January 12, 2015

The Masters Day 2

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A little bit of Marco Magic

A little bit of Marco Magic

As usual, The Masters got off to a flying start yesterday with a dramatic close finish and a 147. If there is one thing you can guarantee under Bazza, it’s that he’ll get the tournament noticed from a very early stage one way or another.

Most attention early on yesterday was focused on Mark Selby’s choice of attire. Women salivated at the sight of him resplendent in Burgundy whilst men through envious, gritted teeth whispered a highly non-PC ‘puff’, under their collective breaths.

He cut quite a dash and raced into the lead with a century to match before the wheels fell off. The World Champion looked more mouldy plum than vintage claret as Shaun Murphy, who was dressed far more soberly in funeral chic despite walking out to the distinctly un-morbid Disco Inferno, didn’t really have to try that hard to get to within one frame of victory at 5-1.

Mark then mounted a trademark comeback and as predicted as soon as I saw the order of play, the match went down to the wire with Shaun falling over the line leaving Selbs wondering if the suit might be an unlucky omen. Vicky was also in the crowd and we even got a shot of Shaun’s bride-to-be, it was all very Royal Ascot with the fashions on display and the SWAG’s in tow and Shaun marches on.

The BBC have upgraded Hawkeye this week and are now using one that is used for the Chinese events. Quite what knowing how many degrees a pot is at adds to the entertainment factor is anyone’s guess but someone presumably thought it was a good idea. I suppose it stops Dennis and his magic pen from drawing all over the screen and getting in the way of the shot so I suppose that’s a bonus, other than that, what’s the point of it?

Anyway, no sooner had the dust settled on these two peacocks, did we have another talking point crop up. Marco Fu making only the third ever Masters maximum break in his match against an out-of-sorts Stuart Bingham. He won’t be getting a prize the size of Kirk Stevens’ one though and will have to settle for a few miserly quid and the glory, but it’s nice to see him get it as there are fewer nicer blokes on the circuit than him. I talk from experience as he once held a door open for me at The Crucible.

He went on to win leaving poor old Stuart again leaving the biggest invitational event in the sport without winning a match. He later blamed his poor form on excesses over the festive season, claiming that he’d had ‘too many beers’ he also claimed that he bought a suit that he couldn’t get into, which is a bit careless as he really should have tried it on first surely? But he’s vowed to start running to shift the festive gut, presumably he doesn’t mean a light jog to the local boozer down the road.

Today we have another couple of corkers as Judd takes on the Cuebanger General Maguire and later tonight Robbo takes to the stage against Rob Milkins. Both could be tight affairs and neither Mags nor Milky will be going into these as lambs to the slaughter.

You can read my thoughts on both these matches in the main preview here, the action starts on the BBC at 1pm.


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