May 31, 2013

And then while I’m away….

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ClosedTomorrow is the day that myself and my lovely wife accompanied by our two faithful hounds head to the hills for a spot of walking in the middle of nowhere and as a consequence of the sometimes appreciated lack of contact with the outside world, the blog is having a few well-earned days off.

Unfortunately, I still work on bluff old traditionalist time and still feel a little uncomfortable with snooker going on while the UK enjoys its annual three and a half hours of sunshine. I am getting used to it but it may take a little longer. Hence, this is the time of year that it’s most convenient to go away before the proper season starts.

Unfortunately, Barry Hearn having made his millions already only believes in sunning himself while everyone else has to work for him so the snooker rages on at a pace while we are away with the conclusion of the Australian Open qualifiers and a PTC taking place in somewhere called Bulgaria of all places, whatever will he dream up next from his big pond full of fish that all have names that he writes down?

So while I’m away, I won’t, unlike my fellow Scouse quartet, apart from the two ones that are dead, be writing home every day or sending any of my loving to you, most of you will be glad to hear.

To keep in touch with all things snooker, the live scores are the first port of call for the Aussie qualifiers and if you want to read about the Bulgarian PTC then here’s the draw and the format of that event which starts in the middle of next week.

For a bet, keep your eyes peeled for value and don’t forget to check out blog partners Apollobet by clicking the banner below.

But from me, for a few days at least, I bid you farewell. If I fail to return by Saturday please alert the emergency services in Snowdonia National Park. Thanks in advance.

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Australian Open Qualifiers Continue…

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If you are good he might show you his didgeridoo

If you are good he might show you his didgeridoo

The final matches of Round 1 and the start of the second batch of qualifiers kicks off on Friday for the Australian Open as the race hots up to see who makes it to Bendigo.

It’s the final year of committed sponsorship of this event which was one of Bazza’s first initiatives on taking over the game, it’s fair to say it’s met with a mixed reception but there have been memorable victories in the first two years for Stuart Bingham and Barry Hawkins, who have both kicked on from their initial ranking successes, Bingham’s final in particular against MJW goes down as one of the best finals of the last five years.

But for every Bingham, Hawkins and Neil Robertson there are players that aren’t interested in competing, I understand their reasons for this but I do hope these same players aren’t the ones piping up should we lose tournaments like this one and become ever more reliant on China. The bottom line is that to get things going they have to be supported by the big names and well done to those that have done this, everyone knows who they are.

Anyway, like I said yesterday, we’re going away for a few days on Saturday with little or no internet access throughout so I won’t be posting much more on this event although I might have time tomorrow if I get up early enough, which I usually do in fairness.

As ever there are plenty who will be keeping you in touch with all the action and the usual suspects can be relied upon to post updates and the like, you can always also take to Twitter if you feel the urge as the snooker community on there is growing by the day.

For betting, the blog partners Apollobet are pricing these up and you can check out their markets here. Incidentally, they are working at getting back the range of markets they had on all matches as we speak, it’s all changed slightly because they moved site but they are determined to get all those markets back for the loyal snooker punter base they have built up and they apologise for this slight blip in the quality of their snooker offering.

But for a few days or so it’s goodbye from me, I hope to be back in the land of the semi-sane in time for the Bulgarian PTC which will be the first chance we will have to watch a bit of snooker on the TV since the World Championship, I wonder if Ronnie will turn up for that? He’s in Europe at the moment by all accounts so you never know…..

Thursday’s matches


Alex Davies v Ben Harrison
Andrew Norman v David Morris
John Astley v Darren Bond
Lu Haotian v Ashley Carty
David Grace v Oliver Lines
Hammad Miah v Sydney Wilson
Sean O’Sullivan v Sanderson Lam
Martin O’Donnell v Ryan Causton


Pankaj Advani v Joe Swail
Dechawat Poomjaeng v Stuart Carrington
Thepchaiya Un-Nooh v Tony Drago
Tian Pengfei v Gary Wilson
Yu De Lu v Michael Leslie
Jimmy White v Joel Walker
Adam Duffy v Gareth Green
Jimmy Robertson v Scott Donaldson


Alan McManus v Kyren Wilson
James Wattana v Zak Surety
Kurt Maflin v Craig Steadman
Mike Dunn v Saqib Nasir
Barry Pinches v Simon Bedford
Cao Yupeng v Elliot Slessor
Liu Chuang v Li Hang
Nigel Bond v Jamie O’Neill

DAILY ACCA: 2 points today on Astley, Advani, Delu, Robertson and Maflin pays almost bang on 7/1 at BET 365

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