February 7, 2015

German Masters Semi Finals

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It’s semi final day in Berlin after a dramatic night of snooker last night. I managed to call every single match wrong which is quite an achievement given how well things had been going up until then, but when the tide starts to turn it’s time to buckle up the satchel and call time on an otherwise successful punting tournament.

Here is the running order, if I was having a bet I’d plump for a Murphy/Selby final with a dramatic finish, probably with Selby coming out on top. 

12 noon (UK)
Liang Wenbo v Shaun Murphy

Prediction: Murphy 6-3

7pm (UK)
Stephen Maguire v Mark Selby

Prediction: Selby 6-4


Kathi’s Blog Day 3

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More from Kathi behind the scenes

More from Kathi behind the scenes

More from my snooker spy over in Berlin, this time she talks trends, strangely dressed audience members and just, well, German stuff.

“It’s a funny sport“, the commentators sometimes say when there’s a massive fluke. Which happens every once in a while. When you’re at the Tempodrom, watching live snooker on five tables at the same time, you’re bound to witness loads of (mildly, or if you want: Germanly) funny scenes. Today I’m going to present my three favourites – so far, I’m hoping for more to come!

First of all, German fans seem to pick up on trends pretty quickly. That is why we got to hear quite a few dramatic “Go <insert name of the player>” shouts and grunts this afternoon. However, the most influential one came from a young Chinese lady (presumably) cheering on Liang Wenbo during his match against Stuart Bingham. Why influential? She managed to cause some sort of multiple collision between top referee Alex Crisan (looking up to the audience), Liang Wenbo (looking at the table) and Stuart Bingham (looking wherever). As snooker is a gentlemen’s sport, this led to multiple excuses mid-match.

Secondly, German fans seem to pick up on trends pretty quickly. That is why quite a few extravagant shirts à la snookergoths / guy with the football shirt can be seen in the arena. The “Dark Mavis” t-shirt is famous already but there are some other eye-blowing pieces of clothing around: One lady apparently decided to dress up as a unbelievably bright, pink ball. Her outfit was actually brighter than any flashlight. Unfortunately she never got a spot on the table.

Talking about pink, the Selby vs. Ebdon match turned out to be so boring – sorry, I meant to say tense – that the referee decided to loosen up the situation a bit by counting pink as a red when Ebbo potted pink first. Lovely smiles all around – no one would call that a mistake. Not even Liang Wenbo, who sticked to screaming something like “yeahh” after his win against Bingham – a notable improvement compared to what happened in Fürth.

We’re getting to see so much top-drawer snooker in Berlin at the moment. But for me it’s those little odd moments that make the live experience an even more lively experience.

Kathi x

P.S.: I’ve just seen my first ever live 147. Standing in the arena, best place in the house. Thanks, Judd! If I was cool, I’d write something meaningful about it. But I’m not. So, just: YAY! 

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