July 30, 2014

SB Classic Gloucester 21st February FULL

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The rearranged SB Classic heat in Gloucester announced the other day on Saturday 21st February is now full. I will take further names as reserves in case any of the players involved have already qualified.

Places for Sunday 22nd February are also being taken at a rate of knots so if you want one reserving, you know the drill.

Full details of this year’s SB Classic can be found here

July 28, 2014

Snookerbacker Classic February Venue Change and Order of Merit Update

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Given the popularity of the Snookerbacker Classic in and around it’s spiritual home of Gloucester I’ve decided to change one of the dates to accommodate all the players that want to enter down there.

Therefore I have changed the venue next February 21st and 22nd from Leeds to the South West Snooker Academy in Gloucester. All players who have entered and paid for Leeds already have been informed and their places have been transferred to these events. You can find out everything you need to know about this season’s tournament here.

As with the event in Gloucester in November, the Saturday will be a 16 player event with one qualifier and the Sunday a 32 player event with two qualifiers.

This means that we see the return of the Order of Merit List and the player that tops this at the end of the tournament, who hasn’t qualified for the Grand Finals already, will take his or her place in the Grand Finals with the other 15 qualifiers. Full details can be viewed in the terms and conditions.

Contact me today to reserve a place in both events. Payment will be due by the end of October and they are likely to go quickly. To make sure you get one, use this page to forward payment.

July 22, 2014

Snookerbacker Classic Information Page

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It’s all quiet on the snooker front at the moment with very little happening around the place until we set sail for Riga in Latvia for the opening EPTC of the season.

That means it’s a really good time for me to get everything set up for this season’s SB Classic and I thought it would be useful to place all the information about it on one handy page here.

The latest is that the opening three qualifiers are now full and that the first Preston heat and the weekend in Leeds at the end of November as steadily filling up too.

To reserve a place in any of the remaining events, details of which are on the information page, contact me today.

July 16, 2014

SB Classic 2015 – Liverpool FULL

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The second qualifying heat for this season’s Snookerbacker Classic in Liverpool is now full. Those who have reserved places will soon receive a link to pay the fees.

All fees must be paid by 31st August or places will be offered to those on the reserve list (there are currently 2 people waiting).

For all other events see details and payment deadlines here and to pay your fee see here.


July 11, 2014

SB Classic – Reserve Your Places Today

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Given the popularity of the SB Classic events in Gloucester I felt it was only fair to start taking reservations (subject to availability) for all the other events with a slightly later entry fee payment date. 

So if you want to enter any of the following events but need a bit of time to get the cash together here are the new ‘pay by dates’ – contact me today to reserve your places. Entry fee for each event is £50.

Payment Deadline 31st August for

Sunday November 9th – George Scott’s Snooker Centre, Liverpool EVENT FULL
Sunday November 16th – The Elite Snooker Centre, Preston
Saturday November 29th – The Northern Snooker Centre, Leeds
Sunday November 30th – The Northern Snooker Centre, Leeds

Payment Deadline 31st October for

Sunday February 8th – The Elite Snooker Centre, Preston
Saturday February 21st – South West Snooker Academy, Gloucester 
Sunday February 22nd – South West Snooker Academy, Gloucester
Sunday March 8th – Cueball, Derby
Saturday March 28th – Upton Park Snooker Centre, London


Contact me to reserve on any of these:

By Email: [email protected]

On Twitter: @snookerbacker

On Facebook: By clicking here

If alternatively you wish to secure your place by paying the entry fee now, click here

July 10, 2014

Snookerbacker Classic 2015 – Gloucester Dates FULL

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I think this has broken the record from last year.

The two opening dates in Gloucester on the 1st and 2nd of November for the 2015 Snookerbacker Classic are now full following yesterday’s launch. The first one in particular reads almost like a Grand Finals Day and should be a cracking opener.

A reminder that to reserve places for any of the other events you should contact me directly – please bear in mind that Leeds tends to fill quickly and that all the other events except London are limited to 16 players and all already have paid entries.

To pay entry fees and get it out of the way you should click here and follow the instructions. 

July 9, 2014

The Snookerbacker Classic 2015: Open for Entries

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Scenes from last season’s Grand Finals and defending champion Ant Parsons

The doors are now open for everyone to enter this season’s biggest, most exciting and unique UK amateur snooker event; The Snookerbacker Classic, which is now into its fourth year.

The headline news this season is that I have been able to increase the prize money further and it now amounts to over £7000 in all, we are also visiting two new venues in the North in Preston and for the first time in the South, London.

I am also hoping that I will soon receive some really exciting news which will increase the prestige of the tournament even further, but while I wait for that, it’s time to open up the entries and explain a bit about what’s going on this time around.

This year there will be 11 qualifying events around the country to find our 16 finalists. All qualifying events are £50 per entry and will be available on a first come, first served basis. If a player qualifies from an earlier event and has entered others, any unspent entry fees will be refunded immediately.

I have had a pre-launch of the tournament in advance of this for players that have entered multiple times in the past and this has resulted in the opening weekend in Gloucester filling almost immediately. For all other events, please see the ‘Reserving Places’ instructions below.

The details of all qualifying events can be found below. I have indicated the maximum number of players in the heat and the number of qualifiers.


Saturday November 1st – South West Snooker Academy, Gloucester (16 players down to 1 qualifier) EVENT FULL
Sunday November 2nd – South West Snooker Academy, Gloucester (32 players down to 2 qualifiers) EVENT FULL
Sunday November 9th – George Scotts Snooker Centre, Liverpool (16 players down to 1 qualifier)
Sunday November 16th – The Elite Snooker Centre, Preston (16 players down to 1 qualifier)
Saturday November 29th – The Northern Snooker Centre, Leeds (32 players down to 2 qualifiers)
Sunday November 30th – The Northern Snooker Centre, Leeds (32 players down to 2 qualifiers)
Sunday February 8th – The Elite Snooker Centre, Preston (16 players down to 1 qualifier)
Saturday February 21st – South West Snooker Academy, Gloucester (16 players down to 1 qualifier)
Sunday February 22nd – South West Snooker Academy, Gloucester (32 players down to 1 qualifier)
Sunday March 8th – Cueball, Derby (16 players down to 1 qualifier)
Saturday March 28th – Upton Park Snooker Centre, London (32 players down to 1 qualifier)


All matches will be the Best of 7 frames, with the exception of the Last Chance Saloon in London which will be the Best of 5 frames.







Reserving Places: Please email [email protected] or contact me via Twitter or Facebook to reserve places. Please note that I will only reserve places for a maximum of 14 days and I will let you know the date that your place becomes unreserved. Only places with paid entry fees are confirmed. Please note that it is not possible to reserve places for Gloucester on 2nd November and the first players to pay this entry fee will be eligible to play (see below). 

Paying Entry Fees: Please click this link and follow the instructions, I will send a confirmation email when the fee is received. Please remember to include the name of the player in the instructions if it is not for yourself.

You can view the full terms and conditions of entry for this year by clicking here – please note that in entering the tournament you are accepting these conditions. 

To enter the 2015 Snookerbacker Classic, click this link and select the events you want to enter and pay the fee.

Why should you enter? Well, in the coming few days and weeks you’ll be hearing from some players who will tell you why you should. Don’t just take my word for it. The official poster for this season’s event will be available very soon and posted out to the venues.

Submit Your Anorak List

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GeekyA very quiet month on the snooker front gives us all some time to have a really good ponder and what better thing to dwell on while you are soaking up the sun than the upcoming season on the baize?

A couple of weeks ago I unintentionally launched this season’s new initiative ‘The Anorak List’, where you get to pick a team of ten potters to follow through the season.

Your points will be calculated on totally over-complicated criteria posted by a couple of very clever chaps (anoraks) who have come up with a scoring system so obscure and innovative that it takes a doctorate in Quantum Physics to even begin to understand it. 

Basically all you need to do is pick players from each of the criteria in this post and bash your team down in the comments section of either that post or this one.

From that point onwards my two trusted train-timetablers will do the rest. We’ll hopefully have an ongoing league table throughout the season for you to click on, I’m leaving all the technical stuff to them as it’s not really my strong suit.

So, will you go for experience over young guns? Champions over nearly-men? Wily old foxes over exuberant youth? The Chinese brigade over the UK posse? 

It’s up to you, but come along for the ride as I’ll be blagging prizes left, right and centre from all over the place and I am determined to source a suitable anorak for the winner.

The Anorak List kicks in next month when the potters head to Latvia for the first EPTC, from then on all events count towards your season total.

I hope some fellow bloggers and more esteemed names in the sport will also have a go, because it’s not a gamble, it’s just for fun (and an anorak) so if the governing body want to dish out a fine, you just send them over to me for a quiet word.

To enter your list CLICK HERE and go to the comments section.

July 4, 2014

Australian Open: Finals Weekend

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The weekend sees the culmination of the Australian Goldfields Open before a month long gap in the snooker calendar.

Here is the line-up, just click on the match for the head to head record.

Judd Trump 6-3 Xiao Guodong

Neil Robertson 6-2 Dark Mavis

Sunday 6th of July

5am & 10am – Best of 17 Frames

Judd Trump 9-5 Neil Robertson 

July 3, 2014

Australian Open: Friday’s Quarter Finals in Bendigo

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We are down to the last four in Bendigo with home favourite Neil Robertson still in with a chance of claiming his first title on home soil, here’s the line up for Friday. 


Matthew Stevens 2-5 Xiao Guodong
Judd Trump 5-4 Ricky Walden


Neil Robertson 5-2 Robert Milkins
Stuart Bingham 4-5 Dark Mavis

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