May 4, 2013

Ronnie Talks to Rob after Beating Judd

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Semi Finals: Conclusion

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She can spot a wanker a mile off.

She can spot a wanker a mile off.

Today is the day that we find out who will be contesting this years World Championship Final with Ronnie O’Sullivan currently leading Judd Trump 14-10 and Ricky Walden holding a narrow 9-7 lead over Barry Hawkins.

Last night saw Ronnie extend his lead to four frames in front of a right old Crucible rabble. It was clearly ‘Bring a Chav’ night last night as the shaved chimps in the audience continually shouted out phrases that only they themselves found highly amusing.

The behaviour clearly rubbed off on the easily led Rocket who also received a ticking off from Michaela for what she perceived to be an obscene gesture by snooker’s bad boy. He proclaimed his innocence in the matter claiming that when he has a sticky cue he always pretends to masturbate with it but tough girl Tabby was having none of it and gave Ronnie one of her steely looks, he won’t be doing that again.

You can see her bringing him down a peg or two during the marathon frame 23 here.

The crowd also appeared to have been infiltrated by the world farting champion who continued to let rip throughout the session, raising a titter from both players. You pity the poor unfortunates that were sitting nearby as this individual clearly has some real issues in the bowel department and god only knows what kind of stench purveyed the Crucible when he was at his rasping peak (I pray to god and all the apostles that it’s a he anyway). World Snooker may have to send Rentokil in to clear the arena of unwanted guests or failing that issue the knowledgeable Crucible crowd with gas masks for the rest of the championship.

While Ronnie was cue masturbating, Dennis finally got to see Cliff who he has been telling an uninterested audience for the duration of the event was being flown in ‘first class’ by Jason Francis of ‘Legends’ fame. The non-reaction of his co-commentators to this totally insignificant drivel is an indication of exactly how shit Dennis has become in the commentary box. If I hear him say ‘Watch out there’s a Rocket about’ one more time I will not be responsible for my actions. But as the BBC clearly favour halfwits over substance I’m sure he’ll cling onto his contract. If only Davis would have potted that black, we had no idea at the time what that ball meant.

Anyway, Ronnie played OK last night and Judd didn’t capitalise on his mistakes, plenty of which happened in the controversial frame 23, or the sponsors frame as I prefer to call it. Inexplicable misses from both of them and £125k matched at Betfair should satisfy the men in suits who signed the contract and got the World Championship at the eleventh hour for a lot less than it’s worth if the stories I have heard have any substance, come back Betfred, all is forgiven.

The lead Ronnie has going into this afternoon means he needs just three more frames to make the final. I still haven’t laid any off but I am considering it now although I do feel there is not so much a gulf as a canyon sized difference in class between him and the rest of the field, even when he isn’t at his best, the only thing that is a slight worry is his increasingly erratic behaviour and the potential for him to get a bit bored if he does make the final.

In the other match, Barry Hawkins did what he needed to do in the second session and it’s now all to play for in that one. It’s fair to say that the standard isn’t very high and that they are both feeling it. There is a decent payday at stake of course and you can understand the nerves and this may result in a real tense one tonight if it continues to be close after the morning session, but you have to fear for the victor in what might end up being a procession for the winner of the other encounter, on the other hand they may go into the final feeling they have nothing to lose. We shall see.


Ricky Walden 9-7 Barry Hawkins


Ronnie O’Sullivan 17-11 Judd Trump* 


Ricky Walden 12-12 Barry Hawkins*

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