February 8, 2015

Kathi’s Final Blog

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Kathi (left)

Kathi (left)

It’s Finals Day in Berlin and time for Kathi to sign off with some behind the scenes gossip. I’ve only allowed the Katy Perry reference through because she says how lovely I am….over to our German correspondent…

It’s the final day of the German Masters here in Berlin, for the last time this week I have hacked Snookerbacker’s blog and I’m already starting to miss everything! I’m close to leaving a beach towel on my chair in the press room, actually.

So, time for a look back! Here’s my week at the Tempodrom in pictures – I’ll try to describe three of my favourite moments or little scenes from the quarters and semis for you.

The one scene that absolutely needs to be on this list is THE ONEFOURSEVEN: I was standing in the arena, behind the TV cameras, when Judd potted the colours. 2500 excited people in front of me, a bemused Ronnie O’Sullivan to my left and a wonderful 147 to my right. In those moments the roof of the Tempodrom resembled a circus tent more than ever and we were all watching a Cirque du Snookér show. Does snooker get any better?  Who knows, but even two days later I cannot say anything else but “YAY!” about my maximum experience.

After the Freaky Friday epic evening session that also had four deciding frames in store, I was hanging out in the arena near the table where Maguire had just won against Robertson. While the referee was finishing his match report sheet, the guys from World Snooker Services stormed into the arena and started dismantling the other tables. It was such a fascinating scene – an hour ago, Selby and Trump had battled it out on a table that was now being put down in record time. While the you-could-hear-a-sausage-drop silence was gone within seconds, the transformation began. The good thing is: Those tables will be put up again and they’re just waiting for their next maximum break. As am I!

Finally, Selby vs. Maguire. One-table set-up, tickets were sold out and the atmosphere was so electric that I was afraid it’d mess up my hair-do. During the first frame I was standing in the arena thinking “I love this game” on a (snooker-) loop. Then, after two frames, I thought “I love writing, I’ll go finish my text now”. The fact that I’ve been able to write about snooker this week is simply blowing me away. Thanks to all the people who have read some of my articles!

Also, I want to say thank you to a few more people because they have all made a big dream come true for me this week: Martin, Alex, Mark & Alfie, Ivan, Lewis & Daniel, Hector & Monique, Christian, Kyra & Lula, the Snookerstars team, my twitter gang and some others I might have forgot to mention (sorry!) – THANK YOU! 🙂

Oh, and then there’s this Snookerbacker guy! I can honestly not thank him enough. He introduced me to so many legendary people and for some reason he even let me write for his blog this week. However, I am not going to ruin his reputation by telling everyone how genuinely nice and lovely he is. By the way, it all started with a Crucible giveaway and Katy Perry’s song “Firework”, but that’s another story. It’s been a firework of a week for me – because of all the stellar people in my snooker life.

Kathi x

German Masters Final

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34 matches played, 16 wins each and 2 draws. Frames? Selby 122, Murphy 121. It all points to another epic battle between these two old foes in front of a sell out 2.5k crowd.

German Masters Final

Shaun Murphy v Mark Selby

Recommended Bet: 3 points on the winning margin being under 3.5 frames at 8/13


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