January 13, 2015

Masters Day 3

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Dumped Trump.

Dumped Trump.

It’s Day 3 at the Masters and the day which sees Ronnie O’Sullivan take to the stage to take on Ricky Walden this afternoon, while The Captain, Ali Carter takes on Barry Hawkins tonight.

Yesterday saw another main contender crash out as Judd Trump, seemingly in control of his match with Stephen Maguire and coasting at 2-0 with Maguire unable to pot anything remotely difficult, managed to salvage defeat from the gaping mouth of victory, eventually losing 6-4 after allowing Mags to find some rhythm.

I did suspect, as noted in the preview, that this would not be Judd’s week and Maguire should never be underestimated when playing a player that I’m sure he believes he is better than. I remember a few years back at the UK when Judd beat him, Mags insinuated that he was a very lucky player and that one day his luck would run out, that to me spoke volumes of what he thought of Judd and that kind of thing sticks in the mind.

Judd later claimed that he ‘threw the match away’ which is probably a fair summary of what happened. A bit careless you might say.

But not as careless as the greatest moment of Twitter carelessness yesterday courtesy of the governing body of our great sport. A largely uneventful first hour of the first match was quickly brightened up by a hapless tweet, meant as a direct message to Ali Carter, appearing for all to see. It even took them about 15 minutes to delete it.

Some took their ‘instruction’ to The Captain to tweet how much he was looking forward to playing tonight as an insult, an unjust curfew of the civil liberties of free speech which is so topical at the moment for all the wrong reasons. How dare they tell players to promote the event!! How dare they put words into the players mouths!! Something must be done to stop this Big Brother, dictator like behaviour!! Off with their heads!!

Me? I just thought it was funny and an opportunity to take the piss. Thankfully it was retrieved and saved by a couple of my faithful followers and sent on to me, I must be gaining a reputation as someone who likes this kind of thing, can’t think why. Anyway, I’m sure this is commonplace in most sports and it seems that the Willie Awards have now become so popular that even the governors want one. It’s in the post. think Barry Hearn is doing a great job? think Barry Hearn is doing a great job?

Last night saw the first favourite in four matches come through as an even more slimline Neil Robertson, despite being nowhere near his best, came through 6-4 against Rob Milkins.

The carrot cruncher did start to show a bit of form at the end and made the point afterwards that sometimes you need to play your way into the tournament, which is a fair point and perhaps he shouldn’t be too harsh on himself, after all, he won and that’s what matters. Rob took defeat on the chin but I think deep down he may think he should have won and taken more advantage of his early chances before Robbo got going.

The match betting is going well and you can read my thoughts on both today’s matches in the main preview here.


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