July 9, 2014

Submit Your Anorak List

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GeekyA very quiet month on the snooker front gives us all some time to have a really good ponder and what better thing to dwell on while you are soaking up the sun than the upcoming season on the baize?

A couple of weeks ago I unintentionally launched this season’s new initiative ‘The Anorak List’, where you get to pick a team of ten potters to follow through the season.

Your points will be calculated on totally over-complicated criteria posted by a couple of very clever chaps (anoraks) who have come up with a scoring system so obscure and innovative that it takes a doctorate in Quantum Physics to even begin to understand it. 

Basically all you need to do is pick players from each of the criteria in this post and bash your team down in the comments section of either that post or this one.

From that point onwards my two trusted train-timetablers will do the rest. We’ll hopefully have an ongoing league table throughout the season for you to click on, I’m leaving all the technical stuff to them as it’s not really my strong suit.

So, will you go for experience over young guns? Champions over nearly-men? Wily old foxes over exuberant youth? The Chinese brigade over the UK posse? 

It’s up to you, but come along for the ride as I’ll be blagging prizes left, right and centre from all over the place and I am determined to source a suitable anorak for the winner.

The Anorak List kicks in next month when the potters head to Latvia for the first EPTC, from then on all events count towards your season total.

I hope some fellow bloggers and more esteemed names in the sport will also have a go, because it’s not a gamble, it’s just for fun (and an anorak) so if the governing body want to dish out a fine, you just send them over to me for a quiet word.

To enter your list CLICK HERE and go to the comments section.

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