January 23, 2013

Now, this award thing…..

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Last week I was nominated for a Shorty Award in the category of Best Blog and the blog is now in the top ten in the world having received nominations from quite a number of people, including my great pal Steve Davis (we go way back), Stuart Bingham (mee old mukker), Michael Holt (he loves  SB) and the one and only MJW (King Float).

Oh and look who else has decided to nominate? Only World Champions Ken Doherty and Shaun Murphy, that’s all…

It needs to get into the top 6 to get to the judging phase when it will surely lose but the competition closes in a fortnight so I would be very grateful if you could take a second to tweet your vote. I even did an interview to boost my chances which you can read by clicking here.

All you have to do to register your vote is to copy and paste the tweet below onto your Twitter account and tweet it.


I nominate @snookerbacker1 for a Shorty Award in #blogger because (then give your reason) 

Thanks to everyone who has voted so far.

(Oh yes, any Snookerbacker Classic players that haven’t voted will be docked 4 frames in their next match)

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