured a lot since I last saw him at the UK Championship and thankfully, unlike so many before him, he’s come out the other side with his talent in tact, hopefully a very bright future awaits as he is just what snooker needs.

In other lunacy. That ‘story’ otherwise known as a Twitter pisstake involving Rory’s logo has escalated courtesy of that renowned piece of arsewipe The Daily Mail. Desperation levels have sunk to a new low (or should that be high?) as they seek to stir up some racist comments by any possible means and they’ve only gone and printed it here.

Expect plenty of ‘I’m not a racist but (>insert racist comment here<)’ type comments in the Comments section, already 600 deep. This section of the website is a dangerous and inhospitable cesspit of humanity and is generally inhabited by those with an IQ slightly lower than their (UK) shoe size and a hateful mind passively dressed up with a smile and online ‘banter’, disguising their deep-rooted hatred of anything that is remotely ‘not normal’ and serial masturbation when one of their comments gets a thumbs up from a fellow fuckwit.

Maybe I should ask for a finders fee?

Anyway. here’s today. My picks would be Higgins, Williams, Woollaston and Walden. We still have Ricky at 50/1 in the outrights.

Click on the match for the head to head.

John Higgins v Stephen Maguire

NB 1pm
Marco Fu v Mark Williams

Ben Woollaston v Gary Wilson
Ricky Walden v Luca Brecel


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