September 11, 2013

The Interesting Case of Stephen Lee

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JusticeeAs I am sure many of you have already read, the tribunal surrounding the currently suspended player Stephen Lee has today concluded, with the people in charge of making a decision as regards to actually making a decision taking a short recess before hopefully ending up making a decision by the end of the week or maybe after that.

The best summary of what has happened today can be found here for anyone that hasn’t read the very short statement issued earlier.

This blog has also been covering the ins and outs of this whole episode extensively and the latest on that can be found and will probably be copied by journalists too lazy to look into the whole thing themselves here.

We must now wait for the conclusion of the independent review by the Barry Hearn appointed Sports Resolutions UK who are in charge of the whole process. This is the same independent body of course which looked into the case of John Higgins and his ridiculous Russian Mafia tale, with non-other than Adam Lewis QC acting as the judge for the independent body in this particular case.

While we await a verdict we can at least occupy our time with a look at the man in charge of making a decision, who has an excellent pedigree, according to his profile which can be seen here.

Even a very cursory look at the history of Mr Lewis QC reveals that amongst other things our Adam is a “top man….

…….at the Bar for sports cases” … “just a true sports law specialist; he has such huge experience that he is a massive asset in a major cases” … “a counsel who is seriously bright, but yet down-to-earth” … “He is meticulous and thorough in his preparation, and is demanding – as he has to be. What you get is the best service you’ll ever have.”

Just the man that you want at the head of a case like this to rid snooker of the stigma of match fixing allegations that it has in some quarters.

He also, according to his extensive CV is highly skilled when it comes to cases involving gambling with one of his current posts being:

Gambling Commission (2010 – current)
Currently advising the Gambling Commission as to the constraints imposed by the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Human Rights Act 1996 on when the Commission can disclose to another regulator information that it has obtained under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000.

This again makes him a very highly qualified man for the job.

It also seems that our Adam can turn his hand to football and amongst his other boasts are that he:

‘Acted for Leyton Orient in its judicial review applications in relation to the legality (in terms of the state aid rules and vires) of Newham’s loan to its joint venture vehicle with West Ham FC to allow it to bid for the Olympic Stadium’

and that he:

‘Acted for Leyton Orient in its challenge to the legality of the Premier League’s decision to grant West Ham permission to move to the stadium, without taking into account the damaging effect on Leyton, whose own stadium is close nearby’

Barry Hearn is the Chairman of Leyton Orient Football Club and the Chairman of World Snooker.

The case, as they say, continues.

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