October 19, 2013

Senior Moments

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Here we go again

Here we go again

Following the razzamataz over in Delhi this weekend sees a somewhat more sedate pace as the elder statesmen of the baize do battle for the World Seniors Championship live on Sky Sports

It’s bus passes and Deep Heat at the ready as the creaking joints and failing minds of former greats of the game meet up to talk about how expensive things are these days, why everything isn’t as good as it used to be, how the recent introduction of a 9% heating bill increase is going to affect them and why the cancellation of the local bus service and recent closure of the village Post Office has led to them missing out on the free soup on offer at the Pensioners Club every Thursday afternoon.

The favourite for this over-45’s competition is 44 year old Stephen Hendry, who despite what World Snooker would have you believe has been shoehorned into this to increase the audience on Sky and secure the TV deal. He’s last on tonight against Joe Johnson, who if you are to believe the hype made a 147 in practice the other day, though it’s not clear as yet if he was playing snooker or darts.

Hendry has been backed down from 9/1 to 3/1 or thereabouts to carry off the trophy and according to ‘a source close to the player’ had a session yesterday and professed to be playing ‘quite well’, perhaps an ominous sign for the less competitive in this field.

There are as ever, some active tour players involved too, holder Nigel Bond, Malta’s self-harming barnpot Tony Drago, Bananaman and part-time greengrocer Dave Harold, my best mate Steve Davis and perennial runner-up Jimmy White, all of whom will fancy their chances of lifting the trophy come Sunday evening.

Those who follow snooker on a regular basis will also know that Darren Morgan is still very active on the amateur circuit and is certainly not without a chance, Welshman Phillip Williams qualified for this as of right along with Harold and I know a few shrewdies have backed him at a big price, his fellow Taff Tony Chappel did enough last season to suggest he’s not without a chance and the ageless Canadian Alain Robidoux will probably be tuned for this and is another that keeps his eye in.

Of the others, Kiwi Dene O’Kane returns but isn’t up to the standard of some of these and the same can be said for Bolton Stud and legendary shagger Tony Knowles. The man with the greatest dress sense ever in snooker and the most impressive collection of dickie bows known to man Doug Mountjoy is also giving it a go and he’s another that still likes a game, then there’s Cliff Thorburn, the very epitome of sophistication who has no doubt been flown over first class to avoid his stalker Dennis ‘The Dribbler’ Taylor for the weekend, our Den making up the numbers with a nostalgic match against the Nugget first up where he’ll do his best to put poor old Steve off with the odd politically incorrect gag no doubt.

In terms of a winner and a bet, this is largely a lottery in that the draw will be rigged, there is a random one after every round and therefore every round will have a tie which will allow the presenters to hark back to a highly memorable match of the past. But it might still be a decent watch if only to see if Hendry can still blow everyone away with only a day or so’s practice. My money says that he probably can so it might be worth just taking whatever is still left on the favourite for the title. He won’t want to make a fool of himself and he probably won’t on a table likely to have pockets the size of binlids.

In terms of the match betting, the first round is where it’s at and although these are only best of three, I think it would be a bit of a shock if the five names below don’t make it into the Quarter Finals.

Recommended Bets: 4 point acca on Bond, Morgan, Davis, White and Hendry pays just under 15/8 at Corals. 2 points on Hendry at 3/1 with Sportingbet.

Dene O’Kane 0-2 Nigel Bond

Followed by
Tony Knowles 1-2 Darren Morgan

Followed by
Tony Drago 0-2 Dave Harold

Followed by
Steve Davis 2-0 Dennis Taylor

Doug Mountjoy 0-2 Jimmy White

Followed by
Alain Robidoux 1-2 Tony Chappel

Followed by
Cliff Thorburn 2-0 Phillip Williams

Followed by
Joe Johnson 0-2 Stephen Hendry


Quarter Finals

Steve Davis 2-1 Tony Chappel
Jimmy White 1-2 Stephen Hendry
Darren Morgan 0-2 Dave Harold
Cliff Thorburn 1-2 Nigel Bond

Semi Finals

Steve Davis 2-1 Dave Harold

Nigel Bond 2-0 Stephen Hendry


Steve Davis beat Nigel Bond 2-1

Snookerbacker Classic Liverpool Draws 26th and 27th October

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We’ve just completed the draws for heats 3 and 4 of this years Snookerbacker Classic in Liverpool next weekend and you can watch how they unravel below. Be warned in advance that on Sunday’s draw, Mrs SB loses the plot a bit.

If you’d rather not sit through this idiotic nonsense you can view the draws for both days by clicking here.

Saturday Draw

Sunday Draw

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