April 21, 2013

Watch Ronnie’s Reaction to his First Round Win

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World Championship Day 2

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Wonny as witten a ikkle book

Wonny as witten a ikkle book

Now he’s been and gone for a week at least, we can concentrate fully on the other 30 players in the tournament (sorry Marcus) as the World Championship enters it’s second day.

Ronnie looked both sharp and rusty in equal measure yesterday but from as early as the end of the first mini-session never looked like losing his title on Day One. His 10-4 victory over Marcus looked fairly effortless in the end and as I suspected this ideal draw from his point of view gave him the chance to get himself up for next weekend, when from Saturday onwards he will feature every day for at least one session until he either gets knocked out or retains his title. Who says the schedule is fitted around him?

Afterwards he said it was nice to be back, that his ‘journey’ (an hugely overused word which I personally detest) since he announced he was coming back has been exciting for him, that it was nice to come back for the diehard snooker fans (whatever that means), that it was like training for a marathon the day before you ran it and that BAM! he’s got a book coming out in October to tell everyone what he’s been up to, though the fact that he’s already told us he was bored and wasn’t getting out of his stinking bed until the crack of noon every day to shovel pig shit at a farm doesn’t make for an epic in my opinion.

He also went on to divulge probably the only interesting part that will be in the book while his despairing publisher had his head in his hands. He just said that he would have signed the players contract had he sat down with Barry Hearn sooner and that he was being mis-advised by people he had put his trust in (I wonder who that could be), that he didn’t read the contract himself and that he got involved in a war of words without knowing the facts.

So basically, that’s the book and there’s no need to bother buying it. Ronnie now faces either Ali Carter or Ben Woollaston in the Last 16.

Over on the other table it was Ricky Walden who made an early gambit for the fabled ‘Betfair Golden Cue’ with a 140 break on his way to an 8-1 lead over Michael Holt. Someone told me that snooker’s equivalent of the Holy Grail can’t really be made of gold as it would be worth over half a million quid, which is more than the winner’s prize and seeing as the ermm ‘generous’ sponsors have put a padlock on the press room soft drinks cabinet I don’t think they are likely to be dealing in those type of numbers.

My guess is that come mid-May whoever wins it will be looking for a cue shaped envelope to post to one of those hooky online gold shops which make lavish promises and guarantee a fair price, well their definition of a fair price, to the great unwashed for all their unwanted chavvy items and vulgar bling. So from henceforth it shall be referred to as the Bobby George Cash 4 Gold Cue.

On the table, the end of session score is a huge disappointment for Holt and he comes back this morning to try and make the score respectable, surely knowing that his chance has gone in a match that he probably thought he had a good chance of winning going into it. It is also a landmark for Ricky as it will be his first ever victory at the Crucible which is quite amazing for a seeded player.

Fatboy Slim scores Gouldy's DJ skills.

Fatboy Slim scores Gouldy’s DJ skills.

In the afternoon session, Shaun Murphy and Martin Gould finished locked in battle at 5-4 in favour of Smurf. The oddest thing about that being Gouldy’s choice(s) of walk on song. He decided to go all DJ on us by inventing his very own Martin megamix which started with Motorhead and had Spandau Ballet bolted clumsily on the end. To say that this didn’t work is an understatement with most people thinking the sound department had made a massive fuck-up, but I am reliably informed that this is what he wanted. I’m not sure he’ll be headlining Glastonbury any time soon.

On the other table Jack Lisowski’s debut started and ended on a positive note, a fine clearance in the first frame and some gutsy pots in the last frame being the highlights for him, it’s just the bit in the middle that didn’t go to plan and he resumes tonight 6-3 down against the perma-tanned Barry Hawkins.

Last night while Ronnie was polishing things off the all-Welsh clash got underway between MJW and Michael White. White goes into this afternoon’s session with a one frame lead and looked very very good in spurts, that one could be a real classic in a day that promises at least two tight finishes. Williams does need to change his walk-on song though before it’s too late, I’ll leave that with him.

Starting out today is the one we’ve all been waiting for, Graeme Dott and Peter Ebdon. Now poor old Dotty as we know can get a bit touchy sometimes and this time he’s cheesed off that people keep saying he is slow, now I don’t know where that idea came from, after all it is purely coincidental that he has been the common link in two of the longest most sleep inducing world finals in living memory, it’s just the way it happened. He’s just misunderstood that’s all and I’m not having any of it.

Anyway, these two snails get underway this morning and by freak chance the BBC have hurriedly decided to cover the London Marathon all day instead, which is very mean of them but understandable, we don’t want everyone losing interest just yet do we?

Not a fan of snooker.

Not a fan of snooker.

Talking of the BBC, I was very disappointed with the coverage yesterday. As someone who has spent the whole season looking at a laptop for live snooker I do look forward to actually watching it on the TV for two weeks at this time of year and I much prefer doing that with the BBC, who I have referred to many times in the past as like a comfy old pair of slippers. But with the red button coverage being slowly eroded or showing fucking people fucking talking fucking endlessly all about fucking football while it’s already on the main fucking channel while Hazel shows us some action from a match earlier and the director ignores the live stuff going on, the early signs are not good.

Thankfully, Eurosport have most of it live, though farcically last night while the BBC showed a sitcom from the 1970’s and Eurosport showed speedway, Ronnie O’Sullivan was winning a snooker match online only in the host country in what had been termed snooker’s biggest match of the season. Some mothers do ‘ave em.

So on we go today, the coverage of the London Marathon will obviously take centre stage as fit people run around dressed as chickens and the like trying to get on telly on the guise of raising money for a worthy cause, it’s just a bit shit really isn’t it Beeb?

You can view my main betting preview for the tournament and a write up on all the first round matches here.

Also, keep the Snooker Shrine pictures coming in, there are some belters in the gallery already here.


Graeme Dott 6-2 Peter Ebdon
Ricky Walden 10-1 Michael Holt* 


John Higgins 3-6 Dark Mavis
Mark Williams 6-10 Michael White


Shaun Murphy 5-4 Martin Gould* 
Barry Hawkins 6-3 Jack Lisowski* 

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