May 20, 2013

Here’s the Season….

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It's off to sunny Quedgeley next Monday

It’s off to sunny Quedgeley next Monday

Despite the fact that the 2012/13 professional season finished just two weeks ago at the Crucible, the new one starts in earnest a week today as the South West Snooker Academy or Capital Venue if you prefer, plays host to the first two sets of qualifiers for the Wuxi Classic and the Australian Goldfields Open.

It will be very interesting to see who chooses to play in these two events and possibly more interesting to see who decides to skip them. I reckon it’s a cunning move by World Snooker to have the two qualifying events running consecutively in the same venue and perhaps this might encourage those that were going to give the Aussie event a miss to enter it seeing as they are in Gloucester anyway for the Wuxi one.

The draw for both is apparently imminent as the final rounds of Q-School draw to a close and are due to finish on Wednesday.

The Wuxi Classic represents the first chance we will have to see how the flat draw structure pans out of course. It’s to be applauded that the winners of their first matches will be guaranteed at least £3000 prize money and for me that should signal a very healthy turnout for an event which concludes in China next month and was won last season by Ricky Walden.

I’m not sure that the same can be said for the Australian event though, it looks very much as though only a run to a last 32 slot in that will be enough for players to cover their expenses and I should think this will be a contributory factor in the number of entries we see for that one, but for those that decide to enter it may offer a decent chance to make a mark in the ranking list early on in the season as I very much doubt that many of the top 16 will bother with it. But I could be wrong of course.

Sandwiched in between the qualifiers and the Wuxi Classic final stages we have the return of the good old PTC’s, with the European events kicking off in Sofia and the Asian ones in Yixing. Increased prize money is also the order of the day in these which is all good.

You can see the full calendar here and below is a summary of the first four events in terms of prize money on offer. More prize money details can be found on this PDF file which amongst other things unfortunately for me shows how way down the pecking order the German Masters remains financially despite it being a fabulous well-attended event in a fantastic city. I really can’t think of a reason why a more attractive German sponsor can’t be found for this amazing tournament, I’m all ears on that one.

Anyway, lots of positives in terms of the dosh available to the players this season, now it’s up to them to earn their crust.

Wuxi Classic

Winner £80,000
Runner-up £35,000
Semi-finals £20,000
Quarter-finals £11,500
Last 16 £8,000
Last 32 £6,500
Last 64 £3,000
Last 128 Nothing
High break (Finals) £2,000
High break (Qualifiers) Nothing
Total £467,000 (£400,000)

Goldfields Australian Open (For reference: $1000 AUS = £643

Winner $70,000  
Runner-up $30,000
Semi-finals $20,000
Quarter-finals $15,000
Last 16 $10,000
Last 32 $7,500
Last 48 $1,600
Last 64 $750
Last 96 $150
Last 128 Nothing
High break (Finals) $2,500
High break (Qualifiers) $100 = £64
Total $445,000 ($435,000)

European Tour Events (Continental)

Winner €25,000 
Runner-up €12,000
Semi-finals €6,000
Quarter-finals €4,000
Last 16 €2,300
Last 32 €1,200
Last 64 €700
Last 128 Nothing
Total €125,000 (€70,000)

Asian Tour

Winner £10,000
Runner-up £5,000
Semi-finals £2,500
Quarter-finals £1,500
Last 16 £1,000
Last 32 £600
Last 64 £200
Last 128 Nothing
Total £50,000 (£50,000)




Wuxi Classic Qualifiers
The Capital Venue, Gloucester

30-3rd June

Goldfields Australian Open Qualifiers
The Capital Venue, Gloucester



European Tour 1 (amateur pre qualifier)
Sofia, Bulgaria


European Tour 1 (Last 128)
Sofia, Bulgaria



Asian Tour 1
Yixing, China


Wuxi Classic
Wuxi, China

29 – 6th July 

Asian Indoor Games 
Incheon, Korea

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