April 3, 2013

World Championship: Pre-Qualifying Rounds

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Ladies, form an orderly queue.

Ladies, form an orderly queue.

Thursday and Friday see the annual members club boys battle it out for the two remaining places in the main World Championship Qualifiers, this is played at the World Snooker Academy in Sheffield.

In the past I may have cruelly referred to this annual knees-up as the yearly catch up of the Clapped-Out Club, a desperate bunch of no-hopers clinging on to an unachievable dream of success on the baize or in some cases a return to the spotlight which they left many moons ago.

But this year I am going to resist the urge to take the piss out of this lot as there are a few in there that could rattle a cage or two in the main event. OK, there are still the terminally deluded (mentioning no names) who always turn up for a wallop but there are also names like Robin Hull (not the Emu bloke), SB Classic Quarter Finalist Andrew Norman and former Crucible semi-finalist Joe Swail, who both rejoin the main tour by right next season, David Morris who only fell off the main tour last season as well as Lucky Vatnani, Justin Astley, Paul Wykes and Patrick Wallace who are all capable players.

It could actually be a decent contest this and if you throw in Bolton Stud and the Greatest Shagger the Baize has ever known Tony Knowles, former Slimmer of the Year Les Dodd and Welsh veteran Tony Chappel we might see some decent stuff from the members to kick off the qualifiers.

There aren’t any prices up yet but hopefully this post will rattle the bookies cages and we’ll get to have a small bet or two on these, in the past we have actually made a bit of pocket money with the odd shrewd punt.

All the matches are best of nine and apparently they are live streaming it too. Talking of which World Snooker are opening up a free trial to their streaming service for the duration of the qualifiers for new customers.

Click here for full details and always read the terms and conditions when something is free, spoken like a true scouser.


Round 1 – Thursday 4th April 10am (click on matches for head to heads)

Ali Bassiri (a) v Surinder Gill (a)   (Result 0-5)

Del Smith (a) v Ian Barry Stark (a)  (Result 4-5)

Paul Wykes (a) v Robin Hull (a) (Result 5-2) Wykes 102, Hull 137.

Stephen Ormerod (a) v Bill Kelly (a) (Result 5-0)  

Round 2 – 3.30pm

Andrew Norman (a) v Philip Minchin (a) (Result 5-1)

Les Dodd (a) v Surinder Gill (a) (Result 5-4)  

David Morris (a) v Joe Swail (a) (Result 1-5)

Stephen Rowlings (a) v Ian Barry Stark (a) (Result 5-4) 

Round 2 – 7.30pm

Justin Astley (a) v Tony Knowles (a) (Result 5-2)

Lucky Vatnani (a) v Paul Wykes (a) (Result 3-5)  

David Singh (a) v Tony Chappel (a) (Result 2-5)

Patrick Wallace (a) v Stephen Ormerod (a) (Result 5-0)

Round 3 – Friday 5th April 10am

Norman 1-5 Dodd

Swail 5-2 Rowlings

Chappel 1-5 Wallace

Astley 5-2 Wykes

Round 4 – Friday 5th April 4pm

Dodd v Swail

Wallace v Astley

(winners enter main World Championship Qualifiers tomorrow)

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